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What is Double Chance in 1xBet

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1xbet double chance
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In every match, there are three natural outcomes which include a win, a draw or a loss, and double chance betting allows you to bet on two outcomes simultaneously.

Double chance in 1xbet gives you the opportunity to back two of the outcomes, thus the name ‘double.’ For every bet you place under this market, you will be betting for a particular team to win or draw. If any outcome occurs, you get a payout.

This article focuses on the double chance market and what you should know about it.

How Does Double Chance Betting Work

A double chance lets you combine two possible outcomes into a single bet. Consequently, you use a single stake to cover the two possible outcomes you bet for.

To better understand how the double chance bet works, let us take an example of Liverpool facing Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage. In this match, three possible outcomes include the following;

  • Liverpool winning the match
  • The two teams drawing
  • Real Madrid winning the match

To start with, you may want to back Liverpool, but you feel the game might end up in a draw. In this case, you may opt for a 1X bet which means you have bet for Liverpool to win or to draw.

Likewise, you may back Real Madrid to win the game but include the draw part. In each of the two cases, you will get some payout provided your team wins or draws with the opponent.

Place a Double Chance Bet

Double Chance Bet Types

The double chance exists in three different forms that include the following;

  • 👉 1X – This means the first team will win or draw. If the away team win, you lose.
  • 👉 X2 – This implies a win or a draw for the second team. If the home team wins, you lose the stake.
  • 👉 12 – This is a neutral type of double chance bet, which means that one of the teams, either home or away, will win the match. In this case, a draw means a loss.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Double Chance Bet?

Although it is one of the easiest bets to predict correctly, it still has several disadvantages. The table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of the double chance bet:

  • Advantage of Double Chance
  • Reduces risk of loss and enhances gaining possibility
  • Makes it possible to place two bets on a single stake
  • Ideal for beginners due to minimal risk
  • Best when backing an underdog
  • Increases the chances on how to win in 1xbet
  • Disadvantage of Double Chance
  • You need to understand the involved teams inside out
  • Extremely low odds

How to Use Double Chance Wagers

Using double chance wagers is extremely easy. But, it requires you to do an in-depth assignment of the teams you wish to bet for in such a market. Below are the steps to follow in placing a double chance at 1xbet bookmaker:

1xBet betslip acca bet
  1. Load the 1xbet website and log into your account
  2. Proceed to the sports section and select soccer
  3. Next, load the markets and settle for the double chance betting option.
  4. Enter the amount of stake and place your bet.
  5. When betting on a double chance, you will get a payout provided your option wins or ends in a draw. But, if it loses, you lose the stake.

Conclusion: Double Chance Betting Explain

Double chance in 1xbet is pretty easy to understand. Although its odds are significantly low, it gives you one of the highest chances to make a correct prediction. Essentially, it allows you to place two bets under a single stake, making it plausible for newbies and experts.


How is Double Chance Calculated?

The double chance is calculated like the other bets. The odds are multiplied by the stake to give the payout.

What is a Double Chance in Football Betting?

A double chance in football betting refers to betting on a win or a draw combined into a single bet.

Is Double Chance Betting Profitable?

Yes, double chance in 1xbet is profitable, but the returns are low due to low odds associated with this type of betting. The odds are low as the risks in this bet is minimal.

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