Ivan Georgiev

About me

Most people know me as Ivan Georgiev. Actually, this is the only name I have. Born in 87 I’m currently in my prime as a young and prosperous programmer. I’m handling life, the best way that I can and doing a pretty decent job, I dare say.

Even though I may have exaggerated just now, I have nothing to complain about. I used to pursue my higher education in both the Varna Technical University and the Varna Free University majoring in Engineering Design and Journalism. Maybe this is the reason why I’m not the brightest one when it comes to science and literature. I am married, and I love my wife. Impossible though it may be, I love other women as well, mostly mine. I’m just joking. Of course, I’m nothing without my wife.

As far as my professional experience is concerned, before becoming a programmer I’ve had several jobs from a fruit vendor to a tattooist at the famous Bulgarian resort Golden Sands. Since writing has never been my forte, I concentrated all my energy on becoming the best developer on the online market. My background in the advertising business as a designer and developer later led me to get involved in designing casino games, the now obsolete business card sites (I think it was the last century lol). I have written my Content Management System (CSM) and have worked on videos (not weddings’ones), dealing with 3D animation for two years, which in Bulgarian sounds quite “trendy”. My intention is to continue working on this when I retire. (anyway, the renderings will be ready then (you probably did not understand this joke, so I’ve included a 3rd bracket, I’m a programmer))).

Joking apart, our site ranks quite well thanks to the efforts of the entire Efirbet family who do their best so that that we can appear as one of the first organic results in SERP. In the field of gambling, it is imperative to know what you are doing. This is where Efirbet enters the picture. We present quality content which helps players learn all particulars regarding the best offers for them, bonuses, bookmakers, tips, etc.

In the different sections of the site, you can find a wealth of information to do with all things betting. Sometimes I try my luck by placing a bet myself (keep in mind that gambling leads to dependency, if you have any problems with this, please contact us for assistance. Don’t take it lightly as many people lose a lot because they do not know when or how to stop).

I think it’s time I stopped boring you with my perverse sense of humour (if you can call it that) and shared some more details about me and our project.

A team of professionals stands behind Efirbet while I act as the support and developer of the website itself, as well as the systems that keep it alive and functioning. I love this site, and we are always on the lookout for innovative ideas, which will help us make it faster, more accessible and convenient to our users.

Back in 2018 when I started working on the site, I realized that the team was exceptional. For a few months I worked as a freelancer, and then I was convinced that my place was with them. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.



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