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Hello, my name is Kristiyan Kyulyunkov, and I am a content ninja working for Efirbet. In the following lines, I will share with you more interesting details about myself. I will also tell you how I came to join the fantastic team of Efirbet. I am happy to be able to share this information with you.

The main reason why I am among the people behind the Efirbet.com project is my love of sports. I have always liked watching and practicing various sports since I was a child, with football becoming a personal favorite of mine. When I was pretty young, I was part of the FC Assenovets which was a football club for adolescents in Asenovgrad. Even though this adventure didn’t last long, I have no regrets of missing my chance to become a professional footballer.

Instead, I quickly moved on and found new activities such as getting to know all aspects of my new computer just as enjoyable. Perhaps my new found interest in computers and technology prompted me to enroll in Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics in the city of Plovdiv. I finished it with flying colors and was given a diploma as a computer technician. After that, I went on to study at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” where I majored in Business IT, ultimately getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics. Deep down inside, though, I knew this was not my true calling, so I logically started looking for a realization elsewhere. Seek, and you will find! In the end, I found a job for a sports site in 2014.

Working for one of the leading sports websites for live scores was a valuable experience giving me the opportunity to enrich my knowledge of sports in general. At first, I was content working there, but there was this underlying feeling that I had been missing out on something. My innate talent for writing and the joy I got out of creating content were the reasons why I took on projects for Efirbet as a freelancer in 2016. I had the chance to show off my skills, and I couldn’t let it go to waste. A year and a half later I finally started working for Efirbet on a full-time basis. Since 2017, I have been a proud member of Efirbet’s family, together with whom we strive for the continual improvement and development of our site.

Initially, my job entailed writing reviews for various bookmakers, but later on, I started developing guides, betting strategies and other useful content. My in-depth knowledge of sports coupled with my work experience in this field made me the perfect fit for Efirbet. No matter how knowledgeable and experienced I was, though, I knew that it wouldn’t cut it if I wanted to secure my future in this line of work. I was open to learning new skills and today, my tasks do not only involve creating unique content, but also making reviews, publishing and editing materials; verifying the quality of foreign texts, and more. In the beginning, all my tasks revolved around Bulgarian content, but soon my enthusiasm and eagerness to improve led me to take part in the examination and styling of the English reviews as well. I am happy with my current responsibilities but wouldn’t mind taking on more demanding tasks in the future.

All that is left for me to share is my great passion for sports. I believe in the importance of keeping your body fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. For me, “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is more than just an expression. Hence, I spend a lot of time working dour or jogging without forgetting to read books for the improvement of my mind. Besides that, I also love hiking and watching movies. My favorite genres are fantasy, adventure movies, and comedies. It is my view that life is indeed the best teacher, so it is essential to confront all difficulties and overcome them fearlessly. At the same time, we should not get stuck in a rut but strive for development which will allow us to live out each day to our fullest potential. It is an honor to be part of Efirbet’s evolving team, which continually aims for perfection by setting and achieving their goals.

“When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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