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How to cancel a bet on Bet365

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Bet365 cancel a bet

Cancelling a bet is a common occurrence in a sportsbook such as Bet365. This may be because the player has lost confidence in the expected outcome for several reasons, such as a last-minute lineup change. It may also be a mistake made unknowingly. The good news is that there is a way to cancel the bet and protect the stake if the bet slip is not yet live.

Bet365 edit bet feature

Steps On How to Cancel the Bet on Bet365

Now that we know how to prevent placing wrong bets on Bet365, thanks to the above steps, we will discuss the steps we can take to cancel a bet on the sportsbook. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Log into the Bet365 account
  2. Open the bet slip
  3. Click the Bet365 edit bet function at the top right corner of the bet slip
  4. Click the ‘X’ symbol to remove the selection
  5. Confirm for the updates to take place

Remember, similar steps apply if we want to swap or add a selection on the bet slip.

The only difference is that instead of clicking the ‘X’ symbol, we can choose the ‘+’ to add a selection or go for the swap the selection option represented by double arrows.

Keep in mind that some of the Bet365 bonuses for sports exclude the usage of the Edit bet feature. This means that if you cancel a bet on Bet365 this stake won’t count to the wagering of your ongoing promotions.

Bet at Bet365

How to Avoid Cancelling a Bet on Bet365

After I explained how we can cancel a bet on Bet365, it is crucial to look at measures we can take to avoid putting ourselves in such a scenario:

1. Do Extensive Research

Proper research is critical in deciding which events/markets/odds we wish to wager on. This will let us know what to expect during the match and prepare for any outcome. Some things worth considering when researching include the team formation, the lineup, the injured players, and weather conditions.

2. Financially Capable to Wager the Bet

To avoid any regrets, it is key that we evaluate our finances and ensure we are okay to place the bet. If we realise the wager is too high, we should change the amount and stake what we are comfortable with in case the bet is incorrect.

3. Confirm The Bet

Before submitting the bet or making the bet slip live, pause and go through the details for one last time. We must ensure the amount is correct and the prediction is exactly what we intend to gamble on. Once we have confirmed the bet details, we can proceed to submit the bet slip.

In a Nutshell

We can all agree that cancelling or editing a bet at Bet365 is simple as long as we know the steps involved. The good news is that the procedure applies regardless of the sport or event we want to cancel. Just make sure the bet slip is not yet live.


How many bets can I cancel at a go?

Players can cancel any number of bets that are not live.

How long will it take to cancel a bet?

It will take only a few minutes to cancel a bet at Bet365.

Can I cancel soccer bets at Bet365?

Yes, players can cancel soccer bets at Bet365, not to mention bets on other sports/events.

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