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Bet365 My Bets Disappeared – [Issue Solved!]

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Bet365 my bets are down
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I have been using bet365’s services for many years because this online betting operator is one of the most famous platforms in Europe. I barely had any problems while punting, but there was a time when bet365 my bets disappeared. This happened some time ago, but since people use bet365’s services worldwide, I’ve decided to share some information about it.

There was an issue with the “My Bets” section

As you probably know, bet365 has a polished interface that is easy to use. In addition to the betting sections and promotions, there is also a subcategory called “My Bets“. As its name suggests, this is where I had the chance to check the events I’ve bet on.

Normally, I have the opportunity to click on this option, and it would reveal all of my active bets. However, there was a glitch where bet365 was not showing my bets, even if I clicked on it. This was really annoying because I could not see my bets and any information about them.

Initially, I thought that I was the only one affected by this problem. However, after checking online, I came across the Twitter user @assassinvtcr, who said, “Is bet365 down for anyone? All my bets have disappeared“. This was when I realized that other people also came across this problem.

Most online betting websites rarely address any issues, so I did not expect bet365 to take action. Fortunately, the operator tweeted that it is aware of the issue and suggested bettors use the “Bet History” option. The latter showed me the things I’ve wagered on, but it did not let me use some of the features.

I was not happy with the situation, but the good thing is that it didn’t last long. After a while, bet365 fixed the problem and allowed people to use this option.

The problem of not having access to the “My Bets” section

Bet365 my bets
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The fact that I did not have access to the “My Bets” section caused a few problems that I’d like to share with you. Besides the fact that it was annoying after I realized that bet365 not showing my bets, it turned out I was unable to use some of the company’s features.

Like most top-rated gambling sites, bet365 offers its users different features. Live Betting and Live Streaming are among the popular alternatives, but I also had access to Cash Out. This feature allows me to settle my bets earlier and receive a specific amount of money.

Even though Cash Out is an option that many people use regularly, I did not have access to it when the “My Bets” section was off. Since this is where you have to go to use it, Cash Out was not accessible during that time.

What should you do if you find yourself in a similar situation?

As I mentioned earlier, bet365 is one of the gambling sites that are available in many countries. The company rarely has any problems, so don’t expect to come across these Bet365 issues all the time. However, some punters may ask themselves, “Why can’t I see my bets on bet365“, which is why I want to share a few things that you could do, such as:

  • Log out and sign in again
  • Contact bet365’s customer support department
  • Use the app or the mobile site

If you search for more information online, you may come across a Reddit thread where a user “burnz1177” suggests the following: “Try removing the browser’s cache and give it another go; maybe that will help.

Personally, I think that the best thing you could do is contact the operator’s customer support department. Bet365 has a good reputation in the iGaming community for providing its customers with a quality support team. In fact, you can choose from a couple of options, so check them out if needed.

Be very careful if “My Bets” is unavailable

The site promotes responsible gambling, which is why you can’t use it if you are under 18 years of age. Furthermore, bet365 features different tools that help bettors stay in control while punting. Cash Out also falls into this section, but if you stumble across the bet365 my bets not working issue, you won’t be able to use it.

Not having access to Cash Out may not seem like a problem to some of you, but this is not always the case. I was prepared for it, but many people always rely on this feature while punting because they choose riskier markets. Needless to say, you have to be careful if you fall into this category.

Why bet365 my bets disappeared in the first place?

Bet365 my bets disappeared because of a technical issue. I was surprised by the fact that the operator admitted to the problem because most iGaming operators would not have done this. After receiving complaints that the bet365 my bets unavailable, the operator said it would try to fix it.

I am not sure what exactly caused the problem, but an online betting platform like bet365 will most likely eliminate the source in the future. Since the company has to compete against many other top-rated bookies and casinos, it can’t afford to have such problems because it may cause them to lose players.


To sum up, I contacted the iGaming operator when I had the bet365 can’t see my bets problem, and they assured me they’re working hard to fix it. I just wanted to point out that this is not a permanent issue, so don’t expect to come across it that often.

Hopefully, bet365 will eventually find what caused the problem and fix it.

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