Playing the Irish Lottery With Ladbrokes

Before we get started, you should note that the Irish Lottery is not the same as the National Lottery. You bet based on the odds of a ball appearing in the draw. While technically a form of gambling, the Irish Lotto, as it’s known, is classified as betting due to the fixed odds.

The notorious betting brand Ladbrokes has recently made it possible for members to play Irish Lottery online or through the mobile app. Keep reading to find out how to play Irish Lotto at Ladbrokes. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks, as well as a few strategies.

How To Play the Irish Lottery

Ladbrokes Irish Lottery

If you’d like to know how to play the Ladbrokes Irish Lottery, then you’re in the right place. Placing your Irish Lotto wager is as simple as playing for the National draw. The best part is that you can play online or via the Ladbrokes mobile app.

As a Ladbrokes player, you can access the Irish Lottery bet selection once you’ve logged into your account. First, decide which of the four available lottery games you’d like to play. Choose your preference between 6- or 7-ball draw game and then select your numbers. Your bet slip will reflect your selection, odds and potential payout before you confirm your wager.

The payout in the National Lottery is determined by how many people selected the winning numbers. In the Irish Lotto, the fixed odds on the draw determine the payout of your wager.

Tips and Tricks

The more predictions, the higher the payout. You should, however, remember that all of your predictions must draw for your bet to win. While your payout could be higher with more correct predictions, the odds are higher on a 6-ball draw than the 7-ball draw.

Don’t be afraid to try your luck with additional features, such as “Lucky Pick”. Using this feature makes a random selection of three, four or five balls.

Keep an eye on the website for any special Ladbrokes promotions offered for Irish Lottery players. While there are none currently available, we expect that some exclusive Irish Lottery offers could be in the pipeline.

Creating Your Irish Betting Strategy

As with any form of betting, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll win. However, implementing a betting strategy is an excellent way to improve your chances. This is especially true if you are learning how to play Irish Lotto with Ladbrokes. Let’s take a look at the different betting types to help you devise the best strategy for you.

Single Bets

As the name implies, these are single bets placed on specific numbers. The single bet is comparatively the most straightforward wager to place. It is especially a preferred choice for those who are learning how to play Irish Lottery.

As an example, let’s consider a selection of four single numbers with 8/1 odds and £/$/€1 bet on each. To calculate the total stake, multiply £/$/€1 by the number of singles: £/$/€1 x 4 = £/$/€4. To calculate the potential winnings, you multiply the number of selections by the odds and add the total stake: 4 x 8 + £/$/€4 = £/$/€36.

Straight Bets

Those familiar with sports betting will recognize this as an accumulator bet and is the most common choice in the Irish Lottery. If you select four numbers, they should all be in the draw to win your bet. Though the most common betting type, straight bets are also the most challenging to win.

To do the calculations for a straight bet, we’ll use the example of four numbers as well. In this case, the odds for the straight bet is 7,500/1 with a £/$/€2 bet. The potential winnings are calculated by multiplying the wager by the odds and adding the stake: £/$/€2 x 7,500 + £/$/€2 = £/$/€15,002.

Double and Treble Bets

These bets refer to the variations of two or three combination matches in your selection. If you select four numbers (5, 12, 29, 34), then there are six and four possible variations, respectively.

If we use the above selection example, with odds of 50/1 for each double, the total stake calculation is: bet £/$/€1 x possible doubles (6) = £/$/€6. To calculate the potential winnings, multiply the likely doubles by the odds and add the stake: 6 x 50 + £6 = £/$/€306.

The same equations apply in the case of a treble, four-fold, or five-fold selection. The only change to implement is the number of possible outcomes there are.

Double and Treble Bets

Yankee bets are only available when making a selection of four numbers. During this bet, there are variations of the double and treble bets as well as the four-fold accumulator. There is a combined total of eleven bets in a Yankee bet.


The Canadian bets are only valid for five ball selections and consists of double, treble, four-fold and five-fold bets. In total, this betting type has 26 chances.

Additional Advice Based on Ladbrokes Rules

First of all, if you want to be certain that you fully understand the mentioned above types of bets, make sure you go through our popular strategies guide and take a look at the different types of bets.

  • Confirmation – Ensure that your wager is placed and confirmed at least 15 minutes before the official draw. If you do not receive a confirmation of your wager, it will be declared null and void.
  • Be specific – Make sure that you specify which lottery game on which you’re placing your wager. Without a specification, the Fixed Odds Lotto bets will carry over to the next draw.
  • Check the time – Ladbrokes draws operate according to UK time. Players should make sure to confirm their wagers accordingly.
  • Stake multiplication – Remember that multiple bets are a combination of single-line bets. The stake value is multiplied by the number of single bets to determine the total wager.

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