Tips to Get the Edge – Ways to Upgrade your Sports Bets


Upgrade your Sports Bets – Is it Possible?

Sports betting tips

Rules are something with which we’re all familiar. They ensure that everyone is on a level playing field. Breaking these rules usually results in a punishment of some kind. The prospect of profit, however, often outweighs the risk.

Online sports betting has soared in popularity. And, with so much on the line, you may be wondering if there are any loopholes when it comes to bookmakers and their online sports betting rules. More importantly, is there a way to get the edge and upgrade your sports betting? You should be able to answer this question by the end of this article.

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Ethical Tips

The words ethical and cheat rarely appear in the same sentence. However, believe it or not – there is such a thing. When it comes to sports betting, you can legally “cheat” your way to better odds. Don’t take it literally, though. You can use our ethical tips to upgrade your wagers while still being responsible in your betting.

There are two types of ethical tips that you could explore: arbitrage betting and matched betting. Both of these betting types are legal, but they’re somewhat frowned upon by some bookmakers so bear that in mind.

Arbitrage Betting

What is arbitrage betting? Simply put, arbitrage betting is when you place a bet on every outcome of a particular event. The odds need to guarantee a positive outcome for you, no matter what the result is. Betting markets rely on specific information to set prices and odds. This information generally arrives at different bookies at different times. That is why there is a difference in the odds on betting sites that some punters may make the most of. This delay allows for multiple odds to be given, and therefore this would present an arbitrage betting opportunity.

Gambling is a high-risk strategy, while arbitrage betting is considered a low-risk, medium-yield approach. It’s commonly found in stock trading and has been in practice for many years. Although this tactic is slightly complicated, technology has made things a lot easier to put it into practice. By simply googling “arbitrage calculator” you’ll find many online resources to work it out for you automatically.

Now, you may be wondering if it isn’t illegal, then why not do it? You’re probably familiar with the term “the house always wins.” In this case, you’re removing the bookies’ edge, which they obviously won’t be happy with at all. Additionally, many players have reported getting banned after using this strategy. So, be cautious and understand the risks involved if you do give it a try. Some bookmakers are okay with arbitrage betting so make sure you know the rules first.

Matched Betting

Matched betting, also known as double betting, is a technique used by individuals to upgrade their bet at online bookmakers. This technique involves using free bets offered by the bookies for risk-less wagers. By covering both outcomes of a sports game, you can theoretically guarantee a win. Matched betting is very similar to arbitrage betting in this sense.

Is this cheating? Definitely not. However, once again, you face a dilemma. Just because it isn’t illegal doesn’t mean that your online sportsbook will like it. There’s a plethora of information and instructions out there on how you can use this technique to your advantage. Use it at your discretion, as your betting account could get banned.

Unethical Cheats

What cheats to avoid when betting

There are, of course, illegal ways to cheat in sports betting. These are generally techniques that your average online sports betting enthusiast isn’t able to pull off. This is because your average gambler has no control over the results. Insider trading and match-fixing are criminal offences.

Perpetrators of these crimes will usually have some involvement in the sport. Take greyhound racing or horse bets, for example. Owners could essentially fix the result by overfeeding the animal. This will force the animal to lose consecutively, which causes the odds to go up. The owner and trainers bet on the animal when the odds are highly profitable.

Obviously, the only way you would gain from this cruel behaviour would be to have a hand in it.

Tips or Cheats? You Decide

Regardless of what kind of betting you’re doing, a smart strategy will keep you on the straight and narrow. We’ve rounded up some of the top tactics used by seasoned punters below. These tactics are definitely not illegal, but merely tips to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

Less is More

This handy tip is one you should exercise in all parts of life. The more you engage in sports betting, the more you will encounter good and bad bets. The latter is what you’re trying to avoid, but losing is an unfortunate reality.

You may feel the need to place more bets after you lose to get out of that hole. However, this decision often leads to even more losses. Instead, take a step back and place fewer bets. Stake two or three wagers you’re confident in, rather than ten hopefuls. If you follow this tactic, it will mean you are being responsible in your bets and may benefit in the long run.

Cheating on Your Bookie

Your relationship with your bookie should mimic that of a polygamist, rather than a monogamist. You’re not bound to your chosen bookie by any means. Every sports betting operator offers different odds. So, why not pick the bookie with the best odds? Multiple sportsbooks will give you an edge when placing bets. Find a few legitimate bookies and play the field!

Reasons You Should Not Bet

Now, this statement may seem counterintuitive – but think about it. Instead of convincing yourself to place a bet, look for reasons not to. If you can come up with more ideas about why you shouldn’t place the bet, then don’t bet. By using this mentality, you’re more likely to skip out on the risky chances and focus on being responsible.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s frowned upon by bookmakers, not all of these loopholes are illegal. Matched betting is simply a technique to hedge your bets using the resources given to you. Arbitrage betting is a tactic to shift the odds in your favour. Much like counting cards, these techniques are not illegal but are instead profoundly frowned upon by bookies.

Understanding loopholes will give you a better insight into the workings of sports betting. You don’t have to use these strategies every time or not at all either. Simply being aware that they exist will give you an advantage. Whatever the case remember to gambe responsibly.

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