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Usability 1/5
Support 1/5
Bonuses 1/5
Odds 1/5
Applications 1/5
Casino 1/5
Total rating 1/5
5 reviews
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  1. Venci
    Interesting range of promotions
  2. Oleksandr Oleksandr
    I had an extremely negative experience with am a citizen of Ukraine and I live in this territory, before making the first deposit I talked with the representatives of this site for two days in order to make sure that my money will be safe and I will be able to deposit and withdraw funds from the site without problems (since the site is young and unreliable, I was interested in playing poker and betting on sports). I was assured that there would be no problems, my money would be safe and I would be able to withdraw it without any problems if I confirmed my account. I verified th
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    e account, made a deposit of 50 euros and started playing. luck smiled on me and I won money. I decided to withdraw 150 euros from this site and I was allowed to do so, the next day I received my funds on Skrill. then I decided to make more deposits for a more comfortable game. I deposited another 180 euros. I won 500 euros in a few days of playing, and I decided to withdraw them. And that\'s where it started.....I got rejected because they thought I was using a VPN (I wasn\'t). I started a dialogue with the representatives of the site, and explained that I did not use a VPN, there was no need for it, players from Ukraine have free access to the site, and I do not have such programs at all. I asked to provide me with all the information that confirms that I used a VPN - they refused me, because for them it is confidential information. And the most interesting thing that they wrote to me is that I won money and because of this they got the impression that I use third-party programs) That is, this site does not provide that a player can win, or what?! write that I may face criminal liability) As a result, they took all my funds from my account, and left only 180 euros of the last deposit as a \"sign of goodwill\".nPeople, don\'t repeat my mistakes, don\'t play on this site under any circumstances, it\'s a dangerous site for your money!