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How To Unlock Betway Account

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Betway blocked account
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There are a number of reasons why your Betway account has been locked, so don’t panic if you try to log into your account and are not able to. The main thing to remember is to stay calm and go through the following step by step guide to get your account unblocked and ready to place bets again.

The most common reasons for a blocked Betway account

Why did Betway block my account – get the possible answers below:

  • Forgetting your login details which results in a number of failed login attempts
  • Accessing your Betway account from a restricted country
  • Opening and operating more than one Betway account in your own identity
  • Putting a limit on your account through the Responsible Gambling section of the Betway website and forgetting about it
  • ID request has not been completed

Let’s take a look at these reasons in a little more detail.

Forgetting your login details

An easy mistake to make and one that we have all been guilty of at one time or another. It can be annoying when you keep trying different passwords and then realise that you cannot log in at all, but your account will be locked in case it is someone else who is trying to access your account.

Accessing your Betway account from a restricted country

Trying to access your account from a restricted country is not allowed because Betway has measures in place that will pick this up straight away. If you must use your account from a restricted country, make sure you are using a good VPN and set it up so that it looks like you are placing a bet from your usual residence.

Opening and operating more than one Betway account in your own identity

This is a common tactic by bonus abusers who try to open different accounts in order to claim the Betway welcome bonus over and over again. This is a big np no’, and if Betway finds out what you are doing (and they probably will), every account that can be associated with you and all funds will probably be confiscated. It’s just not worth it.

Putting a limit on your account and forgetting about it

As a reputable bookie, Betway are big on its Responsible Gambling requirements, so they have made it easy for a punter to put limits on their account. These could be limits on the number of deposits they can make over a set period of time or the ‘take a break‘ in which the punters’ account is closed down for some time so that they can take a break from betting.

It is not unusual for a customer to put these limits in place and then forget about what they have done and wonder why they cannot log into their account.

ID request has not been completed

If you receive an ID request when opening an account with Betway and don’t upload the required documentation, you will receive a number of email reminders asking you to comply with the request. If you continue to ignore these requests, your account will be locked until the process has been completed.

How do I unlock my Betway account?

Unlock Betway account

If you have opened more than one account in your own name, your main account, along with the other accounts you have opened, will not be reactivated under any circumstances.

If you access your account from a restricted country, a simple explanation usually does the trick; for instance, you were on holiday and didn’t realise placing a bet was not allowed.

When it comes to forgetting your login details, clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password‘ link will sort out that problem, and if you have put limits on your betting activities under the Responsible Gambling section on the Betway website, simply go back in and adjust them but bear in mind that you will have to wait seven days before the adjustments take effect.

Finally, if you have not completed the ID request, upload the documentation that is required.

Contact customer support to enquire about your Betway locked account

Betway customer support is always helpful, so if your account has been blocked, there is absolutely no need to guess the reason. It is always worth remembering that any help requests will more likely be resolved to your satisfaction if you stay calm and are polite.

If you lose your temper when trying to find out the reason why your account has been blocked, don’t be surprised if it stays that way.

In most cases, resetting your password will be all that is required

We’ll quickly touch on this again because, as most online gambling sites will confirm, multiple unsuccessful attempts at logging in will result in an account being locked, so this will often be the answer to the question, ‘how to reactivate my Betway account‘.

It is usually down to a forgotten password, so just click on the Forgotten Password link, and you will be sent an email which will ask you to answer some security questions that you entered the answers to when you opened your account.

Once these questions have been answered, you will be invited to choose a new password, so make sure that you write this one down so that you don’t encounter the same problem again.

How to keep your Betway account unblocked

I should practise what I preach because I have no doubt that I will encounter having bookie accounts locked in the future, but the main thing to remember is not to try any funny business, i.e., opening multiple accounts in your own name or trying to open a Betway account from a banned country. It’s just not worth it.

The other reasons for Betway to block your account basically come down to basic housekeeping, so make sure that you keep adequate records of your bookie accounts, including Betway, and you hopefully won’t encounter what can only be described as the frustrating experience of not being able to log into your Betway account.

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    Glen Mnisi my account has been blocked and I submitted the required documents
    1. Elica Martinova
      Dear Glen,
      we asume the processing of your documents will take some time.
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    My name is Kagiso my account is blocked after reporting fraud I reported last year even now I try to get hold of them but no luck can you assist me.
    1. Elica Martinova
      We strongly suggest you seek help from the local authorities!
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    Help unlock my account betway
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      Contact the support, they will assist you.
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      The brand's support can assist you. Contact them to discuss the case.
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      Hi! Try contacting the support to clarify the case!
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    Hi i want to unlock my account is locked for 6 months but now i want to play cam someone assist?
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      You should contact the support and answer their questions.
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    My account was locked
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      Try contacting the support to clarify the case.
  11. Lionel wilson
    I have requested to lock my account last year but to unlock it now.How do I do that
    1. Elica Martinova
      Which country you are visiting Betway from?
  12. Amohelang Erasmus
    My account was blocked because someone tried to steal my money with different bank account, and they changed my number, now I can't log into my Betway account, how do I fix that problem?
    1. Elica Martinova
      The best reaction is to contact the Betway support and explain the situation. They will most likely ask you for some additional proof of identity.
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    Please unlock my account Alister King is 8110085299088 I have found in my account
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      Lynnique Cupido,

      we are unable to reopen your account. You will have to contact the support.
    2. Elica Martinova
      Lynnique Cupido,

      we are unable to reopen your account. You will have to contact the support.
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      we are unable to reopen your account. You will have to contact the support.
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