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Lightning Dice Betway Strategy

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Lightning Dice Betway Strategy
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Lightning Dice is one of the most entertaining live casino games at Betway that allows you to win up to 1000x your stake. Developed by Evolution Gaming, the live dealer variant brings the glamour and glitz of a real-life casino to your screen, with multiple features and simple gameplay rules to go from!

If you are wondering how to play the live casino game successfully? Well, you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss the best Lightning Dice Betway strategies for the best results, so hang tight.

Betway Lightning Dice Game Reviewed

Betway Lightning Dice is an easy-to-play live dealer game by Evolution Gaming, the software provider behind the award-winning Lightning Roulette. The game involves the croupier dropping three dice into a clear lightning tower while players predict the expected sum of the dice faces once they come to a rest.

The game comprises a stunning, electrifying user interface with a gold and black art deco and an RTP of 96.21%.

While playing Lightning Dice, expect camera close-ups and the “Bet on All” functionality that allows you to stake on all 16 spots. However, what makes this game unique from other dice games are the random multipliers with a maximum of 1000x your bet. To play the game, pick a number representing the sum of the dice faces.

After staking, a lightning bolt strikes on either of the random numbers to reveal the multiplier; the croupier rolls the dice then the croupier rolls the dice. If you win, your stake is increased depending on the multiplier you got earlier. Check the table below for more details:

Combined Dice TotalNumber of CombinationsProbabilityPayout excluding the Lightning Multiplier
92511 .57%5x
122511 .57%7x

How do you beat the lightning dice on betway?

Best Lightning Dice Betway Strategy

Beating Lightning Dice on Betway is simple! Your sole responsibility is to predict the total of the three dice after they come to a halt. This is by clicking any of the numbers on the platform provided for you. If the sum of the dice matches the number you selected, you win.

On the other hand, the bonus lightning feature is meant to add the multiplier option, which can see your winnings increase up to 1000x your bet.

Lightning dice Betway strategies

Lightning dice is a game of chance, meaning winning is based entirely on luck. However, with a few strategies, some of which apply to regular dice games, you can maximise your winning chances. These strategies include:

#1 Always bet on 3 and 18 - the highly profitable numbers

It is advisable that you consider betting on sums 3 and 18 when playing the lightning dice game on Betway. Even though the totals are rare, they are the most profitable numbers on Lightning Dice, regardless of the bet you make. After all, the fact that the outcome will be multiplied by 150 means that even a small stake can yield amazing payouts.

Keep in mind that you get to earn more if the lightning strikes before the croupier throws the dice down the lightning tower. These are some of the aspects that make betting on the sums of 3 and 18 profitable. You should also note that the two numbers put you in a better position of winning the 1000x multiplier.

#2 Bet regularly on the low-risk combinations

While playing Lightning Dice, make use of the low-risk strategy. This approach involves gambling on numbers with the highest probability of occurring. The step minimises the risk by increasing your winning chances.

Some of the dice totals that have more chances of appearing than others include 8, 10, 9, 11, 13, and 12. However, remember that since these numbers have a high chance of appearing, they tend to pay less. Without multipliers, the number sums from 8 to 13 pay between 5x and 7x your bet. This is without including the multipliers.

#3 Investigate the previous outcomes

When news broke that Evolution is adding lightning dice to the award-winning lightning range, one of the winning strategies that came up is investigating the previous outcomes. By going through the previous winning numbers, you can get the game’s rhythm, an aspect that will help you decide which numbers to bet on your next game.

This strategy is one of the reasons why it is evident that numbers between 8 and 12 have a high rate of occurring. In that case, doing an extensive analysis of the previous outcomes may bring to your attention other crucial details that may help you place the winning bet.


How do you use lightning dice on Betway?

You use Lightning Dice on Betway to predict the expected sum of the three dice while depending on the multipliers to boost your winnings.

Are there any cheats for Betway lightning dice?

There are no cheats for Betway Lightning Dice, but there are multiple betting strategies and tips that you can use to win Lightning Dice on Betway.

How does lightning dice work on Betway?

Lightning Dice is a game where the croupier rolls the ball down a lightning tower after you have made your predictions. The game also has the lightning feature that comes with multipliers of up to 1000x your bet. When the lightning strikes, the number it selects displays the multiplier you will enjoy.

How do you beat the lightning dice game on Betway?

You beat the Lightning Dice game on Betway by selecting the correct sum using numerous strategies, such as betting on numbers from 8 to 13.

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