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BoyleSports support
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BoyleSports is one of Ireland’s longest-established bookmakers. With more than 268 retail betting shops and a popular online platform, this operator is Ireland’s largest independent betting operator. Part of being the best is offering quality features, including excellent customer care.

BoyleSports customer care is some of the best available. You can expect quick responses, effective solutions and various support channels. Highly trained support agents will solve any problem and are available through an extensive number of communication channels.

We explain how you can raise a complaint, the different communication channels and the contact information of BoyleSports customer care Ireland. Read our full review for a more in-depth look at this bookmaker.

How To Raise A Complaint at BoyleSports

The process of raising a complaint with BoyleSports is reasonably straightforward. You can use various methods, including phone support, live chat, email or mail. The support team endeavours to respond within 24 hours using the same method you sent the complaint.

BoyleSports customer care handles each complaint, dispute and feedback with the care and gravity it deserves. All issues are handled promptly and fairly, with transparency taken seriously by the BoyleSports customer care Ireland team. Below, we look at how you can raise a complaint, depending on your registered country.

Non-UK Registered Customers

The primary entity you’ll contact regarding complaints is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). You need to submit your complaint in writing. BoyleSports provides a link you can use to contact IBAS and agrees that it’ll be bound to the decision IBAS reaches.

However, ensure you have disclosed all the facts, with BoyleSports also disclosing the full facts on their side. While IBAS doesn’t handle any service-related issues, it provides information and rules regarding gaming and betting transactions free of charge.

Another option is contacting the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner for a further ruling. BoyleSports is bound to follow the Commissioner’s ruling after they’ve investigated your complaint or dispute.

UK Registered Customers

IBAS is also the first entity to contact should you wish to escalate your complaint or dispute in the UK. You can access the free-of-charge IBAS website, which deals with all betting and gaming transaction complaints.

The complaint needs to be submitted in writing, containing the full facts. IBAS also doesn’t handle any service-related complaints, as complaints of this nature are handled by the BoyleSports customer service team.

You can also escalate your complaint to the UK Gambling Commission, which will investigate your claims. However, the UKGC doesn’t resolve any gambling transaction-related complaints. The UKGC advises to first try and resolve the complaint with the operator and only consider alternative methods if no solution is reached.

Communication Channels Available at BoyleSports Customer Support

All of the support channels are available in the website’s footer. Under the BoyleSports customer service heading, you’ll find four links for email, live chat, phone and FAQs. Click on the link of the method you want to use to contact the operator.

The live chat and phone lines are available 24/7 to resolve all your queries and questions. The support agents are fast to respond and effective in resolving any issues.

When using the “Call” link in the footer, you’ll be taken to a page with all of the support phone numbers listed. There are three different support numbers: for ROI, UK, and International users. You’ll also find the email address and company address to which you can mail any business queries or complaints.

Support is available in English, and FAQs can also be used to find answers to common questions. The FAQ section is well-organised, with a navigation sidebar you can use to find your topic of interest. It provides an extensive list of questions, a link, and a ticket submission for further assistance if the FAQs don’t answer your question.

BoyleSports Contact Information

We’ve listed the BoyleSports customer service contact information below.

👨‍💻 Email:[email protected]
📢 Twitter:@boylecare
📞 Tel (ROI):1800 22 00 66
📞 Tel (UK):0800 22 00 66
📞 Tel (International):+353 42 939 3168
💌 Address:Boylesports Head Office, Finnabair Industrial Estate, Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland
📞 Head Office Tel:+353 42 939 3000
📞 Head Office Fax:+353 42 939 3167


How long does it take the customer support team to get back to me?

BoyleSports customer service generally responds within 24 hours, but it can be faster if you use the live chat or phone lines.

Can I complain at a BoyleSports shop near me?

Yes, receiving assistance at a BoyleSports shop is possible if you have proof of your account.

Can I complain by using different communication channels at the same time?

Yes, all of the support channels offer the same quality of support. However, try one channel first before using several at once.

Is it free to contact the customer support team?

Yes, it’s free from the bookmaker’s side, but remember the operator phone or internet charges of whichever method you’re using.

Is my personal information obtained from the customer support team safe?

BoyleSports customer care takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously. The provided information is only used to identify and verify the account holder.

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