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The 1979 film, Alien, ruined our dreams of space travel with a horrific tale of an extraterrestrial encounter gone deadly. The iconic movie discarded the image of little green men who come in peace. Instead, it introduced us to a race of hive-minded, killer aliens with a parasitic nature.

Now, we get to experience Aliens as a video slot thanks to game developers at NetEnt. The outstanding graphics and numerous storyline references make this slot a worthy addition to the epic franchise. Play Aliens for yourself and experience the danger and excitement of a spine-chilling space mission.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The Aliens online casino game is more than your average slot. The suspense evoked by this game exceeds the casual anticipation of spinning reels. You may actually jump out of your seat from the screeching sound effects.

You get a full narrative that carries over through three levels. One minute, you’re assessing the scene of a murdered crewmate. The next, an exoskeleton-monster is charging at you. It’s hard to keep your cool, even between wins.

The sound levels rise and fall with the pace of the game to amplify the suspense, and it works. When things get too quiet, you’ll brace yourself for the next attack.

You feel like you’re actually on a spacecraft looking through a digitized helmet. The entire game is full of futuristic tech, and the animations match the quality of the HD movies. The wins are only a fraction of the entertainment value in Aliens.

How to Play Aliens

Aliens Netent

This 15 playline slot has three levels of bonus rounds full of frightening alien encounters, free spins, and win multipliers. Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose from 10 different bet levels, and seven coin amounts to adjust your wager
  2. Press the glowing blue triangle button to start spinning the reels
  3. Bonus symbols in pairs will help you fill the dock with symbols- the dock is simply a side-bar meter that you must fill in order to unlock bonus rounds
  4. Collect enough symbols and wins to progress through 3 levels of challenges
  5. Defeat the queen of the hive and win the game

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

This video slot is stocked with winning combinations that trigger free spins. Most of the game symbols are nods to the original movie designs. Alien eggs, full-grown extraterrestrials, and other representations of the unearthly creatures make up the standard symbols in this video slot.

The wild symbol is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo. It takes the place of any other tile needed for a win.

You won’t find bonus symbols in this video slot, but Aliens has an innovative game design. The objective is to collect enough symbols on the standard level to unlock bonus rounds where you can multiply your wins.

Bonus rounds put you in a first-person perspective fight for your life. You must defeat the queen of the hive to win control over an alien-infested ship. Rolling reels meet firearms in levels one, two, and three of Aliens.

Aliens Volatility

This slot has medium volatility and a high RTP. No matter what, you’ll be entertained between wins by the interactive storyline and impressive graphics.

You can try the Aliens slot online for free to develop your own techniques. It might take a few attempts to kill the queen in level three, so take advantage of the opportunity to play at no cost.

Aliens Strategies

Playing this game may not be the average slot experience, but many of the same rules apply. Aliens strategies are typical but not guaranteed.

  • Don’t Ignore Bet Values
    Always address the bet lines and coin values. Don’t start playing this video slot without choosing a bet value that you’re comfortable with.
  • Don’t Play If You Can’t Afford to Lose
    The Aliens free play version is available across the internet, so don’t take a risk that you can’t afford. You should never gamble on the Aliens video slot as a solution to financial issues. It’s crucial that you play responsibly and know when to stop.

Aliens Mobile Version

Aliens on mobile is a great way to gamble on the go. Now, you can take the famous franchise with you and play wherever you have wifi. In fact, the mobile version of Aliens manages to be more interactive than playing on a desktop with a mouse and keyboard.

Get Aliens for Android and iOS at corresponding app stores, or visit licensed online casinos straight from your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I play Aliens with real money?

Choose one of the online casinos reviewed and tested by Efirbet.

How much can I win playing Aliens?

You can win up to 570,000 coins.

How much is the minimum stake?

Bet as low as $0.15 per play.

Will I lose money in the demo version of Aliens?

You’ll never lose money when you play the Aliens demo.

What is the RTP in this video slot?

Aliens RTP is 96.4%.

Is there a jackpot?

Yes, there is a 1,000 coin jackpot in Aliens.

How do I unlock bonus rounds?

Collect enough symbols to fill your dock and unlock further levels.

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