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Bar Bar Black Sheep
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Have you any wins? Yes, sir, yes sir. Five reels full, apparently.

Bar Bar Black Sheep is an unexpected video slot, but one worth a try. Of all the poems and songs that came out of the Middle Ages, Baa Baa Black Sheep is probably the least dismal. It’s a historical account of taxation in the 13th century, much lighter than the theme of Ring-Around-The-Roses, which is about masking the smell of dead bodies.

A children’s song is certainly an interesting theme for an adult video slot, but the developers at Microgaming nailed it when they brought us Bar Bar Black Sheep. This colourful online casino game delivers an impressive, binge-worthy player-experience. The chance to win 999 x your bet line is one of the many attractions in this surprisingly delightful video slot.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The Bar Bar Black Sheep online casino game is super easy. Players can jump right in.

There are no confusing storylines to distract you from the bet. The farm theme is clearly animated, and the reels almost seem to spin slower than other video slots. If it’s too slow for your taste, the game designers graced us with an autoplay button to speed things up.

Newbies will love this slot because it’s not intimidating, just fun to play and cute to look at. The wins come often enough to keep you entertained even without much of a storyline, and the nursery rhyme soundtrack will probably be stuck in your head for a full week.

You’ll have a hard time walking away from Bar Bar Black Sheep without cracking a couple of smiles. It’s such a silly game that it manages to make a kids’ song amusing for adults.

How to Play Bar Bar Black Sheep

Bar Bar Black Sheep Online slot game

This game brings video slots back to basics. It’s pretty straight forward, but anyone who is unfamiliar with casino games can play Bar Bar Black Sheep slot online free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set your bet
  2. Hit the far-right button to start spinning the reels
  3. Once the reels come to a stop, you’ll see if you have any winning combinations
  4. Various wild, scatter, and bonus symbols will multiply your wins
  5. Win big and cash out your coins

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

Bags of wool were valuable currency in the Middle Ages, and they’re also the scatter symbol in this video slot. Five bags of wool symbols will get you 100 x your bet. Groups of three or more will get you free spins with multiplied earnings.

Another bonus symbol in Bar Bar Black Sheep is the game’s logo, which acts as a wild card. If you’re close to a win but missing a symbol, the wild card will take the place of that missing symbol.

The farmhouse and white sheep are also symbols with various values, but they aren’t worth as much as the wild and scatter.

If Bar-Bar-Black Sheep lands on or more reels, you gain access to the bonus round where you can win the bet multiplied up to 999 x your original stake.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Volatility

There’s relatively low volatility throughout this game. Wins are frequent, but the value of each win mostly depends on your bet line.

Strategies for Bar Bar Black Sheep

With five reels and 15 pay lines, the game provides a vintage slot experience with no foolproof game plans for getting wins. Still, there are some Bar Bar Black Sheep strategies you should keep in mind.

  • Always Bet Safe
    Don’t take a risk you’ll regret later. Keep the game fun, and bet responsibly. If you can’t afford to gamble, try Bar Bar Black Sheep free play on the demo version.
  • Pace Yourself
    Don’t spend it all at once; make your budget last. This game gets addicting, and you won’t want to stop, so do yourself a favour and start off slow with small bets.

Book of Ra Mobile Version

Bar Bar Black Sheep on mobile is one more way to enjoy this classic game. If you love playing this slot at casinos, you’ll love playing it on your phone because it has touchscreen capabilities, just like the live version. You don’t get this playing with a keyboard and mouse, so it’s worthy of a download.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I play Bar Bar Black Sheep with real money?

You can play Bar Bar Black Sheep online at our site,

How much can I win from playing this game?

You can win up to 95000 coins.

How much is the minimum stake?

You can bet as low as $0.20.

Will I lose money playing the demo version of Bar Bar Black Sheep?

No, the demo version is always free.

Is there a jackpot in this video slot?

Yes, it’s worth 500 coins.

Can I play on my iPhone?

Yes, try Bar Bar Black Sheep for Android and iOS.

What’s the RTP?

The Bar Bar Black Sheep RTP is 95%.

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