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Chain Mail
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Chain Mail has two themes working together to create a comical medieval world.

One theme is the comic play on the concept of “snail mail” in medieval times, but the game makers went further. The princess has a mobile phone, and the horse is wearing headphones, making this one time-warped kingdom.

The second theme is presented within the game’s complex bonus round, where you try to save the queen from an angry king. Why the king is angry, we don’t know.

Online casino games like Chain Mail by Microgaming offer you the chance to enter a light-hearted atmosphere reminiscent of the Renaissance without taking anything too seriously. The creators want you to have a good time.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The soundtrack in the background of this slot is simple Renaissance music. It is instrumental and upbeat, and it creates a pace to your play that makes you feel good. You can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of another time period.

There also are fun sound effects during gameplay, including the sound of a drawbridge slamming open and other explosive sounds accompanying wins and payouts.

The graphics involve a castle wall as a background and comic characters drawn with great detail. These medieval people have somehow obtained items from the future, and the graphics did not fall short of incorporating those items, like a cell phone, in their design.

This game is easy to navigate and successfully uses its graphics and sound to create a light-hearted medieval atmosphere. The sound and graphics of this slot will engage you and keep your attention.

How to Play Chain Mail

Chain Mail Slot online

You have already found a Chain Mail online casino — Now it’s time to get into gameplay. Here are five easy steps:

  1. Choose how many lines you want to play.
  2. Decide what you want to wager. You can use the plus (+) sign and the minus () sign to change your betting amount.
  3. Choose autoplay or press spin.
  4. Three or more of any symbol will give you a payout. Look for a plethora of strange symbols in this game, including bonus symbols. The symbols are 10 thru Ace, a goofy white horse wearing headphones, a comic castle mailbox, a princess holding a cellphone, a mailman who’s a knight, a scatter that is a “B” on a raised drawbridge, and the wild symbol, which is a royal seal with the game’s logo.
  5. Keep your eyes peeled for wilds and scatters. Wilds will pay double, and three or more scatters trigger bonus rounds.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

Bonus symbols will help you get multipliers and free spins.

The game’s logo is impressed in red wax, and this wild symbol can give some impressive wins. Not only are your wins doubled with it, but getting five wilds can win a jackpot.

The scatter symbol is a blue “B” in front of a drawbridge, and three or more of these will initiate the Castle Bonus. The scatter symbol becomes a drawbridge that opens and reveals a king, and you are then taken to the Castle Bonus area.

This Chain Mail free play feature involves first saving the princess from the angry king. You are presented with a wall with rows of doors from which you are to choose. You want the princess to be revealed because you will win all the prizes for that row if she appears. Each win raises you to the next higher level of doors and prizes. One of the prizes you can choose is free spins, and if you do, your wins will be doubled. When you choose the door with the angry king, the bonus round ends.

Chain Mail Volatility

Chain Mail has medium volatility. This means that you can gain some good profit but you should not expect mind-blowing winnings.

Strategies for Chain Mail

Chain Mail strategies include changing the size of your wager at different times. It will depend on how you feel after playing the game for a while. You also may want to see how the game reacts when you play with the max bet.

Chain Mail Mobile Version

The Chain Mail Mobile Version is just as good as the desktop version.

The only problem you could have with Chain Mail for Android and iOS is that the tiny screen makes pressing the buttons difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I play Chain Mail with real money?

You can play Chain Mail with real money at many casinos that support games from Microgaming.

How much can I win from Chain Mail?

How much you can win from Chain Mail is dependent on how many bonuses you’re able to get during gameplay. Five scatters will win you 6,000x your wager.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake is 0.01 coins, if you decide to bet low. If you want to bet more, the maximum stake is 50 coins.

Will I lose my money in the Chain Mail demo version?

No, you will not lose any money when playing the demo version of Chain Mail. You can play Chain Mail for free at a casino that has a free-play option. You can look for the Chain Mail slot online free on our site,

What is the RTP for Chain Mail?

The Chain Mail RTP (return-to-player) is 95.09%.

Is there a progressive jackpot in Chain Mail?

No, there is no progressive jackpot in this slot.

Does Chain Mail have animated graphics?

Yes, Chain Mail slot has animated symbols. You will see the scatter symbol become a dropping drawbridge revealing a blue king. Other symbols blink or shine.

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