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Game Of Thrones
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The Game of Thrones online slot game was inspired by the Game of Thrones series, which turned into a hit television series on all HBO platforms worldwide. Slot players and fans can now experience both fun and rewards in the comfort of their own homes.

Game of Thrones online casino is a five-reel video slot game that comes with 15 pay lines. It has impressive bonus features that are based on the famous Houses of Westeros. The game has quite exciting payouts with 243 ways to win. It’s all things entertainment when it comes to the name, and this experience could turn out to be more than just a game.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

Since the theme of Game of Thrones is based on the show, a lot of visual cues were taken from it. For those who don’t know, the series’ theme is a fight for power in the world of royalty and politics. It’s all about fictional kingdoms in the land of Westeros, which takes place in 297 AC.

Online casino games like these don’t disappoint when it comes to 3D graphics and sound. The soundtrack to this game, as expected, uses the opening soundtrack to the series as background music. Microgaming has succeeded in recreating the show into more fun and rewarding experience. Props to the pros!

How to Play Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones slot online

Steps to play are as follows:

  1. Just like the series, you must be 18 years or older to watch and play Game of Thrones.
  2. The loading page will appear with its logo on the screen.
  3. Choose which of the four Houses of Westeros you would like to serve.
  4. Land on the game and, there, you’ll find large letters and the House of Westeros symbols.
  5. Use the spin icon on the right side of the screen to play the game.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

With the bonus symbols in the game, we start with the wild symbol. The Game of Thrones logo is the wild symbol. It appears stacked on all reels of the game.

The scatter symbol is the Iron Throne. The dragon egg that appears on your screen awards players with an extra cash prize.

During the free spins bonus, players can pick between the Houses of:

  • Baratheon
  • Targaryen
  • Stark
  • Lannister

Game of Thrones Volatility

With medium-rated slot volatility, a house edge of between 5% to 6%, and a Game of Thrones RTP of 95%, players can find satisfaction in the game.

Strategies for Game of Thrones

Ensure that you capitalize on the free spins that you find in the game. The Game of Thrones houses each award free spins, multipliers, and stacked sigil symbols.

Place bets at monitored and minimal values. Game of Thrones affords players the chance to be rewarded in different ways. There’s no need to place large bets, potentially ending the game a little sooner than expected.

Take advantage of the scatter bonus feature. That’s where the player can win a cash prize.

Note that there are two slots to Game of Thrones: the five-reel slot with 15 pay lines and the five-reel slot with 243 ways to win. Players have the chance to win big with both versions.

Be sure to choose a slot version that will work best for you. Modifiers help you score big in both slots but beware of what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Lannister and Stark free spins offer great rewards. Beware of the volatility rates involved and attempt to give each bonus feature a chance to increase the chances of getting something out of the experience.

Beware that winning lines trigger the Gamble Feature, where the player can choose between heads or tails. Correct guesses double winnings.

Game of Thrones Mobile Version

Game of Thrones on mobile is available. The question of whether or not Game of Thrones for Android and iOS is available is another thing. It seems to operate better on Android mobile and tablet devices. On Apple devices, there appears to be an issue with the sound being inaudible. The gamble feature also doesn’t seem to appear on mobile devices.

At times, the slot may not work if Java and Flash are disabled in your browser. All plug-ins need to be disabled. Quite a bit of admin, right? You’d think that problems like these would only occur if you used the Game of Thrones slot online free version, but no.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I play Game of Thrones with real money?

Trusted casinos on our site afford players the chance to play for real money.

How much can I win from Game of Thrones?

With the slot that offers 15 paylines, you can expect 75,000 coins. The slot with 243 ways to win pays out 121,500 coins.

How much is the minimum stake?

With the 15-pay line slot, it’s 0.15, and with 243 ways to win, it’s 0.30.

Will I lose my money in the Game of Thrones demo version?

Demo versions are generally free. Another free option that players can use is the Game of Thrones free play. Players can play Game of Thrones for free and get some practice first to avoid losing money.

What are the bonus rounds of the game?

Bonus rounds would be the stacked wilds, scatters, and free spins.

Why is the game saying that the game is temporarily unavailable?

This could be because: The site is undergoing maintenance, The game is unavailable in your location, The site isn’t yet developed for online play

Does the game offer Autoplay?

Yes, autoplay is available.

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