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The Play’n GO Gemix is a beautiful breath of fresh air in the online slot game world. It has a Tetris-type feel, building patterns as gems fall from the ceiling. Gemix online slot game has so many dimensions we may not touch on everything in one article.

Smartly find your way through the objectives of the game, building up gem points and move on to the next world. Though it may seem complex, the game is fun.

It’s not only a slot game but a game full of surprises; it keeps you guessing and watching all the levels.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The graphics are vibrant and full of life. The unpredictability of the graphics makes the game very interesting to play.

There is a little mining man that keeps appearing when you score the wild symbols. He comes and looks like you struck gold, then the gold gems explode, and it marks gem build up on the left.

The sounds are a little dull. They compare to a piece of detailed elevator music, except when the graphics explode with a win, the sounds get exciting or a little more explosive.

This is a fun, user-friendly game.

How to Play Gemix

Gemix online slot game

This game seems complicated at first as there are many moving parts to watch. It is not hard, follow these steps to play Gemix online.

  1. First, try Gemix free play at one of your preferred online casinos.
  2. Press the spin button and start watching the action.
  3. Keep your eyes on the building gems box on the left.
  4. Keep your eyes on the pattern you are trying to achieve (you don’t have to do anything extra) on the right-hand side in a box.
  5. Enjoy all the colourful gems as they fall into place.

There are so many ways you can build to the next world or build up the gems for free spins.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

Instead of lining up reels, this game will have you bunching/clustering up gemstones to gain money or spins. The star is the sought-after gemstone. Cluster 15 stars and receive 1000X your bet.

The heart is the next sought-after symbol, gaining you up to 500X your bet when you cluster 15 of them. The most confusing yet most thrilling of bonus rounds in this slot is the crystal charge. By building up gems, you can release any of the following bonus symbols:

  • Light Beam – one beam of light triggering the same jewels to line up
  • Nova Blast – an an explosion of sorts that knocks out old gems and allows new ones to fall.
  • Crystal Warm – a dash of the warm light shining on to other gems in its path to align and become the same.
  • Chain Lightning is the most fun to watch, but it transforms all gems in its approach to a win.

Gemix Volatility

Gemix is medium volatility. The volatility and action in this game make it feel like it goes on and on in the best way possible. The gems falling from the ceiling instead of the wheels spinning are significantly different from other slots with the same volatility. The volatility in this slot will have you counting your gemstones and winning up to 1000X your bet.

Strategies for Gemix

Although this game looks like a strategic slot, it’s quite simple to follow. The strategy is, cluster the gems of likeness together and then open a new area for patterns. Once enough gems are gathered, open a new world of patterns and characters.

Gemix Mobile Version

Gemix for Android and iOS is a fantastic option for playing this slot. Gemix slot on mobile has the same features as the desktop version. The only drawback is the gems line up on almost every spin and then cluster and fall out, which leaves you waiting each time until you can press spin again. The time between spins varies, so patience is needed. This feature felt faster on the desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to play Gemix with real money?

You can play Gemix on most online casino platforms or the Efirbet webpage.

How much can I win from Gemix?

You can win up to 1000X your bet.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum bet is 0.50/spin.

Will I lose my money in the Gemix demo version?

No, you will not. The Gemix demo version doesn’t require any real money deposit.

What is the RTP for Gemix?

The RTP is 96%.

Who is the game provider for the Gemix slot?

The provider is Play’n GO.

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