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Hitman Slot
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Hitman online casino games will leave you feeling like you’re agent 47, ready to target your next victim. This slot machine’s storyline draws you in instantly when you realize how much this title is like the movie series and video game.

Like the film series, the slot has many options for targeting your assassination victims. The characters look deep into your eyes as they line up through reels three to five. Microgaming makes this a go-to online slot machine for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a dangerous adventure.

Play Hitman if you’re over 18 and able to separate reality and gaming life. This slot has many adult-only features as the symbols and features are geared towards killing and violence.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The spooky soundtrack had us checking over our shoulders with fear, and the music keeps you on edge, guessing what’s next.

The graphics and some 3D images are decent but not as good as the video game version of Hitman (as we’d expect).

The side games and video features are of good quality and add a movie feel to this online slot. Play Hitman online slot for free on our site first before experiencing this dark title for real money.

How to Play Hitman

Hitman Online slot game

It feels like you can win in many ways—nail three symbols in a row to unlock free spins or gain extra coins, or ignite the insignia bonus to open a hidden side game. The choice is yours.

You can even unlock a contract bonus through the scatter symbol to play another mini side game. This online slot has excellent depth, which keeps you interested and wanting to unlock all bonus features.

Aim to trigger these features in your first play round:

  1. The Hitman wild symbol is the hitman himself. He’s holding two pistols, and when you get three of him, he pops up in a mini video and mysteriously walks through a door.
  2. The 18+ scatter symbol unlocks more free coins.
  3. Activate autoplay by hitting the expert button located under the control buttons.
  4. Hitman freeplay is a fantastic way to try the slot first. Open freeplay and continue to press the spin button to see the game’s features. You’ll not see the paid only bonuses with demo mode, though.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

We found we kept unlocking another free spin or new Hitman figure graphic the more we played. The symbol to watch for was the Hitman himself, with either one pistol or two.

There are three bonus games available.

  1. The insignia bonus game. This is activated when three insignia symbols line up. You’ll then have to place a bet and choose one of the three. The symbol will reveal the number of coins times by your stake.
  2. The bonus game. This game is revealed when three 18+ symbols line up on the reels.
  3. The contract bonus is an advanced activated round. Once t triggered, you’ll be redirected to another screen to choose your victim and how you’ll assassinate them.

Hitman Volatility

The volatility of Hitman is low/medium. The low volatility online casino games are fun for extended playing time.

It felt like we earned free spins/free games quickly, which is exciting and an excellent source of entertainment. Hitman has your eyes glued even without the more consistent wins; it’s exciting and engaging.

Strategies for Hitman

A fun, dangerous adventure is the name of this game, without breaking any laws. Choosing your target to assassinate won’t hinder or enhance the outcome, but it’ll add to the excitement.

This is a more strategic game in the sense that you are solving a mystery/mission. At least that’s the feel of the game. It’ll surprise you with its rooted simplicity hidden deep within this storyline. Hitman has a free online slot version as well.

Hitman Mobile Version

Hitman for Android and iOS is available. With this mobile version of the game, you’ll need to adjust your audio to enjoy the cool sound effects.

The buttons are also relatively small as casino ads and information are visible simultaneously. Although the picture quality was clear, the game seemed more exciting on a computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the RTP for Hitman?

At 95.81%, it’s a little below average for online slots, but we’re sure the excitement of this game makes it worthwhile.

What is the highest payout for this game?

The highest payout for this game has been 67,500 USD

Where to play Hitman with real money?

You can play this slot game on most of the professional online casinos.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake is 20 coins.

Will I lose my money in the Hitman demo version?

No, you’ll not lose any money on demo mode.

Is this game appropriate for those with a low tolerance for violence?

Although the name and the game’s object insinuates violence, it’s not like a video game. You’ll not see anyone being killed or hit. The music is spooky, though, and the items are knives, guns, and lethal weapons.

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