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The Pistoleras online slot game will take you back in time to a place deep within a rural Mexican town.

Microgaming has featured ladies fighting as a critical part of this game’s draw. A Pistolera, by definition, is a female gunslinger. This slot won’t disappoint with three leading ladies dressed and ready to kill, and they’re fun and sexy.

The plot has you desiring a reel line showing one to three ladies to activate your fancied results.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

This game’s feel is spicy and adventure-filled. When you spot the Pistoleros or the bags of money, your eyes will light up. Otherwise, the slot shows playing cards with some added roses, not very exciting.

We were a little disappointed with the sound effects. They were barely audible until you win, and then you’ll get a 10-15 second victory song. We felt the music was comparable to an amusement park ride.

The duelling swords wild card is a tiny graphic set on the reel with the swords clashing. It would have been better if it was bigger. We also feel they could have put a more Spanish feel into the music.

How to Play Book of Ra

Pistoleras Online slot game

This slot is an easy and user-friendly slot. It was straightforward to navigate and play on a desktop. Some easy steps for a smooth experience are outlined here:

  1. An easy to find spin or auto-spin button is on the main page.
  2. The minimum bet for play is $0.25, and the maximum bet is USD 250.
  3. Click the spin button to start the reels in motion.
  4. After pressing the spin button, wait for the reels to stop and see if you’ve landed any winning symbols.
  5. Line up the middle three reels to activate free spins and bonus features.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

The bag of money and the old fashioned coach are the scatter symbols for Pistoleras online casino. Get three bags of cash in reels three to five, and you will get the saloon bonus free spins. The largest payout is scoring the main senorita, Juanita, who’ll reward you with up to 2500 coins.

Pistoleras Volatility

The Pistoleras online casino game is low to medium volatility. Pistoleras is an excellent game to play if you’re starting in the slot world. It’ll give you a chance to extend your dollars into an exciting, fun experience.

The theme music is a bit dull and doesn’t build-up as you edge closer to the win. Regular payouts will provide you with more spins and a chance to access the bonus games. Low to medium volatility is ideal for beginners as your dollars can stretch further. It’s also fantastic for advanced players that are looking to stake big.

Strategies for Pistoleras

There’s no hard strategy for Pistoleras. Try the free online demo version first. This will give you a good idea if you like the slot before you spend any money. You’ll also get to see how the features work, which could benefit you when paying for cash.

Pistoleras Mobile Version

Pistoleras on mobile is worth trying as it’s easy to navigate. The buttons seem a bit small, but they’re spread out well enough to not hinder the experience. We’re pleased to share that the Pistoleras on mobile is an excellent version of the game.

Now, you can play wherever you are. Pistoleras’s sound effects are not loud or obnoxious, so you can enjoy this game without disturbing those around you. Nobody likes to play slots without any music, making this a massive plus. Pistoleras is for Android and iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I play Pistoleras with real money?

You can find top-rated online casinos on efirbet.com.

Will I lose my money in the demo version?

No, you don’t play with real money in the demo version.

How much can I win from Pistoleras?

The maximum payout is 110,000 coins.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake per line is 0.01. Paylines are fixed, and the minimum bet is 0.25 coins.

Is it necessary to speak Spanish to be able to navigate this game?

No, This game is easy to understand and suitable for all languages.

What is the RTP for Pistoleras?

The RTP for Pistolera is 95.6%. This is average for most online slots.

Is the mobile version worth playing?

Yes, it’s easy to navigate and worth a try. Test the demo version here on our website if you’re still unsure.

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