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Planet Fortune
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The word “retro” comes to mind when playing this space-themed slot. Planet Fortune feels and plays like an old 80s video game. We say that in the best way possible because who doesn’t love playing retro video games?

Fly into space in this adventurous yet futuristic online slot. Planet Fortune free play can be found on most online casinos. The robots seem like evil characters in this online game, but even so, they’re the symbol to watch. You’ll enjoy playing this game as you soar away on your space adventure.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

When you play Planet Fortune online free, you’ll see the graphics are appropriate for the theme. They’re fun to watch as they reel by, and the symbols are creative.

There’s no side game or extra 3D videos to watch with this slot, unfortunately.

Planet Fortune is an easy-to-use slot; you’re able to initiate your spin, and that’s it. Placing bets and deciding how much to wager is intuitive due to the navigation buttons.

The music is upbeat and will have you dancing in no time. It didn’t feel too repetitive, like other slots do, which was nice.

How to Play Planet Fortune

Planet fortune slot online

Just like starting your car, this game isn’t any trouble at all. Press a button, and you’ll be on your way. Here are some easy steps to get you playing:

  1. Play Planet Fortune for free online at the Efirbet website or at any online casino.
  2. Press the spin button or the auto spin button.
  3. Use the + and – buttons to control your wager amount.
  4. Watch for the robot symbols to line up or the mayhem feature. The slot will do all the calculating for you.

Sit back and enjoy the music while you play this space-themed game.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

The robot is the wild symbol, subbing in for all other characters. Planet Fortune has a wire/lightning-type flash through the screen when the symbol is triggered.

The mayhem symbol, when activated, will stick reels together, equalling higher chances of lining up, which means a larger payout.

Planet Fortune’s bonus rounds include the robot revolution feature. It happens when three or more wilds are lined up as the bonus symbols; as a result, you get ten free spins. This feature is exhilarating to watch on screen.

Planet Fortune Volatility

Planet Fortune is a high volatility slot game. This slot will have decent payouts if you have the patience to wait for them.

Even though it makes you wait for the higher payouts, it does an excellent job of making you feel like you’re winning along the way. The robotic lightning zap seems to zip across the screen more often than not, and that feels like a payout each time.

If you’re used to playing slots online, and you don’t mind putting a wager in that would be worth a massive payout, you may get lucky. Watch for the stacked, sticky robot reels to wager larger amounts in hopes of the largest payout.

Strategies for Planet Fortune

You can opt to play for free in the demo mode, or you can wager a bet in this online slot. Planet Fortune has an easy-to-use spin button or auto spin button available to you.

This slot also has a feature where you can manage how many auto spins you do or when you want them to stop. This seemed like a fantastic way to monitor your bets and wagers coming in and going out.

Otherwise, there aren’t any effective strategies for this game; enjoy the space lady and man symbols and hope for the best of luck.

Planet Fortune Mobile Version

Planet Fortune on mobile is a great way to play this slot. It’s easy to use and has all the same features that the desktop version has. Planet fortune is for iOS and Android devices.

It’s reliable, and the sounds are still fun on mobile. It feels like a little dance party in space. The mobile version is a great option for on-the-go gaming and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can you play Planet Fortune with real money?

Most online casinos on our site have Planet Fortune available to bet on with real money.

How much can I win from Planet Fortune?

The maximum payout is 1875 coins, but the robot wild feature will score you 6250x your bet if you bet maximum amounts.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum bet is 0.20 coins.

Will I lose my money in the Planet Fortune demo version?

No, you won’t lose money in the demo version.

What is the RTP for Planet Fortune?

RTP is 96.5%.

Is it worth playing Planet Fortune even though it’s high volatility?

Yes, it’s still enjoyable to play regardless of when the payouts come.

What other symbols are in Planet Fortune?

There are the classic playing cards, as well as two blue crystals—very galactic feeling.

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