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What a Hoot
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The What a Hoot slot’s theme is to get together with a bunch of owls and have a hoot of a time, of course. There are owls having a party of some kind; one owl has a party hat on, and another is reading an owl joke book, for instance.

It appears you’ve invited yourself to a late-night party with fireflies and blinking eyes in the dark. You’ve entered a place where owls rule the roost, and almost anything can happen.

What a Hoot is another of many online casino games developed by Microgaming, designed to be fun and silly rather than overly serious. This soiree is about discovering why these owls are spinning their heads about and partying.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The background graphic is a night-time scene with stars and a tree to the side with funny blinking eyes looking down on you. Drawings of the symbols are detailed, with the owls each having their own distinct character. These owls are in party mode, and you’ll be too.

There’s no soundtrack or music in the background, but there are different sounds accompanying the line wins. A unique sound plays when you press spin; the sound of the spinning wheels is a soft hum.

Overall, the developers created a slot that’s relaxing and easy to play. There’s no annoying soundtrack droning in the background, for instance. The graphics add character to the game without going over the top.

How to Play What a Hoot

What a Hoot Slot online
  1. After finding a What a Hoot online casino, you can start your gameplay and jump into the fun. Here’s how to play:
  2. Select the number of lines you want to play and your bet amount.
  3. Choose autoplay or regular bet.
  4. Press the spin button
  5. Look for three or more combinations of identical symbols to win. In What a Hoot, the lesser symbols are fruits, vegetables, and nuts, while the premium symbols are owls and other special symbols.
  6. Stay attentive to the logo symbol if you’re looking for a big win. Three or more owls will give you substantial wins.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

What a Hoot doesn’t offer bonus free spins or bonus rounds, but that doesn’t stop the action because the game has three special symbols to spice things up.

The scatter symbol looks like a jar full of fireflies. Scatters in What a Hoot don’t have to line up to payout. The scatters can be anywhere to make a winning combination. That’s good news when you’re looking for more ways to win.

The wild symbol is the foliage of a tree with owl eyes peering out; it can replace any symbol, except for the scatter.

The third bonus symbol is the game’s logo that comes with a 50,000 coin payoff if you get five.

What a Hoot Volatility

This slot has low volatility. This means that the slot will deliver more wins more often but in smaller amounts. You have more time to play the game without worrying too much about losing your bankroll.

Another perk of low volatility is that you don’t have to use as many spins to get activity on the screen. This makes play more consistent than that of the higher volatility slots.

With the volatility set low, you can hang out at this midnight party longer to see what kind of surprises your wise friends have for you.

Strategies for What a Hoot

When it comes to developing What a Hoot strategies, try to find a betting amount that you feel comfortable with. You may want to bet in small amounts until you understand the slot better, for instance. Since the slot is up to chance, a strategy to stay financially safe could involve a set number of bets per day; never go past your limit.

What a Hoot Mobile Version

Developers have optimized What a Hoot for Android and iOS, and it plays remarkably well. However, some bettors may find the controls uncomfortably small. Despite this, What a Hoot on mobile is thrilling while also convenient for most players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where I play What a Hoot with real money?

You can play What a Hoot at one of the recommended casinos on the Efirbet site.

How much can I win from What a Hoot?

You can’t be sure of the amount you’ll win or lose while playing What a Hoot. You have the potential to win up to 50,000 coins if you get five logo symbols.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake is 2.25 coins, making it possible to win big while betting small. The maximum stake is set at 45 coins. You can also play What a Hoot slot online free without having to risk anything.

Will I lose my money in the What a Hoot demo version?

No. The demo won’t cost you anything. You can play What a Hoot for free at casinos we recommend on our site. What a Hoot free play is a way to get to know a slot before betting for real.

What is the RTP for What a Hoot?

What a Hoot RTP is 96.94%.

What are the graphics like in What a Hoot?

The graphics in What a Hoot achieved the developer’s goal, portraying owls having a good time in a cartoony fashion.

Is there a progressive jackpot in What a Hoot?

No. There’s no progressive jackpot in What a Hoot, but the slot offers many other ways to win.

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