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Ladbrokes has always been at the forefront of innovation in the online gambling scene thanks to their ability to develop astounding ideas such as the Ladbrokes grid card.

The Grid is one of the best innovations by the bookie linking online accounts to betting shops. Keep reading to learn more about Ladbrokes the Grid and the steps you need to take to get the card.

What Is Ladbrokes the Grid?

Ladbrokes the Grid is a free to claim resource that operates exactly as a loyalty card. You earn special points every time you bet in-shop, online, or via mobile with the grid card.

It is also a way to link your Ladbrokes online account with a physical betting shop, enhancing your betting experience.

How to Get Ladbrokes the Grid Card

Getting yourself a Ladbrokes grid card is not challenging whether you are an expert punter or just starting. All you have to do is use the following steps to get one:

Labrokes joining the grid
  1. Signup or login into your Ladbrokes account.
  2. Navigate to the menu of the site by clicking the menu bar and click the ‘Join Now‘ button.
  3. Wait for the operator to generate a 12-digit number.
  4. Visit a Ladbrokes shop and request for The Grid card.
  5. Start using ‘The Grid‘ card to get the most out of the operator.

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Benefits of Opting for The Grid

Using Ladbrokes Grid card comes with numerous advantages that you can barely overlook. Some of the top benefits you should look forward to include:

Labrokes the grid  
Exclusive Rewards

With The Grid card, besides the regular Ladbrokes bonuses, you get exclusive rewards on the sportsbook and participating cinemas, pubs, restaurants, and most importantly, from top UK racecourses. Accumulate enough points by placing bets in-shop or online to get these benefits.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Services

The Grid card simplifies the deposit and withdrawal of funds from your sportsbook account. You can easily access your online bankroll at different Ladbrokes shops with the resource. You can also collect your online earnings from a Ladbrokes physical shop for the first time.

Allows Auto Payout Winnings Transfer

Ladbrokes uses the new feature to allow auto payout, meaning you can withdraw bets settled in-shop from your phone. However, the bets should be due to settle when the betting shop is closed for this to be possible. Moreover, the total earnings must be more than £49.99.

Allows You to Keep Track of Your Accumulators

The card option comes with a Ladbrokes accumulator checker, which allows you to confirm the status of your accumulators. All you have to do is provide the 12 to 14-digit code you received when placing bets in-shop on The Grid app and wait for the feedback.

Bottom Line: Ladbrokes The Grid Card

With features such as a bet tracker, bet scanner, and a wide range of rewards at your fingertips, Ladbrokes The Grid card is worth having. Thanks to the card, you get to bridge the gap between Ladbrokes offline and online betting services, as explained above.

Your only task is to place bets and earn £4 per point. Use the points to get exclusive discounts at different establishments.

Visit Ladbrokes today and sign up to take advantage of the many benefits and rewards available through the sportsbook’s Grid Card.

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What is the Grid at Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes The Grid is a card that offers you access to many benefits, including free bets, money back offers, and, most importantly, football coupons.

How much do I have to pay for The Grid Card?

The Grid card is available for free. You don’t get to pay anything for the card.

What should I do in case I lose my Grid Card?

If you lose your Grid Card, walk into any Ladbrokes shop and provide your ID for a replacement.

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