In this table, you can watch live the progress of a game and also find the results of already completed matches. The names of the championships and leagues are on the left in different colours.

A brief description of the table:
  1. Live Score button – shows all ongoing fixtures at the moment. There is a drop-down menu that lets you choose the sport you want to view;
  2. Select Leagues – from this button you can select the leagues you want and you can see only the matches from the desired league;
  3. Simplify – with this button you will simplify the view of the fixtures, meaning you will see only the games of the larger and more famous leagues. Subsequently, clicking the Show All button will return you to the original view again;
  4. Order by League – this button allows you to arrange the matches from the desired sport by leagues. Respectively, with the Order by Time button, you will return to the standard order by starting time of the fixtures;
  5. Results – selecting this button will show you results of already finished fixtures;
  6. Fixtures – with this button you can check the upcoming events for the day and a few more days ahead for the sport you have selected;
  7. In-play – shows only the matches that are currently live.

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