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How to download Paf Mobile app for Android

  • Paf Mobile Casino Live for Android
  • Paf Mobile Navigation in Android
  • Paf Mobile Casino for Android

Paf is one of those gambling operators that you just have to try out. Apart from accessing it on your desktop, you should also try out the Paf Android app. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Paf Mobile App only allows you to play on casino games. If that’s something that you’re interested in, keep reading this paragraph.

Before you begin to download this app, you should know that you won’t find it in Google Play. Sadly, Google is one of the companies that doesn’t really allow a lot of gambling apps on its platform. So, similar to most other online betting operators, Paf has a separate apk file that you can download. Here are the steps that you need to take to do that:

  1. Go to Paf’s website.
  2. Enter the mobile section.
  3. Click on the black button called “Available for Android”.
  4. You will start downloading the app on your device.

Download Paf for Android

How to install Paf App on Android?

Once it’s done, it’s time to install it. Apart from downloading the apk file, In order to get Paf for Android, you have also to install it. However, this could be an issue for some punters, especially if they haven’t installed apps outside Google Play before.

Although it seems hard at first, we can assure you that this process will take less than a minute. Once you’re done, you will have the Paf Android app up and running.

So, now that you’ve downloaded the apk file, you need to do the following:

  • Open the settings on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Got to Security, and allow your device to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Unknown sources install apps for Android
  • Head back to the apk file you’ve just downloaded, and start installing it.
  • When you’re done with the installation process, you can revert the option that you’ve changed earlier.

Don’t worry, these settings changes won’t have a negative effect on your device. You just have to make them in order to take advantage of the Paf Mobile App. When you’re done, feel free to revert them if you want to.

Paf Mobile app for iOS

  • Paf Mobile Sportsbook
  • Paf Loyalty Program
  • Paf Mobile In-Play

Even though you can download Paf’s app for Android, you won’t find a Paf iOS app in the App Store. To make matters worse, you won’t even have the chance to download an apk file. This means that the only way in which you can get Paf for iPhone is via your mobile browser.

Luckily, you can access the mobile site from any browser, regardless if it’s Safari or something else. You can do that really easy:

  1. Open Safari or any other mobile browser that you have.
  2. Enter and login to your account or sign up to start betting.

Sadly, iOS users will have to accept the fact that the Paf app is not available on their platform yet. However, this will probably change really soon. After all, Paf is a big name in the gambling business, so it’s only natural to expand its services.

Visit Paf for iOS

Paf Quiz App

One of the most interesting aspects of this operator is the fact that it has another app. However, this Paff app is dedicated to quiz games. Hence it’s called the Game Show App.

Much like the casino app we’ve just covered, this one is also free to download. Once you get a hold of this quiz app, you can start answering all of the interesting trivia questions. As long as your answers are correct, you can win some pretty fancy prizes, such as free spins, and more.

Getting your hands on this app is pretty simple. All you have to do is Open Paf’s desktop site and find the application. Fortunately, it is available both for Android and iOS, so it doesn’t matter which of the two you’re using. Nonetheless, the Paf Android App can only be installed via the apk file, so keep that in mind.

Lastly, these quizzes are not available all the time. Instead, you can access them on the following days:

  1. Monday – 13:00 EET
  2. Wednesday – 13:00 EET
  3. Friday – 19.30 EET

Paf Mobile Website

Paf Mobile Site

If you don’t want to use the Paf app or you do, but you also want to bet on sports, the mobile site is the way to go. Like we’ve mentioned, accessing it is really easy:

  1. Open your mobile browser and type
  2. Alternatively, you can also search for it on Google.

Similar to most other mobile betting websites, the design of this one is pretty much identical to the desktop version. When you open it, one of the first things that you might do is change the language. To do that, just press on the small globe that you’ll find in the top-right corner of your mobile screen. There, you can also enter your login details.

However, if you want to have access to everything that Paf has to offer, you have to click on the menu button. Apart from mobile sports betting, you can also try out each of the main sections.

Keep scrolling a bit, and you will also see a few more menus, such as the Helpdesk, Club Paf, About Us, and more. Feel free to browse through the mobile site, and you will see that it’s dead easy to find what you’re looking for.

Mobile Features

Apart from the two fancy apps, Paf also has a few mobile betting features that you can try out. Of course, you don’t have to use them, but they’re definitely going to help you have a better time here.


As long as you’re using the mobile site to punt, you can expect to find a live section. This means that each match there is currently played alive, which makes placing a bet much more exciting.

Of course, the number of matches that you’ll find here depends on what time of the day it is. Usually, Saturday and Sunday are the days when you will come across a lot of options.

Cash Out

Once you decide whether you want to place live bets or not, you can use cash out to your advantage. This is the betting option the revolutionized the way in which we can bet on sports, so if you haven’t used it yet, you will soon.

Cash-out allows each punter to decide the faith of his bet regardless of whether the match is over or not. Depending on its potential outcome, you will either receive your winnings or a portion of your bet.

Live Streaming

The last feature that many gamers will appreciate is called Live Streaming. With it, you can watch your favourite eSports team playing live. However, not all eSports matches are live-streamed, so keep that in mind.

Lastly, don’t forget that watching live video on your device might use up a lot of mobile data.

Paf Competitions

This feature consists of multiple events and competitions that you can take part in. Some of them are for the casino, whereas others are also available for the sportsbook. Feel free to check everything that’s currently available and decide which one you’re interested in. Once you choose something, click on it to learn more about what you have to do in order to participate.

Live Casino

Lastly, let’s also not forget one of the features that many punters love – the Live Casino. Just like on Paf’s desktop version, each mobile bettor can access everything that this place has to offer.

Once you enter this section, you will notice that everything is put into a separate category. This will allow you to check various games, such as:

  • Poker
  • Game SHows
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Paf Mobile Sportsbook

Paf Mobile Sportsbook

Even though Paf has tons of casino games and offers, it also happens to have a fully-fledged sportsbook. However, the only way in which you can access it via your mobile device is by visiting the mobile site. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the mobile sportsbook by using the Paf Android App.

As you can expect from any leading gambling brand, the sportsbook has all sorts of options. Apart from the fact that you can place live bets, you can also choose from every popular sport that you can think of. In addition to the “usual suspects”, such as Football and Basketball, you can even punt on things like Politics, eSports, and others.

It’s worth knowing that not all sports are equal in terms of the available selections and markets. Needless to say, those that are more popular have a lot more markets and matches in comparison to the other.

Paf Casino App

Paf Mobile Casino for Android

Paf’s mobile casino is where you can come across all the latest and greatest when it comes down to casino games. What’s more, unlike the sportsbook, you can get Paf on Android by downloading the application.

A really interesting aspect of this brand is that you can get direct access to all casino categories. This means that with just a press of a button, you can check all Slots, Video Poker, Table Games, Bingo, Lotteries, Poker, Live Casino games, and more.

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that you can find the newest and hottest games in each of these categories. This wouldn’t have been possible if Paf didn’t work alongside the most reputable casino suppliers out there. If you’re interested in playing a game made by a specific brand, simply type it in the search bar. You will see it inside each section, so don’t worry.

Paf App vs Paf Mobile Site

Sadly, Paf’s mobile application (at least the casino one) is limited because you can only get it on Android. This means that every other bettor who is using another platform has to satisfy himself with the mobile site. Even though both of them are pretty good, neither is perfect.

  • Mobile app Pros:
  • You can play on some of the best casino games in the industry.
  • It doesn’t consume that much mobile data.
  • Mobile app Cons:
  • It’s only available on Android.
  • You can’t access the sportsbook from it.
  • Mobile website Pros:
  • You can access it from any platform.
  • Every single section is available.
  • Mobile website Cons:
  • It’s possible to use a lot of your mobile data, depending on what you’re doing.
  • Sometimes, you might not see everything in a particular category, which means that you’ll have to reload the site.

Mobile Bonus Offer

Even though Paf is one of the few gambling sites that actually has two different applications, it still wasn’t able to provide its customers with an exclusive mobile deal. On the plus side, you will have access to all of the promotions that this place has in store.

Sadly, the absence of a mobile bonus is something that pretty much every single gambling site has to deal with. This is really odd, considering the fact that the number of mobile bettors is just going to get bigger. We can only hope that Paf will add such a bonus in the future.

Compatible devices

Both the casino and the quiz app can be accessed by every modern device. When we use the word “modern”, we refer to a device that’s no more than five years old. However, it’s always better to have a newer phone or a tablet, regardless of what you’re going to do with it.

If you can’t upgrade to a newer device, our advice is to try at least to upgrade to your device’s latest firmware. Usually, this should fix some of the issues (if you have any at all). If you want to use the Paf casino app, make sure your Android device has the latest update. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy or any of the Huawei devices.

As for the iPhone and iPad customers, just try and see if you’ll have any problems. Usually, iOS allows everything to run smoothly, so even if you’re using an older device, you should be fine.

Payment methods

If you want to start punting here, you will have to choose one of the deposit options. Generally speaking, these methods will vary, depending on the country you’re from. So, the only way in which you can check what’s available in your region is if you sign up.

If you want to, take a look at what we’ve prepared for you in the table below. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are 10 EUR, regardless of what option you use. Nonetheless, there is no cap as to how much money you can deposit or withdraw from your account.

Neither payment method has any fee. Just keep in mind that you might have to wait between 1 and 5 days for the withdrawal to be ready. Fortunately, deposits take no more than 30 minutes.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer€10-Instant
Siirto LogoSiirto€10-Instant
Skrill LogoSkrill€10-Instant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer€10-up to 5 days
Siirto LogoSiirto€10-up to 24 hours
Skrill LogoSkrill€10-up to 24 hours


Can I change the Оdds from Fractional to Decimal?

Yes, you can do that by checking the settings tab inside the sportsbook.

How to use the Mobile site of Paf?

Paf’s mobile site can be accessed by any mobile browser from your smartphone or tablet.

Where can I Download the Paf .apk file?

You can download this file directly from Paf’s desktop site.

Do I need to use the latest smartphone to punt here?

No! The mobile site and the casino app are not that resource-demanding, so even your older device should run them just fine.

Can I sign up and claim the welcome promo from a tablet?

Yes, you can do both of those things from a tablet.

Can I bet on sports from the Android app?

No, you can only download a casino app.

What do I need to do to punt on my favourite football team from my phone?

You have to open the mobile site and enter the sportsbook.

About Paf

If you haven’t heard of this brand before, Paf is a pretty big “player” when it comes down to online gambling. This site has been offering a sportsbook and various casino games for some time now.

Many of you might not know, but this operator first started its existence in 1966, which makes it one of the oldest brands in this rapidly-growing industry.

Contact Details

Every big gambling company tries to offer the best possible customer support. Needless to say, Paf is one of those places as well. Here, apart from using the FAQ section, you can also choose one of these contact options:

Conclusion and Mobile Rating

We have mixed feelings about this brand’s mobile services. Although there is a casino, a quiz app, and a mobile site, we believe that Paf deserves a decent score.

Sadly, you can’t access the casino app from iOS, and there is no way to punt on sports from it as well, which is something that needs to be said. Other than that, the casino experience, as well as all bonuses and features, make Paf a pretty decent choice for mobile betting.

Android App
Usability & Graphics
Mobile Version

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