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Usability 1/5
Support 1/5
Bonuses 1/5
Odds 1/5
Applications 1/5
Casino 1/5
Total rating 1/5
64 reviews
User rating:
  1. Arthur Lee
    I recently got into sports betting and chose one of the bookmakers to do so. I really liked that it has a user-friendly interface and many different sporting events that you can bet on. In addition, promotions and bonuses for new users are often held, which is also pleasing.
  2. Hanuman Dave
    I came to this site as I often saw promotions and assumed that the company is reputable, which also means reliable. Sometimes I bet on Dota 2. When there are no interesting events, I can play poker after work. The site and app are stable, I have no complaints.
  3. Mahmood Raj
    I had no disputes with the administration regarding the withdrawal of money from the account on Parimatch. Maybe, it\'s because I don\'t play that often here.
  4. Radheshyam Nori
    I like playing on Parimatch. It\'s top quality. Visualization of the games in live casino is especially on point.
  5. Tushar Kumar
    I\'d like to note a good user-friendly interface. I play card games mosty, so I\'m pleased with a big number of tables.
  6. Ruchi Bains
    Excellent choice of slots, a lot of betting options. I like to spend time here.
  7. Alan Biju
    My I\'d is 439587669 i am not able to withdraw a single money it shows withdrawal should be done by same payment method i doing that itself.plse help
  8. Kirti Sehgal
    The best bookmaker company! I\'ve placed a bet today and already received my first winning!
  9. Rajesh Labeen
    Support team works well, I have no complaints about their work and service as a whole. You can find good bets and high odds on the line in pre-match and live. The site is quite simple and user-friendly. The main thing is that there are no problems with withdrawing money, I\'ve already done it 5 times.
  10. Manpre Dutt
    A trustworthy bookbamaker for real. I\'ve been betting for a few years already and I\'m completely satisfied with everything. I\'ve never faced any issues withdrawing my winnings. It has a wide line and a nice design. The odds are ok, the live line is not bad.
  11. Roman Skrypnyk
    Decent option for players worldwide. Wide line, high odds, livestream and fast payment operations. That\'s all that is needed for a gambler.nnSometimes the livestream gets disconnected. I can\'t say it\'s a big deal, but it pisses me off a little. Also withdrawal sometimes takes more time to proceed, like 1-2 hours.n
  12. Jameson Dillon
    I have chosen parimatch since they offers probably the highest odds for cricket/kabaddi events. At least, I\'ve compared those among 4 Indian bookmakers (won\'t tell their names, but believe me) and parimatch seemed more stable with those odds. Moreover, i never had problems with payouts. So can recommend them.
  13. Reid Soto
    Overall - worth using. I started using their app from appstore right after they created it. So far i never had critical issues with it. Yes sometimes it has small lags when i watch live stream of event, but i never had problems with money withdraw. EVerytime it is pretty fast and no problems at all. COncerning odds - they are decent. Also security level is high.
  14. sunil vidhate
    My betting id 121710295n nIncident 1 – 15 Jan to 18 Jan 2021n nBeing a regular player and visitor of your online casino, I have deposited my hard earned money of INR 1. 20 Million your casino from 13 Jan to 17 Jan 2021 and after playing day and night keeping patience I have made INR 1.50 Million.n nDuring this I have tried to withdraw the money through various options like net banking, paytm, ecopayz, visa withdrawal, bank transfer but surprised to me all my withdrawal request has been declined by your system by without reason, I kept trying to withdrawal but all the time the withdrawal reques
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    t got declinen nDuring this time, I have contact to your online chat and your WhatsApp services for raising the issue that my withdrawal is getting declined but I have never got any replay and solutions my request and I use to get same message that “we have sent your request to our expert and we will update you shortly” after waiting for few hours I again requested your team for my withdrawal request and same answers of “we have sent your request to our expert and we will update you shortly”n nI am attaching here my withdrawal request on screenshot of 15 Jan & 16 Jan 2021. I have raised 28 Withdrawal requests as per your process request and all got declined.n nAnd surprise to me that my betting account was locked and I was not authorized to make any withdrawal request so immediate I have contacted support team through email dated 17 Jan 2021, Time 16.34 and WhatsApp sharing this concern and as expected there was no response from them and said that “we have sent your request to our expert and we will update you shortly”n nHere also due to your system error and connection I have lost good amount as after having good wi-fi + data network I was not able to play the game after betting the money and my mobile screen on your casino got blank and not allowing me take any decision on any games (screenshot of the game is attached herewith) I have shared same issue with your support team but as always, no response from them.n nIncident 2 – 22 Jan to 27 Jan 2021n nand the same story and incident happened on 26 Jan & 27 Jan 2021. I have raised various withdrawal requests as per your process in ecopayz, bank transfer, net banking for withdrawal request INR 0.55 MN and all requests got declined. I am attaching here my withdrawal request on screenshot of 27 Jan & 28 Jan 2021 for your reference along with the declined notification.n nAnd surprise to me again that my betting account was locked and I was not authorized to make any withdrawal request so immediate I have contacted support team through WhatsApp sharing this concern and as expected there was no response from them and said that “we have sent your request to our expert and we will update you shortly”n nBut due to your system and technology issue and without my fault I lose money, and this happens whenever I go for withdrawal or else at time of deposit which happens very smoothly and within 2-3 second the deposit happens but withdrawal never happens. n nI will carry this bad incident as memories of Parimatch Casino who broke me mentally and financially without my mistake and due to bad technology system issues.n nThanks again and looking forward to your immediate response on this.n nI Have Request to you and your team to please help me to get refund of INR 1.75 MN
    1. Efirbet (Complaints Assistant)
      Hello, Sunil

      Sorry to read this. We informed the support and ask a couple of questions about your issue. This is what they explain to us regarding your case:

      this client now has a limit of 2500 inr per day for withdrawal
      regarding withdrawals, which were rejected earlier - there were difficulties on the side of the payment system
      now he can see on the account that payments are going through (the last one was rejected by the daily limit)

      This is the official reply we got.
      Feel free to contact with us again. We hope everything will be ok.
  15. Jamie O
    Awesome games
  16. Derek Hill
    I've been playing on Parimatch for more than 2 months. I like the simple and clear interface. Everything works smoothly. The conditions are good. There are bonuses for newcomers.
    1. Jalil Tabassum
      As someone who enjoys placing bets on sporting events, I can say that I have found a reliable bookmaker that I can trust. They offer a wide variety of sporting events and betting options, and I appreciate the fast processing of deposits and withdrawals. Overall, I have had a positive experience with this bookmaker.
  17. Amir Deol
    I like spinning slots here. Pleased with a large selection of games. NOT a bad interface, the return is not the best, but it justifies all expectations. I can turn a couple of tens of dollars for a couple of hours, it keeps me afloat.