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  1. Samuel
    Tipbet haven't money for to pay users!

    I am fully disappointed and frustrated with this company. They removed my honest winnings 464€ without honest reason. Bellow I will to explain in details the case, and I wait they can to resolve honestly this with me, for then I to update you and change my Tipbet rating for maximum stars

    One time ago I win a bonus with rollover 150,00 and with maximum winnings limited in 100€

    Then I done bets using the bonus (prove evidence: https://i.postimg.cc/B678R8PR/bets-with-bonus.jpg) and ended the rollover with 119,56 as proved in this image evidence. In this screenshot exist the amount after rollover ended as too the list of bets done with the bonus (all bets who completed the rollover)

    I could in this moment, with rollover completed, to withdraw that 100,00 and to remove that extra 19,56. But I not saw sense in to do this withdraw for then to re-deposit that 100,00 seconds after. Then, I resolved to continue playing there, because now that not more is bonus funds, but yes real money, I am right? Without no limitations of winnings, of course (same thing if I had withdrawed and re-deposited)

    Then, after this moment of rollover ended, all bets which I done (thousands of bets for long days of last weeks) was done using not more using that bonus, but yes now using deposited funds, bonus of deposited funds (other bonus) and too real cash money (when not existed bonus running)

    Then I was now with 522,56€. I asked a withdraw and when the finance team would must to remove only the extra 19,56 (because with the bonus I wins 119,56 but the maximum is 100,00) then this team wrong and removed 464€! Absurd!

    I am being stoled by Tipbet, I am fully disappointed and frustrated with it. I have all print screen of my thousands bets done for long days there. And the prove evidence of page bonus (https://i.postimg.cc/B678R8PR/bets-with-bonus.jpg) proving they would must to remove only 19,56 and not 464!

    I think they are promesing bonuses only for to lie, offers liers without to honour if the customer to win and to end the hard rollover with some profit, only as strategy of marketing for to have new customers depositors

    I think, then, which Tipbet is scam company. I am unhappy with this and resolved to public for millions of peoples in all world here in this forum, as alert of scam company

    I will to contact the Tipbet support service for to try resolve this situation of way friendly and amicable, for to run a resolution honest and with fair play, and to have my full winnings paid. Then, after this, of course I will to change my opinion about this company and to update my rating here for maximum level, as I will to see this was a single incovenience caused and was resolved honestly by Tipbet team
    1. efirbet
      Hello, Samuel. We forwarded your issue to our affiliate managers if they could help and inform the support...