TOP 3 Betting Sites in the Netherlands

Where to bet while residing in the Netherlands? Below you can find a chart with the most highly rated betting sites on the market. Compare their terms and pick the most suitable one.

TOP Bookmakers in the Netherlands

🥇 2. Jack’s
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🥇 3. TOTO
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Local sportsbetting and casino venues in the Netherlands face stiff competition from top-tier international gambling venues making inroads into the local market. This situation arose due to the severely constrained range of local entertainment options mostly brought on by restrictions imposed on the local gambling industry by outdated laws. This was due to its being unable to cope with or cater to the demands placed on it by the sudden explosive growth of the internet user and gambling entertainment venues that opened. The brands summarised below competitively vie for the attention of the local Dutch gambling public include some of the industry’s best sports betting and casino venues.

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Jack's best betting sites Netherlands

As one of the fast-growing bookmakers, Jack’s platform displays a rare level of responsibility towards its patrons and continue endeavouring to provide its members with the best possible sportsbook experience. Both – the desktop version and the mobile site feature a massive sportsbetting variety to cover all the betting markets and options any discerning punter could wish for, including a full range of betting products to make life easier for their betting patrons.

  • Pros
  • Modern design
  • Easy-to-navigate platforn
  • Excellent sportsbook
  • Many betting features
  • Cool in-play section
  • Cons
  • Just a few bonuses




TOTO best betting sites netherlands

Over the past few years, ТОТО built itself a reputation for the consistently high quality of its services and constant improvement of its products. This became notably evident since the launch of their brand’s online presence in the Netherlands. Its service excellence, superb promotions and high-end sportsbook saw the company establish itself as one of the online world’s most popular and best bookmakers, currently determined to repeat its range of renowned sportsbook successes in the Netherlands.

  • Pros
  • Excellent betting odds
  • Superb sportsbook
  • Great betting features
  • Exciting TOTO EXTRA section
  • Cons
  • A bit old-fashioned site design

Link to TOTO.NL

Why People Prefer Online Betting in the Netherlands

As a nation, the Dutch have become world-renowned for their open, easy-going attitude and laws relating to prostitution and drugs which other countries commonly consider sensitive or problematic issues. However, this relaxed atmosphere dissipates as quick as fog under a noon-day sun when it comes to online gambling, since the advent of online gambling the Netherlands government has gone to ludicrous but ineffective lengths in their attempt to control the internet activities of its citizens.

As a result, international operators accept membership applications from a great number of Dutch residents unwilling to comply with the outdated local regulation of online gambling. Left without an adequate legal preventative means of dealing with this issue, the state ineffectively tried to block such activities, but with no recourse, it left Dutch citizens free to enjoy themselves gambling at some of the online world’s best international sportsbetting venues. That changed with the recent Senate approval of the new Remote Gambling Bill legalising online gambling in the Netherlands.

Gambling Facts at a Glance


The Dutch guilder served as national currency for the Netherlands from the 17th century until the euro replaced it in 2002. From 1999 to 2002 the Dutch guilder served as an official national subunit of the euro, though for all physical payments the guilder remained the country’s preferred fiat currency since euro banknotes or coins were not yet available.


In 2019 according to UN estimates, the population of the Netherlands surpassed the 17.1 million mark ranking it as the world’s 69th most populous country. A population density of 508 people per square kilometre also makes it Europe’s most densely populated state.

Active players

According to a recent UN report, the Netherlands was rated as the EU’s 17th biggest iGaming market with over 1.7 million Dutch players going online to gamble. It is estimated that spend €650 million in gross gambling revenue annually.

Regulatory authority

Established in the 1st of April 2012 and funded by means of gaming levies the Netherlands Gambling Authority (NGA) or Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) serves as the Dutch independent governing body responsible for supervising and regulating all aspects of its local gambling industry both land-based an online. The NGA tasked threefold is accountable for regulating the legal supply, effective prevention of gambling addiction, crime, and illegality, as well as the protecting and informing local consumers.

Licensed gambling products

On the 1st of April 2012, the KSA by the authority of the state and the Dutch Gambling Act of 1964, as well as the newly approved Remote Gambling Bill for online gambling was responsible for the licensing and regulation the following gambling products:

  • Casino gaming – slots and casino-type table games such as blackjack & roulette
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Betting – sports, horse racing & fantasy league
  • Lotteries
  • Social gaming
  • Competitions and skill-based games involving no chance element

Types of operators

Before the newly approved Remote Gambling Bill coming into effect Netherlands law provided for licensing the following types of state-controlled operators:

  • Operator license
  • Gaming machine license
  • Non-Remote General Betting Operating License (limited)
  • Single License
  • Multi-Year License
  • Non-Recurring Licences
  • Remote Gambling License
Is Online Betting Legal in the Netherlands?

Since the 1726 founding of De Nederlandse Staatsloterij (national state lottery0 gambling became increasingly intertwined with Dutch culture. By the early 1900s, this happy state of affairs came to an abrupt halt when the government imposed a complete ban on all forms of gambling, aside from the state lottery that is. This prohibition on all forms of gambling remained in place until 1961 when the Dutch state enacted a new law-set that effectively not only legalised betting it also ensured sportsbetting became the second state-owned monopoly.

The future over the next decades saw the Netherlands government relax its stance on gambling even further, gradually reforming the laws to legalise totalisator betting on horse racing. The mid-1970s saw the state once again employ its lawmakers to legalise casino games and thereby establish its next gambling monopoly.

The country’s outdated law-set enacted in 1996 remains unable to deal with, control, or regulate online gambling within its borders, more specifically the actions of offshore gambling brands accepting applications from and granting memberships to its Dutch citizenry. According to Dutch law, online gambling is legal within the country with the proviso that its citizens behave themselves and do so at a local Dutch state-controlled facility.

The problem they faced was that local law allowed residents to gamble online at any Netherlands based venue and the state would only issue a domestic licence to one of the state-owned monopolies. Yet the at the same time the law made no provision to prevent its citizens from joining and playing at any of the internationally licenced betting sites willing to grant them membership. As a result, a host of international offshore operators have already taken the plunge into the Netherlands and with no existing law explicitly banning these activities, the Dutch online entertainment arena offers untold adventures and opportunities in online gambling activities of all types.

Are there restrictions on Dutch players by some bookmakers?

No existing aspect of Dutch law prevents individuals residing within its borders from engaging in online betting activities at internationally licensed offshore gambling venues. Despite concerted efforts from the state attempting to prevent its citizens from doing so, they continue enjoying themselves at cross-border gambling operators. While some offshore gaming operators refuse to accept signup requests, many also continue to grant membership to Dutch residents.

How to Choose the Right Online Betting Site

Residents of the Netherlands who consider joining one of Europe’s most popular bookmakers online have access to some of the best bookmakers in the world. However, despite being safe for the greater part, the waters of the global internet run deep and come filled with a massive variety of sharks always on the lookout to prey on the uneducated and unwary. Prior to even starting your search or making any initial choices of which sportsbetting venue/s to sign up with should add the following factors to your list of shortlisting interview considerations.

  • Does the brand/venue have a verifiable reputation for conducting an honest, fair, trustworthy enterprise also known for providing excellent service to its patrons?
  • Do they hold a valid internationally recognised operator’s license issued by a reputable regulatory body such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or Gibraltar Gaming Commission and are they fully certified by one of the industry’s independent, highly reputable, self-regulatory watchdogs such as eCOGRA, the RGA, iTech Labs, or BMM Testlabs?
  • Do they offer 24/7 access with excellent response times to their customer support team via an integrated live chat function?
  • Do they offer several banking solutions suitably linked to your current financial services portfolio?
  • How wide a variety of sports types, betting markets, betting options, and betting products do they offer?
  • Do they offer a good variety of value, adding promotional bonuses and special offers?

Bonuses for Dutch Players

With a considerable number of Europe’s top bookmakers all competing for the attention of the Dutch punter, local sportsbetting enthusiasts have the choice of promotional bonuses and special offers at the tips of their fingers.

The promotional choices include generous signup deposit and first bet percentage matching welcome bonuses to catch the attention of new members, while continually spoiling existing members with attractive special offers. These include a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly deposit reload bonuses, VIP offers, club membership providing access to special pricing, free bets, and favourable odds. Also, enhanced pricing via boosted ACCAs and exclusive odds.

One of the factors varying the most between the different countries served by the sportsbetting market is the sports types most popularly followed in each country. Despite the world’s love affair with the sport of football, it may not necessarily feature as every country’s most commonly wagered on sports. The Netherlands being no exception to the rule has an astonishingly large and avid following amongst the local betting populace, which naturally places football at the top of the most bet on sports list, the balance of most wagered sports are as follows and appear in the order of their respective popularity.

  • Field Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Cricket
  • Ice Skating
  • Boxing
  • MMA

Are Online Casinos Popular in Holland?

45% of the Dutch people participate in gambling activities every four weeks which means nearly half of the country gambles at least once a month, with the online industry showing growth over 20% over the past two years. The online casino industry received an equally substantial amount of interest from Dutch members, with approximately 48% of the annual Gross Gambling Revenue attributable to casino-related spending.

Trivia/Did you know that…

  • The 1726 founding of De Nederlandse Staatsloterij makes it the oldest operating state lottery in the world
  • Recently Dutch banks refused to comply with a state issued instruction to reject transaction requests made by offshore gambling operators, suggesting the instruction were unlawful
  • In 2016 facing pressure from the EU, Dutch parliament adopted legislation to allow online gambling, it finally passed Senate approval on the 19th of February 2019, though they released no firm date upon which the newly approved law-set will come into effect

Available Mobile Apps

With the Netherlands having become the centre of attention to a massive contingent of the online world’s best sportsbetting brands, the country’s residents enjoy a huge benefit in gaining access to some of the industry’s most elegant mobile software solutions. The whole range of individually branded mobile apps exists with the sole aim of providing online punters with an unmatched online sportsbook experience.

On both iOS and Android-based mobile platforms each respective app closely mimics the familiar face of its respective full website version, while offering additional benefits that includes a comprehensive remodelling of all interface detailing to provide an intuitive navigational interaction while retaining the full set of sports markets, betting options, and bet tools as seen in the full version. Several offer two dedicated apps to provide full compatibility to both iOS and Android users, while those not wishing to install additional software to their mobile device have the use of a mobile portal accessible directly from within whatever popular modern mobile browser they prefer.

Supported Payment Methods

I most cases the leading online bookmakers serving the needs of its Dutch clientele offer an astounding array of internationally recognised and trusted banking methods and options, with several offering well over 200 payment options in total. The list of branded financing products includes credit/debits cards options such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa electron, while popular indirect payment systems feature well-known names like PayPal & POLi also accepting e-Wallets including Skrill and Neteller.

Is there a tax on winnings?

The KSA, with the new Remote Gambling Act not having yet come into full force, the current law prescribes tax payments of 29% tax on winnings derived from gambling-related activities but with the understanding amounts lower than €454 remain non-taxable. Similarly, winning amounts not exceeding the value of their winning bet remain non-taxed. It is also common to practise for Dutch gambling venues to deduct taxes from winning amounts before paying them out.


How do I know if a sportsbetting bonus holds any real value?

This would entirely depend on what you consider as valuable. While some may offer great value, it may not be available on sports, type of bet, or day of the week you prefer. To answer your basic question; a special offer or bonus is essentially the sportsbook’s money it offers to help stretch your budget, allowing you to play longer or win more.

What is the best banking method to use when funding your account?

For the sake of convenience, it would depend on what banking options you already own or use daily, if you prefer speed over convenience a credit card is better. For large amounts, an indirect payment system such as PayPal is safer.

Will an online bookmaker allow me to different types of withdrawal methods according to my financial needs?

Yes, in fact, most online sportsbooks would prefer if you use more than one financing option.

Do all online bookmakers require me to verify my account details?

Yes, all the legally licenced venues remain subject to regular inspections and testing to ensure they comply with international and industry regulations demanding they regularly recheck your data.

Do the international bookmakers offer matched betting in the Netherlands?

Yes, they do for the most favourable pricing refer to any of the renowned brands discussed above.

What is the minimum legal age at which my child can start betting on sports at an online sportsbook?

Aside from a few exceptions, the minimum legal age at which an individual may start betting is 18 years of age or older.

Which of the brands you discussed in this article would you recommend most highly?

For the greater part, it is quite immaterial which one you choose since they all represent the pinnacle of online sportsbetting. However, if you’re new to sports betting, you may consider giving Betfair a closer look as its betting exchange is fundamentally different from of the sportsbooks and much easier to make a profit at.

Final Comments

Until recently the Dutch peoples have, depending on legal stance, had the joy of accessing an unfettered online sportsbook and casino market. While the newly approved Remote Gambling Act may offer a substantially improved range of player protection features, it will also impose its own rules upon the online industry which may markedly change the freedom afforded by the old, outdated law-set. Besides, the supposedly new Remote Gambling Act might just not be so new and capable of dealing with the demand placed upon it by the explosively popular online gambling industry and public.

Consider this newly approved law-set was drawn up to cater to requirements of an online market as it appeared back in 2016 and has seen no extensive revision and update before its approval. This means once again the Dutch approved a new regulatory procedure ready to meet the demands of an industry five years in the past, a dynamically evolving industry we all know has changed drastically over the past five years