Top 3 Betting Sites in Peru

Peru is one of the newest markets targetted by the most prominent bookmakers. If you are currently located in this country, below you can take a look at the best bookmakers that operate in Peru.

The Best Betting Sites in Peru Ranked

🥇 1. Betsson
Most Trusted Bookie ✅
🥇 2. Pinnacle
Best for Arbitrage Betting ✅
🥇 3. Doradobet
Greatest Variety of Bonuses ✅

Let us look at the online betting environment in Peru more closely. Our research shows that players in Peru prefer betting on sports, such as Football (the most popular sport in the country), Basketball and Water Polo.

With a variety of top-rated bookmakers and casinos, where to bet in Peru is not always an easy question to answer. However, there are several globally recognized bookmakers leaders offering Peruvian sports entertainment. To shorten the list of prospective bookmakers, we have included a list of respected Peruvian-friendly bookmakers. Licensed, regulated and award-winning, they feature multi-betting platforms and more.

200 FS
Live Streaming
Live Betting
18+ T&C apply | | | Play Responsibly
€100 + €30
Live Streaming
Live Betting
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Betsson best betting sites Peru

In 2008, Betsson was the first offshore gambling operator to receive a license from the Peruvian government. As a licensed and regulated bookmaker, it offers Peruvian punters thoroughly vetted sports, casino, virtual, live and poker betting platforms. With fast withdrawals and superior promotions, it consistently ranks among the top sportsbooks in the world.

  • Pros
  • Experienced and reputable brand
  • Premium betting apps
  • Offers virtual sports for Peruvian players
  • Great tournament section
  • Cons
  • Not that great betting odds

Join Betsson


Pinnacle best betting sites Peru

Since 1998, Pinnacle has built a reputation for offering the best value odds and the highest betting limits in a highly regulated marketplace. Known for its sports, casino and virtual betting opportunities, it offers Peruvians an established, respected and safe environment backed by over 20 years of experience.

  • Pros
  • Reputable bookmaker
  • Superb odds
  • Arbitrage betting tolerated
  • Cons
  • Just a few promotions

Bet at Pinnacle


Doradobet best betting sites Peru

As a favourite sportsbook, casino, and in-play betting destination for Peruvian players, with betting shops located throughout Peru, Doradobet is one of South America’s most recognizable names in the betting industry.

Regulated by the Peruvian government, it is the official sports of Alianza Lima FC, Deportivo Binacional FC and Trujillo UCV.

  • Pros
  • Attractive and pleasant design
  • Bingo games available
  • Great tournaments section
  • Exciting promotions
  • Cons
  • Just a few promotions
  • Limited payment options

Visit Doradobet Peru

Why Choose Online Betting in Peru

Peru is a country located in South America and is known for its Amazon forests, Andres mountains, and its people’s unique culture. With a robust economy that is resultant on the countries rich natural resources, it plays host to some of the worlds best online casinos and top bookmakers.

Gambling Facts at a Glance

Peru is a country that is known for its rich tropical rain forests, Andes mountains and ancient Incan cities. However, along with a rich history that dates back centuries, Peruvians are known for enjoying their penchant for gambling-related activities. As such, along with its population and currency, here is a list of other gambling-related facts about Peru.


The Peruvian Sol is Peru’s national currency and has been since it replaced the Peruvian inti in 1991 due to the countries economy and inflation during the later ’80s. Since its instruction, the Peruvian economy has stabilized and seen continual growth thanks to its natural resources.


Based on the most recent population census, there are 33,322,600 people residing in Peru, a number that represents 0.42% of the world’s population. Resultant of the number of people residing within the country, Peru is the 43rd most populated country in the world.

Active players

With over 79 land-based casinos operating in Peru, and a large representation by offshore operators, the number of people actively participating in land-based or offshore gambling activities is substantial. Unfortunately, the exact numbers in relation to the latest population census are unavailable.

Regulatory authority

All gaming activities within the Peruvian borders fall under the responsibility of the La Dirección General de Juegos de Casino y Máquinas Tragamonedas. The scope of their responsibilities includes the enforcement of Peruvian gambling legislation and the issuing of and oversight of state-approved gambling licensees.

Licensed gambling products

Since 2008, the Peruvian government began taking steps to regulate gambling within its borders. More specifically, the Peruvian government opted to regulate land-based gambling and offshore gambling simultaneously. Subsequent to law 27796, the following ambling products are legal within Peru:

  • Slots and table games
  • Online bingo
  • Online poker
  • State and local lotteries
  • Fantasy sports
  • Sports betting

Types of operators

Similar to many countries that legalize gambling within their borders, land-based gaming accounts for a substantial part of the Peruvian market. As such, the gambling climate in Peru falls under the La Dirección General de Juegos de Casino y Máquinas Tragamonedas and includes the following type of operators:

  • State-owned lotteries
  • Offshore operators
  • Land-based casinos
  • Horse racing

Is Online Betting Legal in Peru?

As a country bordered by five other South American countries, its government has since 1979 regulated the gambling industry within its borders. Therefore, as long as over the age of 18, Peruvians are free to gamble at any state-licensed casino. Likewise, resultant of Peru’s most recent legislative changes, are legally able to use the services offered by offshore gambling operators.

Are there restrictions on Peruvian players by some bookmakers?

Due to the legalization of gambling in Peru, Peruvian players do not regularly face restrictions from online bookmakers. However, due to licensing regulations, some Peruvians will be restricted from registering with some bookmakers. Subsequently, in the rare case this happens, Peruvians will be denied access based on their ISP.

How to Choose the Right Online Betting Site

Peruvian residents interested in playing online are in a unique position to register with many of the top bookmaker and casinos online. Many of the best Peruvian online casinos are well versed in providing a stable, highly functional and entertaining betting platform. However, while we recommended several of the top sportsbooks and casinos in Peru, there are some things to look for before registering.

  • Is the sportsbook or casino in possession of a legally issued gambling license from a recognized licensing authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority or Gibraltar Gaming Commission?
  • Does the betting site offer a multi-product platform you find appealing?
  • Is the layout and design player-friendly and offer a higher than average level of functionality?
  • Do they offer live streaming, in-play betting or other betting features?
  • Does the betting site offer the right combination of payment methods and dedicated 24 hour support services?

Bonuses for Peruvian Players

Due to the large numbers of Peruvians who enjoy placing bets online, Peruvian bookmakers work diligently to draw attention to their brands. This has resulted in bookmakers developing a wide range of existing bonuses for Peru customers. In addition to welcome offers, Peruvians can look forward to regular repeat betting sites bonus offers, free bet and best-guaranteed odds promotions, to name a few.

The two most popular sports in Peru are volleyball, and of course, football. Considered a national sport, football consistently generates the greatest interest. Other notable sports popular in the South American country include mixed martial arts, and surfing high on the list.

Are Online Casinos Popular in Peru?

If the over 80 land-based casinos are any indication, the popularity of online casinos in Peru is not hard to imagine. With a growing economy and a population passionate about sports betting, online casinos and bookmakers are a sector of gambling in the country that sees continual growth. With new betting sites always popping up, Peruvians are quick to embrace and play their favourite games online. The most popular of which are slots, with virtual sport and table games a close second.

Trivia/Did you know that…

  • The national dish of Peru is a roasted guinea pig served with its feet and head intact?
  • That it takes up to 600 hours to dye, spin and weave the wool used in traditional Peruvian ponchos.
  • The deepest canyon in the world, Peru’s Cotahuasi Canyon, is 11,004 feet deep and is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon.
  • At 3,860 feet, Peru’s Cerro Blanco is the worlds tallest sand dune.
  • That almost every technique used in weaving originated in Peru, with almost every technique dating back to 3000 B.C.

Available Mobile Apps

Like all other countries where online betting is legal, Peruvians are able to download and access their favourite bookmaker sites via mobile apps. These are offered for both iOS and Android applications and supplemented with mobile site versions. App accessibility is available directly via the bookmakers’ website or through the respective app stores.

Supported Payment Methods

Similar to other South American countries, Peruvian players have access to a number of global and local payment methods. This includes the typical combination of credit cards, e-wallets and local payment voucher Boleto Bancario.

Is there a tax on winnings?

With a variety of top-rated bookmakers and casinos, where to bet in Peru is not always an easy question to answer. However, several standout bookmakers in Peru are recognized globally as leaders in sports entertainment. To shorten the list of prospective bookmakers, we have included a list of respected Peruvian-friendly bookmakers. Licensed, regulated and award-winning, they feature multi-betting platforms and more.


Is it safe as a Peruvian national to register with offshore bookmakers?

All bookmakers that offer their services to Peruvian national respect the laws of Peru and its governing licensing body. Therefore, you are completely safe to register with offshore bookmakers.

Will I be required to make a minimum deposit to qualify for a welcome bonus?

Yes, all bookmakers and casinos have minimum deposit requirements in order to qualify for a welcome bonus.

When registering with an offshore bookmaker, will personal identification be requested?

All offshore bookmakers operating within Peru are licensed, and therefore required to verify your identity.

Do Peruvian based bookmakers offer live streaming services?

This will depend on the particular bookmaker and whether they offer live streaming services.

If I win, will my winnings be paid in the Peruvian Sol?

Yes, all deposits, and subsequently, winnings will be paid in your national currency.

If I withdrawal from an offshore betting site, will I experience delays with my withdrawals?

No, the processing of your withdrawals will be identical to the standards withdrawal times as stated on the bookmaker or casinos website.

Will Peruvian bookmakers offer me free bets if I am a regular depositing player?

This will depend on the promotional offers of the bookmaker you are considering. Generally, bookmakers frequently feature free bet promotions. For confirmation, check the bookmakers’ promotions page.

Final Comments

Due to the liberal-minded Peruvian government and their position towards land and offshore gambling, Peruvian’s have unfettered access to their preferred form of betting. While this is the ideal situation for any punters to have at their disposal, Peru’s government is reviewing its offshore regulations and is debating on future taxation laws. Whether the discussions will lead to taxation of winnings is anyone’s guess. For now, Peru’s open arms policy and the added income generated to its economy will remain unchanged, and for Peruvians, that is good news.