10bet Loyalty Program for South Africa

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We all love having additional rewards with an exciting online sportsbook or casino. That is why we were so excited by the loyalty program options at 10Bet right now where users in SA can cash in on some big rewards and bonuses. 

What is the 10Bet Loyalty Program?

The loyalty program at 10Bet is a great way for existing users to grab a few extra promos, rewards and prizes. 10Bet is already a fantastic online casino and sportsbook so the fact that you can earn exciting rewards simply by continuing to play on the site makes the whole experience that much better. 

Earning XP Points

10bet Loyalty Club

To get rewards through the 10Bet loyalty program, users need to earn XP points by betting on sports or playing in the casino. This is what your XP point return looks like for different betting types and different wagering amounts on sport. 

Bet typeR100 RolloverR1,000 RolloverR10,000 Rollover
Sports – Singles with odds of at least 1.200.999.9899.75
Sports – Multis with odds of at least 1.200.999.9899.75

Earning XP for casino gaming 10Bet works a little differently, but it’s the same principle. Here is how many XP (points) you earn for different casino games you play at 10Bet.

Game typeR100 RolloverR1,000 RolloverR10,000 Rollover
Jackpot Slots0.474.6846.78
Scratch Cards0.474.6846.78
Crash games0.474.6846.78
Lucky Numbers0.474.6846.78
Live Game Show0.474.6846.78
Video Poker0.474.6846.78
Sic Bo0.181.7517.50

The Loyalty Tiers

10bet Loyalty Club Tiers

There are currently 10 different tiers that you can work your way through in the 10Bet loyalty program. When you sign up for the site, you are immediately placed in the Amateur tier, which is the first tier in the loyalty program.

Each tier has 5 levels, which you need to work your way through before reaching the next tier level. Let’s have a look at the rest of the tiers and the number of XP points you need to reach each of them. 

  • Amateur – 0 – 10 XP
  • Playmaker – 10 – 36 XP
  • Local League Star – 36 – 219 XP
  • Semi Pro – 219 – 766 XP
  • Premier League Pro – 766 – 1,7K XP
  • Ultimate Mzansi Legend – 1,7K – 3,03K XP
  • Champions League Hero – 3,03K – 6,93K XP
  • Bafana Icon – 6,93K – 41,71K XP
  • World Cup Pro – 41,71K – 1,95M XP
  • Legendary 10 – 1,95M – 78,13M XP

With each tier that you rise through, you will earn bigger and better rewards. For example, when you hit the playmaker tier, you start getting exclusive access to new games.

When you hit the Ultimate Mzansi Legend tier, you get weekly cashback prizes. As you continue to climb, your rewards get that much better. 

Join 10bet Loyalty Club


How do you join the 10Bet loyalty club?

You don’t have to do anything. When you first sign up, you are immediately added to the loyalty club as an Amateur. From there, all the bets you place and games you play will contribute to your XP. 

Can I earn extra bonuses through the loyalty program?

Yes, there are plenty of prizes and bonuses to be claimed through the 10Bet loyalty program. These rewards get much better the more XP points you accrue on the site. 

Can my XP expire?

No, your XP points at 10Bet will never expire. 

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