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Betfred Odds Review

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Betfred odds

Since it joined the South African betting market in June 2021, Betfred has been performing well. It has so far attracted many players due to its above-average odds and offers. Whether a football, horse racing or tennis enthusiast, you will enjoy great Betfred South Africa odds.

This article discusses all you need to know about Betfred sports betting odds.

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Betfred Odds Format

Betfred odds come in three different formats for the South African players. These include fractional, American, and decimal. Certainly, you can change from one format to another depending on the format you read best.

Interestingly, you can change the format of the Betfred SA odds on your account even before logging in. To do so, load the official website of Betfred, and on the top right corner, click on the arrow facing downwards. Lastly, select the format of your choice, and the changes will reflect immediately.

Betfred Odds Comparison

Undoubtedly, Betfred odds are among the best in the South African betting arena. This happens in popular sports like football and even in others like baseball and boxing.

In the section below, we will compare Betfred odds with those offered by BetWay South Africa, World Sports Betting and Hollywoodbets for popular matches. Below are the examples.

  • Sport: Soccer
  • Market: 1×2
Event/Odds Betfred BetWay Hollywoodbets
👉 Aston Villa Vs Brighton 2.46/3.85/2.60 2.46/3.85/2.60 1.45/2.85/1.6
👉 Manchester United Vs Crystal Palace 1.57/4.30/5.60 1.57/4.30/5.60 0.55/3.3/4.6
👉 Fulham Vs Chelsea 3.45/3.55/2.09 3.45/3.55/2.09 2.45/2.55/1.09
👉 Westham Vs Sheffield Utd. 1.48/4.60/6.20 1.48/4.60/6.20 0.5/3.6/5.2

By the above, Betfred seems to stand out, although BetWay offers almost equal odds for this soccer market.

Betfred Football Odds

Betfred football odds

Football is one of the most common markets at Betfred. Consequently, the platform gives the best odds in various markets. By looking at things, odds on singles are incredibly fair. They are always updated to give you decent wins.

Below is a comparison of the Betfred football odds in both teams to score market.

Event/Odds Betfred Hollywoodbets
👉 Luton Town Vs Burnley FC Yes 1.84 No1.90 Yes 0.85 No 0.89

Betfred offers higher odds compared to Hollywoodbets on the selected market.

Horse Racing

betfred best odds guaranteed races today

Betfred South Africa offers you various races to bet in. These are drawn from SA, UK, and Ireland. Whichever race you choose, you will enjoy above-average prices at the bookmaker. However, Betfred remains the king in offering top odds.

Furthermore, you could also enjoy Betfred best odds guaranteed races today at the website or at their physical shops.

Below is an example of a horse racing meeting and the odds for the first five horses.

  • Meeting: Kempton Race 8
  • Market: Winner
Horse/Odds Betfred Hollywoodbets
👉 1. Genuflex Win – 33.0 Win-25.0
👉 2. Overstate Win – 18.0 Win – 16.67
👉 3. DoubleTheTrouble Win – 3.33 Win – 4.0
👉 4. Capstan Win – 28.0 Win- 25.0
👉 5. Kalamity Kitty Win – 14.0 Win – 14.29


Betfred basketball odds

After football, Basketball is the second sport that offers you the best odds at Betfred. The sport’s payout is currently at around 93.44%. Certainly, this means that you will get a good return whenever you predict the outcome of a basketball match correctly.

Let’s pick the match between the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers to compare the basketball odds.

Market: Match Result (1×2)

Event/Odds Betfred BetWay Hollywoodbets
👉 Brooklyn Nets Vs Cleveland Cavaliers 1.10/12.0/0.90 2.08/13.0/1.89 2.00/-/1.83

Going by the above example, Betfred seems not to offer the best. However, this is above the industry average.


betfred best odds in shop today

Cricket is at the heart of South Africa! The game is popular, and thus, Betfred offers excellent odds to ensure its customers benefit from the love of the game. As usual, let’s take an example of a match and see how Betfred cricket odds compare with those of other bookmakers.

  • League: SA CSA One Day Cup Division 2
  • Match: South Africa U19 vs. Northern Cape Heat
👉 SA Emerging to Win 👉 Northern Cape Heat
BetWay – 1.73 BetWay – 2.10
Betfred – 0.72 Betfred – 1.08
World Sports Betting – 1.72 World Sports Betting – 2.10
Hollywoodbets – 0.67 Hollywoodbets – 1.22

Although this is a single comparison, it still shows that Betfred does not offer the best odds in cricket.


Like Cricket, Rugby has earned a dear place in the hearts of many South Africans. However, it is not among the sports that Betfred gives the best odds on. Below is a comparison of the odds of Betfred in different events.

  • League: Super League 2023
  • Market: 1×2
Match 1 & Match 2
Event/Odds Betfred Hollywoodbets BetWay World Sports Betting
👉 Hull Kingston Rovers v Leigh Centurions 0.57/19.0/1.55 0.57/22/1.55 1.55/19.0/2.48 1.60/21.0/2.63
👉 St Helens vs. Warrington Wolves 0.25/22.0/3.20 0.25/25.0/3.2 1.24/22.0/4.10 1.28/26.0/4.50

As per the above analysis of the two matches, Betfred could do better in giving Rugby odds. However, they still offer a good average for their SA punters.

Bottom Line: Are the Betfred odds good?

Betfred odds are undoubtedly good. If you look at the comparisons above, you will realize that they offer better than what the industry gives its SA players on average. Thus, it is worth trying out Betfred to taste their wonderful odds.


What is the best odds rule on Betfred?

Whether in Betfred football odds or any other sport, always go for what you think has a high likelihood of happening so that you win and get the best amount. Furthermore, you can consider betting during Betfred best odds guaranteed times.

What time is the best odds at Betfred today?

To know the best odds at the bookmaker, you could use the Betfred odds checker or check Betfred best odds in shop today at the SA physical betting locations.

Are the Betfred soccer odds good?

Yes, Betfred football odds are great, as per our comparison above. Besides, the Betfred lotto odds are also worth your time as well.

Does the Betfred odds checker tool work?

Yes, the tool works to let you know the Betfred best odds when betting at the bookie.

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