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Betfred results South Africa

Despite its recent launch in South Africa (Est 2021), Betfred is one of the sportsbooks with a massive following in the region for its irresistible offerings. The betting site has fantastic sports coverage, a decent welcome bonus of cash up to R5000, and, most importantly, a comprehensive Betfred results page.

Betfred results ZA is a helpful feature that you can use that outlines the results for sports such as football and outcomes for lotteries on the site. Keep reading to learn what to expect on the Betfred Results page.

Betfred Sporting Results

Betfred Sporting Results is a page you can access using a link on the main menu bar. The section contains results for international tournaments like UEFA, Euro Cup, and CONCACAF. You will also find results for games played in local tournaments such as Black Label Cup and MTN 8.

For every tournament, you will find a result overview of the games and head-to-head statistics. Therefore, you will not just have access to the final scores but also important data collected during the game.

How to read the Betfred results correctly

Reading Betfred results is easy whether you are a novice or a seasoned South African bettor. First, visit Betfred and click Sporting Results. After that, apply these steps:

  1. Select International or country tournaments
  2. Locate the match you want using the available controls
  3. Click on the match once
  4. Hit match details and go through the results

Visit Betfred

The initial page will only display the results of the game. For additional details, click the ‘Match Info‘ option. This instruction will prompt Betfred to display attendance and the weather during the game. If you want to view more statistics, click head-to-head. The new page will provide details about the home and away matches of the teams you select.

Moreover, you will access the average goals scored and results for their last matches. If you scroll further, you will find each player’s statistics for both teams. Every detail is neatly displayed for easy comprehension.

Betfred results sport

Betfred results football

The sports betting site offers football results. You will find results for thousands of matches in different tournaments. Apart from the final scoreboard, Betfred results football offers match statistics.

Expect scoring and conceding statistics of both teams, player statistics, which include matches played, goals scored, assists, and number of red cards each player has received. Moreover, you will find data for their last five matches. You just need to pick a tournament and team to get the information.

Betfred Lotto Results

In addition to sporting results, expect a Betfred Lotto results checker for different lotteries, including New York Lotto and Betfred Powerball. Betfred offers lotto under lucky numbers; the page contains 5-ball, 6-ball, and 7-ball lotto. Check the details below to have a better understanding of what to expect on the Betfred lotto results page:

Betfred Powerball results

Unlike the sporting results, to access the results for each lottery, you must visit the individual lottery and then click results. For the Betfred Powerball results, you are provided with 7-ball, 6-ball, and 5-ball results for hundreds of lotteries.

Look forward to Betfred hourly Powerball results for different countries and regions and standard results for regular Powerballs. For each Betfred Powerball result, you get classic + power, power, and classic results.

New York lotto results Betfred

Betfred has detailed results for the New York lotto. The New York lotto takes place every Thursday and Sunday. Once the draw is made, Betfred shares the results. On the page, you get access to the lotto prize breakdown, whether you played using Betfred South Africa bonuses or with real cash.

You will also find previous numbers, which you can use to come up with a gaming strategy.

Betfred results Lotto

Betfred Teatime Results

The sportsbook has Betfred Teatime results. This comprises results for lotteries such as 49ners. On this page, you will find lucky numbers for the previous draws. You can easily compare the information and try to find a pattern or to have an idea of what the next draw may look like.

Betfred Spanish lottery results

Betfred Spanish lottery results consist draws for elNiño, elGordo, and Euromillions. Pick the Spanish lottery whose results you want to view and wait for the information. The Spanish lottery results contain previous winning numbers, which you can analyze for your next betting session. These results can also help you understand how far or close you were to winning the lotto.


Can I find the Betfred results on my phone?

Yes, you can find Betfred results on your phone. The sportsbook is fully optimized to operate on mobile, so you can access Betfred results today on the go.

How to get the Betfred hourly Powerball results?

To get Betfred hourly Powerball results, click lucky numbers, choose all lucky numbers, scroll through the options provided, and click the one that you want. On the hourly Powerball page, select results to view the information.

How to read the results Betfred presents to me?

Reading Betfred South Africa results requires you to understand how to play the lotto in question. After that, go through the draw results. For some lottos, you need to confirm the main numbers and the mega ball.

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