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The Betway Data Free offer is available to punters in various countries, including South Africa and Nigeria. With it, you will not need to pay for an internet service plan in order to play via the Betway app or access the betting site.

It is worth noting that the Data Free option is available to all members of the site, as long as they are located in Nigeria or South Africa. Therefore, you can access it by signing up on the site.


How to Get Betway Data Free App

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In order to use the free data option, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Start by clicking the signup option at Betway.
  2. Go to the main menu, where you can click the icon labelled ‘Data Free / Free Data.
  3. Click the option labelled ‘Continue to Data Free’.
  4. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  5. Add your personal details and proceed to start betting

Once you have access to the Data Free service, you will see its banner at the top of the page.

Get the Betway App Datafree

Betway Datafree App Download Apk

Betway app download South Africa download free

You will only be able to access the Data Free option when you download the mobile app of Betway. If you own an iPhone, you can simply get the application on the app store. You can search for the application on the store or click the link on the mobile site of Betway.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, the download process will be a little more complicated. Since the app isn’t available on Google Playstore, you will have to first enable the installation of foreign applications.

This option is available under the settings of your device. After that, you can open the mobile site of Betway and click the Android download link.

As you can see for yourself the software is pretty straightforward to get and use and it comes as no surprise that it’s among the most popular betting apps in South Africa.

Making Deposits to Your Account from Your Mobile Device

Before you access the Data Free option, you will need to make a deposit to your account. If you don’t have a positive balance on your account, the Data Free option will not be activated. You should remember that certain payment methods will not be available on the Data Free option.

If a banking method requires internet access, you will be prompted to reconnect to your WiFi or mobile data plan to make the payment. Deposit methods that will be unavailable on the Data Free option include credit cards, debit cards, and Ozow.


What is the Betway Data Free option?

This is an option that allows punters in Nigeria and South Africa to place bets without connecting to an internet service. You can only use the feature on the mobile application of Betway.

Are any punters excluded from the Betway Data Free option?

Yes, you will not be allowed to use this feature if you don’t live in South Africa or Nigeria. Also, punters who don’t have a positive balance on their accounts cannot use the Data Free feature.

How can I know that I am on the Data Free option?

You can tell that you are on this feature by checking for a yellow banner on the top of the mobile app. The bookie will also indicate that you are using the Data Free plan.

Which features are limited on the Data Free plan?

All features are available on the Data Free plan of Betway, including customer support and casino gaming.

Is Betway free data login possible?

Yes, if you register and use the Betway zero data offer.


Betway Data Free is a plan that allows punters to access their accounts without connecting to an internet service. It is only available to punters in Nigeria and South Africa.

In order to get the plan, you will have to fund your account and download the Betway mobile app. After installing the app, you should activate the Data Free option and ensure that it is working.

You should note that some banking options will not be available on the Data Free option, so you may be prompted to connect back to your internet service before making payments.

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  1. sanjay bhandari
    Hey. My username is sk_1988. I have downloaded betway app. I deposited money into it. But suddenly betway ceased in India. Betway haven't returned my outstanding balance so far. I have mailed them so many times but they didn't respond me yet. Kindly tell them to return my outstanding balance.
    1. Elica Martinova
      Dear Sanjay Bhandari,

      We are sorry to hear about your inconvenience. While operating in India, Betway was regulated by the local betting authorities. We suggest you seek their help in order to receive your funds back.