Betway Lightning Dice Game Betting Tips

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Lightning Dice is a simple but entertaining game of dice that brings out the best among the lucky punters who can correctly predict the sum of three dice.

The game features an excellent interface with stunning gold and dark art deco environment, giving the game an exclusive feel. If you believe in luck, this is a game to play as you need to predict the total sum of the three dice that pass through the game machine.

Lightning Dice is a game developed by the industry giant Evolution gaming, and you cannot miss it on BetWay. In this post, we focus on the lightning dice strategy BetWay.

How to play Lightning Dice on BetWay

BetWay lightning dice game is one game that you will not miss at BetWay South Africa. Being a household name, you need to learn how to play the game before you check the BetWay lightning dice tips you can employ to win.

  1. Below is the step-by-step process of playing the BetWay lightning dice game.
  2. To start with, log into your BetWay South Africa account and go to the live casino games section.
  3. Secondly, select the Lightning Dice game and load it to play.
  4. When it starts, select the amount to bet on the mid-left part and then select the numbers for your bet.
  5. Finally, the dealer will start the game, and when the dices pass through the machine, the total value of the upper side of the dice will be calculated to determine your win.

Play Lightning Dice

How the Lightning Dice Game Works

In the steps below, we focus on how to play lightning dice on BetWay.

  • Firstly, you will need to predict the value of the dice
  • Secondly, the live dealer will throw the three dice
  • Finally, the value of the three dice is determined, and if you had predicted the value correctly, you win a payout.
Betway lightning dice

Lightning Dice Multipliers

The betting board of the lightning dice has a total of 16 spots, ranging from 3 to 18. Each of these numbers has been assigned a unique multiplier value that determines how much you win when you correctly predict the value of the dice.

For instance, if you predict that the value of the dice will be 18, you need to know that the spot multiplier for 18 is 150x. Therefore, your stake will be multiplied by 150 to give a total payout.

Lightning Dice Odds and Payout

The odds of Lightning dice are not as definite as in other games. But we could calculate the probabilities of getting a total of any number between 3 and 18. Since each die has a total of 6 outcomes and they are 3 dice, the total probability is 6 (dice 1) by 6 (dice 2) by 6 (dice 3), which gives us 216.

The table below shows the probabilities of getting each number as the total of the 3 dice.

Probability of a sum of;
Probability of a sum of:FractionalPercentageMultiplier

Tips to Win in Lightning Dice

Although one might say that Lightning Dice is a game of luck, there are several tips you need to know to win. Below are the BetWay lightning dice tips and the proven strategies that have worked f>or lightning dice strategy BetWay.

Go High or Low

When playing dice, you have a 50% chance of getting a low number (3-9) or a high number (12-18). Therefore, placing bets on either side will cover you mostly. This way, it is possible to win almost half of all your bets.

Check previous winning numbers of rolled dice

If you get a chance to observe the previous winning numbers, you can bank on those numbers, especially if a number won more than once. This is as simple as observing the numbers and bet on them.

Hit for the fences

Although they are rare numbers, betting on 3 or 18 can be pretty rewarding. If you are lucky to get any of the two, you will enjoy a 150x payout. Better still, the lightning may strike before throwing the dice, which means better and bigger rewards.

Never “Bet All”

Never bet on all the possible numbers, as that would be a poor strategy. Only rely on the above strategies to think about specific numbers.

Spread your risk

Spreading your risk means splitting your bet into smaller units. Here, you bet on both common and rare numbers.

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Do I need to have a BetWay bonus code?

It is not a must to have a BetWay bonus code to enjoy bonuses.

Am I eligible for the BetWay sign-up bonus?

Yes, you are eligible, provided you meet all the set rules.

How to deposit after I log in to my BetWay account?

After logging onto your account, navigate to the deposit option in the far-right corner and select the payment method.

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