Betway Lotto Review & Test

At Betway, the lotto is referred to as Lucky Numbers. The advantage of this betting site is that it gives punters access to lotteries from many different countries. This will allow you to access games at almost all times of the day.

How Does Lucky Numbers Work?

Betway lucky numbers lotto

This game allows you to pick numbers which you think will be drawn in the lottery. Depending on the lottery you plan and the selections you pick, you can win up to 120,000 times your wager. If you are lucky enough to win the Lucky Numbers, your reward will be deposited directly to your Betway account and can be withdrawn at any time.

Also, you should note that the reward is not split among the winners. Another thing you should note is that the odds are fixed for every prediction you make. Therefore, you will receive payouts for every number you predict correctly.

How to Bet on Betway Lotto?

Follow these steps to punt on Betway lotto:

  1. Select a Lucky Numbers game on the site
  2. Choose a bet type from the options provided
  3. Pick your numbers and take note of the odds
  4. Set your bet size
  5. Activate the wager

International Lotteries

On the lotteries page of this gambling site, you will be able to pick a country from the available options. Here are the countries included on the platform:

  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Russia

Withdrawing Your Lotto Winnings at Betway

Betway lucky numbers

Your lotto winnings at Betway will not be subject to any wagering requirements and can be withdrawn at any time. Since the amounts may be very high, you may have to send verification documents before the transaction is processed. The available banking methods will vary depending on your country of residence, and they include bank transfer, e-wallets, and bank cards.


How can I tell whether I won the lotto?

Betway publishes the results of the lotteries as soon as they are confirmed by the authorities, and you can see if your selections won.

Are the prizes of these lotteries split among winners?

No, the prizes are not divided among winners, so you will get your full winnings.

How can I withdraw the lottery winnings at Betway?

The lottery winnings will be paid directly into your Betway account, so you can withdraw the funds using your most convenient banking method. You don’t need to wager these winnings before making a withdrawal.

How many numbers do I have to get right in order to win the lottery?

You will only need to get one number right so that you win a prize in the lottery. However, getting more numbers right will increase the reward.


Betway lotto is a great earning opportunity at Betway. The site has lots of lotteries from many different countries, so you can always find a suitable game. To play these games, you will only need to pick your winning numbers and place your bet. Once the results are announced, they will be published on the site, and the winners will receive their rewards. These rewards are not subject to any rollover requirements and can be withdrawn immediately. You don’t necessarily need to get all the numbers right in order to win a prize. Also, remember that the prizes are not split among all the winners.

Bet at Betway Lotto

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