Easybet Spin and Win

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Easybet Spin and Win is an exciting roulette game for South African players. As I’ll show here, every spin can earn you instant prizes. You’ll also be glad to know that bets start from as little as R1.00, and you can wager on options, such as odds/even numbers, black/red slots, or Orphelins.

So, how do you play Easybet South Africa Spin & Win, and are there any tips to increase your winning chances? I share this and more below.

What’s the Easybet Spin & Win Game

Easybet Spin and Win

Easybet Spin and Win is every bit your classic roulette game but with some minor changes. This iteration uses a pointer instead of a ball to determine the outcome. Also, there’s the characteristically small betting window.

You have 23 seconds to place bets of as little as R1.00 on your desired outcome. Thereafter, the betting window closes, and the wheel spins to reveal the session’s results when it comes to a halt.

For successful bets, the amount won is disbursed to your Easybet account and is ready for withdrawal. Overall, I can attest that it’s easy to play — with smooth graphics and flawless animation.

On betting options, you can choose from positions, such as red/black, odd/even, third of the wheel, Orphelins, and neighbours of zero bets. You can also wager on individual numbers, ROWs (1, 2, or 3), or number groupings (1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36).

Each selection has distinct odds that are multiplied by your wager (chips) to determine the payout. In my experience, Easybet Spin & Win is the best game for a quick chance to score significant rewards.

Its perfect blend of simplicity, excitement, and the potential to win cash every few seconds makes it stand out among other solutions, especially in the roulette bracket.

The maximum amount you can bet is R100.00.

Easybet Spin and Win Tips

Easybet Spin & Win

Drawing from my sessions playing the Easybet Spin and Win game, I have some tips to increase your winning chances. Remember, winning is not predetermined (depends on luck), but these will give you the upper hand:

👉 Review the History to Identify a Pattern – Easybet Spin & Win has a history section with results for past events. Review the outcomes and try to identify a pattern. While scrolling, you may make some findings that may help with your bet. You should also check the history to avoid betting on the previous session’s outcome, as its likelihood of repeating is minimal.

👉 Pay Attention to Hot Numbers – The game has a statistics page with hot numbers. These are figures that have come up the most in the last 100 spins. You may consider including these numbers in your combination, as their probability of hitting again is high. Easybet Spin and Win hot numbers keep changing, so you should revisit the section if you want to include the digits on your next bet.

👉 Be Conversant with the Paytable – As mentioned earlier, Easybet Spin & Win bets have different payouts based on their probability of occurring. For example, black and red have odds of 2.00, while green has odds of 36.00. On the other hand, Rows 1, 2, and 3 payout 3.00 times the stake, while exact numbers payout 36.00 times the stake. Therefore, when placing a bet, go through the paytable and study the payouts to know which bets to place for big wins.

👉 Apply Martingale Strategy – Martingale is a progression strategy that you can apply on Easybet Spin & Win to increase your chances of earning a payout. The strategy requires you to double your bet every time you lose, recouping your lost stake in case of a win. However, if the results are favourable, you revert to the initial bet.

👉 Try Placing Inside Bets – Half, split, square, street, and trio are all inside bets. Instead of wagering on the usual numbers and selections, consider placing inside bets. After all, inside bets have odds up to 36.00, which may make a big difference in case of a win. But first, research how many times the numbers have hit before proceeding to wager on any of them.

Is there an Easybet Spin Bonus?

Unfortunately, an exclusive Easybet bonus for the Spin & Win game has yet to be included. Still, I recommend you keep checking the promotions page in case the operator decides to include the perk.

Given the game’s growing popularity, I reckon it won’t be long now before an Easybet Spin promo code is introduced.


How to spin and win Easybet?

To spin and win Easybet, wait for the betting window and select a stake between R1.00 and R100.00. After that, make your prediction, hit the ‘PLACE A BET’ tab, and wait for the outcome.

Is the Easybet Spins and Win game the same as the classical roulette?

Yes, there are a lot of similarities between the two! However, Easybet’s iteration is unique in that it uses a pointer instead of a ball to determine the outcome. Also, the betting window is characteristically small. Still, you get the same thrill/excitement, albeit in a ‘fast games’ category.

How much can I win from the Easybet South Africa Spin & Win game?

The amount you can win from the Spin & Win Easybet South Africa depends on your stake and bet. So far, the maximum amount you can win is 36 times your stake.

Can I play Spin & Win in the Easybet app?

Yes, the Spin & Win Easybet game is available on the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You can also access it from the mobile website.

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