How to Bet Soccer on Hollywoodbets

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How to bet soccer on hollywoodbets

Wondering how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets? Soccer is the most popular team sport in South Africa, so Hollywoodbets naturally provides extensive coverage of both local and international matches from over 60 countries. From Europe’s finest leagues to the best in SA football, Hollywoodbets has you covered. Both pregame and live wagers are easy to place on the highly responsive website and mobile platform.

How do you place a soccer bet on Hollywoodbets?

Ready to find out how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets? The process is pretty straightforward, especially because the website is exceptionally navigable. To place a soccer wager, follow these steps.

Hollywoodbets soccer betting
  1. Log in to your account – Assuming you’ve already registered a Hollywoodbets account, click “log in” and enter your email or phone number and password.
  2. Deposit funds – Make your way to the payment section and deposit funds.
  3. Go to the sports betting section – Once your funds are reflected, navigate to the sports betting section and browse through the available soccer events and markets.
  4. Choose soccer – Choose soccer from the sports list. Proceed to pick the country, tournament, and division. For instance, Chippa Utd vs Royal AM under the SA Diski Challenge from South Africa.
  5. Check the Hollywoodbets fixtures / Odds, enter your stake amount, and place your bet. Verify the details and tap “Submit” to conclude the betting process.

Bet Hollywoodbets Soccer

Hollywoodbets Soccer Betting Section Reviewed

Before diving deeper into how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, it’s worth noting the brand’s exceptional soccer betting coverage. You can choose from over 100 soccer markets at any given time, from the Premier League to the National League and everything in between.

Hollywoodbets Soccer Leagues

On the local front, Hollywoodbets delivers top local leagues, with the DSTV Premiership at the forefront. Teams like Mamelodi Sundowns and Kaizer Chiefs go head-to-head in this popular league. Other prominent local leagues covered include the Nedbank Cup and MTN8.

Taking it abroad, Hollywoodbets covers iconic international leagues such as the PSL and La Liga. For your dose of top Europe Leagues, you can indulge in Premier League betting and back teams like Liverpool, Man City, and Chelsea. You can also bet on continental sports betting action from the Champions League. Soccer betting at Hollywoodbets also extends to the less glamorous leagues like the Kazakhstan Premier League.

Popular Markets

Before you ask how does Hollywoodbets work soccer, you need to know which bets to place. Hollywoodbets covers a broad range of markets to suit the betting styles, skills, and preferences of different punters. Below is a quick rundown of popular markets on display.

🔥 1 x 2

1 x 2 is a hugely popular bet offered if there’s a possibility of a draw happening. Also referred to as three-way betting, you have three options to place a wager. You can back a home win, draw, or away. The 1 represents a home win, X refers to a draw, and the 2 represents the Away win.

🔥 Both Teams to Score

The Both Teams to Score bet is a unique type of soccer wager where you don’t necessarily need to pick a winner in a match to win. Instead, you simply decide whether both teams in the match will score within 90 minutes of a soccer match.

🔥 Handicap

The Handicap is another popular wager, and it evens out the chances of both teams winning a certain match. This is made possible by giving one side an advantage, which can be in the form of more points or an extra goal. This wager is popular when strong favourites are playing against a significantly weaker team.

How does hollywoodbets work soccer

🔥 Over/Under

Also known as Totals, this bet type happens when the bookie combines the total scores for both teams based on how they envision the game playing out. Your task is to predict whether the total number of points in the outcome will be over or under the set total.

🔥 Corners

This is a very simple football wager where you bet on the team you think will have the most corners. Either that or you wager on the exact number of corners you think one team will get in a 90-minute match. Extra time corners don’t count.

🔥 Hollywoodbets Soccer Betting Odds

Hollywoodbets claims to offer odds that are above the market average for its mainstream sports, including soccer. While that’s true for many keynote games, it’s not always the case with average matches.

Betway ZA1.355.607.6
Hollywoodbets ZA1.354.66.6

🔥 Hollywoodbets Soccer Bet Codes

When figuring out how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, you must understand the concept of soccer bet codes. These are more or less description codes the bookie applies to identify different markets. Each code can be called out when wagering on a certain match. You can place them on any market you want, including Totals, Half Time, and the first 10 minutes.

Applying these bet codes is pretty simple and involves the following:

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets account.
  2. Choose soccer and pick your preferred sporting event.
  3. Open up the bet slip.
  4. Click load a bet.
  5. Apply the code.
  6. Click “Submit“.

How to check betting history on Hollywoodbets? 

The betting history of your account is where all the information from your previous selections is located. If you want to check it, you simply have to follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to the Hollywoodbets platform;
  2. Navigate to your account settings and choose “Bet History”;
  3. Select the type of bets and set a time period;
  4. Click on “Submit” and wait for it to load. 

If you wonder how to clear bet history on Hollywoodbets, unfortunately, there is no such option available on the website or the app. If you don’t want to scroll through all your bets every time, you can submit a period that suits you or select “Open Bets” to filter only your active stakes. 

Hollywoodbets Soccer Betting Bonuses

When thinking about how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, don’t neglect the bonuses on offer to help fund your wagering. After signing up, you can get your hands on the R25 free no deposit Hollywoodbets bonus to use on soccer bets at 0.5 odds.

From there, the bookie regularly releases soccer betting bonuses, even though they are mostly time-limited. Also, most of these bonuses are linked to specific games and tournaments. Currently, you can win up to 10x your stake back with the Soccer Money Back promo when you go out in the last leg after placing accumulators.

A Soccer Bonus Bonanza is also available, where you can earn percentage bonuses based on the number of legs in your accumulator.

Hollywoodbets Soccer Tips

When thinking of how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, you must have a strategy in place. We’ve come up with a few tips you can employ in your soccer betting to boost your gaming outcomes at Hollywoodbets.

1. Take advantage of Pool betting

Hollywoodbets has launched an exciting Pool betting initiative for punters. Only as little as R1 is needed to place wagers and payouts are split among the number of winning tickets. This is a great bet type to fully take advantage of as a casual soccer bettor, comprising low stakes but potentially high returns.

2. Go through the soccer predictions

Hollywoodbets posts the latest free soccer predictions for matches running on any given day. The section comes complete with tips on the best wagers to bet. This can be quite a lifesaver for first-timers or punters who haven’t had enough time to research their favourite teams.

3. Analyse stats and results

Besides going through the Hollywoodbets sports predictions, make it a point to analyse statistics for upcoming matches you’re interested in. That includes analysing historical head-to-head data, including ball possession, corner kicks, and dangerous attacks. This information will help you make smarter football predictions. If you have time, dig deeper and evaluate metrics such as expected goals.

4. Choose a strategy and stick with it

Your chances of winning at soccer betting, in the long run, are high when you pick a strategy and stick to it. For example, if you decide to wager against all EPL teams playing away matches with odds 2.0, you must bet against these teams at least 100 times. That gives you ample time to decide if the strategy is working for you or if you must switch it up.

Bottom Line: How to Bet Soccer on Hollywoodbets

Hopefully, you’re now feeling ballsy about how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets and win. Soccer is SA’s most loved sport, and Hollywoodbets covers countless soccer betting, both locally and abroad. You have a wide range of bet options to pick from, and the intuitive website makes it a breeze to place wagers.

You may not always have the best odds in the business to work with, but if you employ a few soccer betting tips, you should be able to make some headway.


Can you bet on soccer on Hollywoodbets?

If you’re wondering how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, and if it’s at all possible, the answer is yes. The leading SA bookie covers a litany of local and international sports betting matches with numerous bet options.

Is Hollywoodbets soccer bet the same as the football bet?

When you finally come around to understanding how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, you’ll learn that a soccer bet and a football bet are the same. The only difference is in the terminology. Other SA punters even refer to soccer as Diski.

Can I get soccer free bet from Hollywoodbets?

Hollywoodbets occasionally offers free bets to new and existing punters. Currently, a R25 sign-up bonus is available. You can continuously check the promos for free bets.

How does Hollywoodbets work soccer bets?

Hollywoodbets soccer bets are broad and available in different types. You choose from options like totals and handicaps and wager on your desired sporting match.

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