Hollywoodbets Contact Number

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Hollywoodbets contact number

Hollywoodbets tries to run a seamless gambling operation for users, but if you ever find yourself in a pinch, 087 353 6734 is the number to call. The bookie has several other communication channels, but the helpline of Hollywoodbets ensures you don’t waste time being transferred between departments.

Regarding what topics, can I contact Hollywoodbets?

Hollywoodbets doesn’t anticipate customers facing challenges on the site but provides a helpline just in case. A phone call is the quickest way to get immediate assistance when in a pickle. Call the helpline if you need the following issues addressed timeously:


Signing up with Hollywoodbets is typically straightforward. However, if you need help with the sign up process or want clarity on the Hollywoodbets account features before you commit, feel free to reach out.

Locked out account:

Login issues happen to the best of us. If you forget your password and find yourself locked out, the support team will guide you through the password recovery process.

Payment delays:

Withdrawals usually take considerable time to process, but situations like verification checks, location issues, incorrect banking details, or VPN use may prolong the delay further. In these cases, calling the Hollywoodbets phone number will help you identify the underlying problem and offer a solution quicker.

FICA Verification:

To curb money laundering, Hollywoodbets requires all customers to undergo FICA verification checks before the gambling account is activated and any withdrawal requests are made. All things being equal, it takes up to 30 minutes for your documents to be verified, and you can contact the support team if the timeline lapses.

Account Settings:

If you wish to modify your account settings, like updating a phone number or changing your bank details, don’t hesitate to call the Hollywoodbets helpline.

Is the Hollywoodbets support any good?

We found the Hollywoodbets phone support to be of great help. Firstly, having the phone lines manned 24/7 ensures you get the assistance you need at any time. It did take a few rings before the call was picked up, but the courteous and friendly agent was an appeasement of sorts.

Also, you don’t have to worry about being transferred from one person to the next. The staff is knowledgeable and seeks to resolve your query in the shortest possible time. It’s a little disappointing that the line isn’t toll-free.

What are the Hollywoodbets support alternatives?

If the idea of footing the phone bill to get assistance doesn’t sit well with you, Hollywoodbets provides other equally responsive—and free— alternatives. Of the bunch, live chat ensures instant feedback since you chat with an agent in real time. However, you must log in to your Hollywoodbets account first to access this portal. Other support channels that don’t require login include:

  • Email: If you have time to sit and pen your query, send it to HWHelpline@hollywoodbets.net. The response won’t be immediate but will come in a few hours.
  • Twitter: You can reach the team via its Twitter page by following the link @Hollywoodbets if you’re big on Twitter.
  • Instagram: Following Hollywoodbets using their IG handle, @Hollywoodbets is another option.
  • Facebook: If you’re active on Facebook, follow the page @Hollywoodbets.
  • YouTube: You can also like and subscribe to the brand’s YouTube channel @Hollywoodbets for increased engagement.

Where’s the Hollywoodbets headquarters?

If you feel your query warrants a face-to-face interaction with the Hollywoodbets support team, pay the operator a visit. The physical branch is located at 6 Tetford Circle, La Lucia, Kwazulu Nata. This address is displayed on the Hollywoodbets website for transparency, so rest easy knowing you’re not dealing with a fly-by-night operation.


What’s the latest Hollywoodbets contact number?

087 353 6734 is the latest Hollywoodbets contact number you can use to reach the support team if you need help. The team is at your service if you require assistance with registration, FICA verification, placing wagers, or the works. However, it’s not toll-free.

How do I contact Hollywoodbets for withdrawal?

Hollywoodbets offers several withdrawal options, including e-wallets, CashSend, and Instant Mali. Regardless of the payment route, the operator seeks to ensure a smooth withdrawal process. If, however, you’re unsure how to utilise your desired payment method on the platform, call 087 353 6734 for assistance.

How do I contact Hollywoodbets South Africa most quickly?

Making a phone call is hands down the fastest way to contact the customer service team at Hollywoodbets, but it’s not the only one. Live chat is also another avenue that guarantees quick feedback in real-time.

Does Hollywoodbets have a WhatsApp number?

Yes, Hollywoodbets has a WhatsApp number(+27 76 675 0710) for troubled players in need of consultation from the local gambling foundation.

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