How to Play Scratch Card on Hollywoodbets

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Hollywoodbets scratch card

Scratch card is one of the games that has been around for ages, only this time, instead of scratching spools bought at the grocery store or spaza shop, you can now buy and scratch the cards at home. All you need is a Hollywoodbets account, which you can create using the easy-to-follow steps mentioned here.

Get 16 or more varieties to play with huge prizes going up to R2,000,000. Learn the types of Hollywoodbets Scratch cards available, betting options & prize structures, scratch card betting tips and strategies, and more. Read on!

Introduction to Scratch Cards

Hollywoodbets Scratch Cards are instant-win games playable on your computer or mobile device. The games entail scratching off a designated area to reveal symbols/numbers whose combination determines whether or not you have won. Hollywoodbets scratch cards provide players with the simplest way to win big, which is appealing to standard players and high rollers alike.

Types of Scratch Card Games on Hollywoodbets

At Hollywoodbets, players get 16+ Scratch Card games from top software providers, like Pragmatic Play and Pariplay. These grant all the thematic experience you could for, like animal, adventure, ocean, fruit, and Asian, not to mention simpler gameplay. Here are the top Pragmatic Play Scratch Cards you can play at Hollywoodbets:

GameMinimum BetMaximum Bet
Wolf GoldR8R2,000,000
Gold RushR4R1,000,000
Hot SafariR1R100,000
Panda Gold50cR10,000
7 Piggies25cR5,000

We also rounded up the varieties supplied by Pariplay, inclusive of their minimum bets and maximum potential win, as highlighted:

Hollywoodbets scratch cards rules
GameMinimum BetMaximum Bet
Barn VilleR1R1,000,000
Dragon ScrollsR1R1,000,000
Ocean FortuneR1R1,000,000
Fruit BasketR1R1,000,000
Cash CuisineR1R1,000,000
Cops and RobbersR1R1,000,000
Mega LoveR1R1,000,000
Barn VilleR1R1,000,000
Dragon ScrollsR1R1,000,000

How to Play Scratch Card on Hollywoodbets

As aforementioned, playing Scratch cards is simple, with mechanics that make every session enjoyable. Here’s how to access the games, their betting options, and prize structures:

πŸ‘‰ 1. Accessing Scratch Cards on Hollywoodbets

Load/visit the website on your browser and login to your Hollywoodbets account, hit the hamburger button to your top-left to open the vertical menu bar, and select scratch cards from the list options.

Click ‘Scratch Cards‘ and pick the game you wish to play. While on the Scratch Cards page, you can sort/display the games by software providers, such as Pragmatic Play or Pariplay, or leave the default option, which showcases all the available games.

πŸ‘‰ 2. Scratch Cards Gameplay and Mechanics

With simplicity being the common ground, Scratch cards at Hollywoodbets are easy to play across the board. Simply identify the scratch card you wish to play and reveal the symbols/scrape off the virtual panels by moving your finger on the screen (for smartphone or tablet users) or using the touchpad (for computer users). You can also reveal the symbols/numbers once by clicking ‘scratch.’ The entire process should take you less than a minute to complete.

πŸ‘‰ 3. Betting Options and Prizes

Different scratch cards offer distinct betting options. For instance, Scratch Cards by Pragmatic Play accept bet sizes ranging from 25 cents to R 8.00, while Pariplay Scratch cards accept minimum bets of at least R 1.00.

The bet amount determines the maximum payout you can earn from the scratch card. For instance, scratch cards with high minimum bet limits have the highest maximum payout limit. The symbols revealed after you scratch the panel also determine your winnings. Nonetheless, winnings are distributed randomly, so the entire game is based on luck.

Scratch Card Betting Tips and Strategies

How to play scratch card on Hollywoodbets

To get the best out of the games, you need to arm yourself with Scratch Card betting tips and strategies. Some of the top tips you can use to maximize/increase your winnings include:

Bankroll Management

When playing scratch cards, bankroll management is paramount to ensure you gamble responsibly. To do so, set up betting limits based on your budget. You can come up with daily, weekly, or monthly betting limits. Setting these limits and playing within your means will keep you from running into debt, an aspect that affects most players, newbies and experts alike.

Study The Paytables and Prize Structures

Go through the paytables and prize structures before playing the Scratch card game. Take note of how much you will earn if you wager a specific amount. This will help you narrow down the ideal Scratch card game to play! Once you identify the Scratch card, study the structure and the patterns and use the information to your advantage.

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What are the different types of scratch card games available on Hollywoodbets?

The scratch card games at Hollywoodbets can be grouped according to their suppliers, namely, Pragmatic Play and PariPlay. These include options like Maga Love, Ocean Fortune, Fruit Basket, Queen of Gold and Gold Rush $250,000.

Can I play scratch cards on my mobile device through the Hollywoodbets app?

Yes, you can play scratch cards on your mobile through the Hollywoodbets app or mobile site. Simply install the application and launch any scratch card game you wish to play.

Can I win real money by playing scratch cards on Hollywoodbets?

Yes, you can win real money playing scratch cards on Hollywoodbets. Some of the games offer up to R10,000,000 in wins.

Does Hollywoodbets scratch cards offer any bonuses?

None of the available at Hollywoodbets bonuses is devoted to the scratch cards section.

Are there specific rules for playing scratch card games on Hollywoodbets?

Yes, when playing scratch cards, you must observe the minimum bets applicable. Also, you need to know the maximum number of scratch cards you can buy at once.

How do I scratch off the virtual panels on a scratch card?

You can scratch off the virtual panels by swiping on your phone screen or using the mouse pad on your computer. You can also click the ‘Scratch’ option to reveal the icons once.

How do I contact Hollywoodbets support if I have any issues or questions?

If you have any issues or questions regarding scratch card games, contact the support team via email: or telephone: 087 353 7634.

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