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One of the most desired betting features in SoccerShop online is definitely Book a Bet. This option allows you to book your bets and submit them later at the bookie’s physical outlet.

SoccerShop Book a Bet is exactly what we expected. Using it was seamless, and you can book a bet both on sports and lucky numbers. This description is not nearly enough, so we prepared a detailed analysis of Book a Bet SoccerShop based on our extensive experience using the platform.


What is Soccershop Book a Bet

How to Book a Bet Soccershop

Essentially, Book a Bet SoccerShop is a convenient option for every user who likes placing their bets offline but doesn’t want to spend their time waiting in queues. With this feature, you can skip all the boring stuff, prepare your bets from any device, and just place it on-site.

Creating a bet through the SoccerShop website is a piece of cake. You just need to add whatever event you want to bet on and get your unique ID code, which you need to present when placing your selections. It is allowed to add any sport or market; you can even combine it with your lucky numbers predictions.

SoccerShop book-a-bet has one more essential rule: your book-a-bet code is active for only 96 hours. This means you can’t submit it after the code expires.

Keep in mind that Book a bet is precisely this – just a booking and not a real bet. All your selections won’t be active until you visit a physical shop to pay for them.

How to Book a Bet on Soccershop

Booking a bet through Soccershop is more than an easy task. Actually, if you are used to betting online, you won’t find any differences, except that you don’t even need to worry about Soccershop login before that.

Here is how to obtain your book-a-bet code in a matter of seconds:

Soccershop Book a Bet Code
  1. Visit the official Soccershop website;
  2. Browse through Sports or Lucky Numbers sections;
  3. Select your desired events and place them in your bet slip;
  4. Select “Book a bet” button;
  5. Save your unique code and use it in the next 96 hours.

Besides creating your own code, you can use the “Add to bet slip” option and load already created slips in addition to your selections.

Book a Bet Available Sports and Markets

Per our tests, we can conclude that SoccerShop Book-a-Bet is available on any sports or lucky numbers draws on the website. The exception is for the “in-play” sports – live events are not available for booking, and the website won’t allow you to generate a book a bet ID if you have any live games on it.

Yet, you can use book a bet for any type of bets- singles, multi, system, even bet-builder slips.

Once added to your bet slip, you will be shown all the essential details – date, number of combinations, total stake, and potential returns. You can also choose to copy, print or share your book a bet code for further use.

Soccershop Mobile Book a Bet

  • Soccershop Mobile Book a Bet
  • Soccershop Book a Bet Code Mobile

You prefer using a mobile phone instead of a desktop? No worries! Book a bet is also available through the Soccershop app and mobile version.

Since its layout is similar across all software platforms, you won’t have trouble navigating around. The procedure for booking a bet is pretty much identical, so no matter what your device preferences are, you can use it effortlessly.

Benefits of Using Book a Bet Soccershop

Betting offline but skipping the fixtures search and odd comparison? Maybe that is the main advantage of using SoccerShop book a bet. You have a combination of a handy platform with thousands of betting options and a choice to place your bets in any Soccershop outlet across the country.

Many punters also use this feature because it does not require you to log into your account or verify any personal information. Everything is anonymous since you just use the site as a fixture catalogue.

In addition, you don’t need to deposit funds to use it. In Soccershop branches, you can pay cash for your bets instead of funding your account wallet.

But above all is the queue skipping. When you have come prepared, you don’t need to spend precious time waiting to get to the cashier – you just have to submit your code without standing in line.

However, before using Book a Bet, you should consider some drawbacks. As we said, live sports are not available for booking, so if you prefer watching the game while playing, this is not a suitable choice.

But there is more – the lack of bonus funds. Be careful because you cannot play towards any wagering requirements if you use book a bet. That’s why, if you have any active offer, in your account, for instance Soccershop welcome bonus, prioritise playing through it instead of spending cash on other things.



How to use Soccer shop Book a Bet?

Using Book a Bet Soccer shop is a straightforward process requiring adding your desired selections to your bet slip and hitting the “book a bet” button to generate your unique code.

Can I use Book a Bet on all markets and sports?

You can use Soccershop book a bet on any pre-match sport or market on the platform. Live events could not be submitted, and if you have any added to your bet slip, the book a bet option will be unavailable.

Do I need to log in to access book a bet?

No, you don’t need to register or log in to book a bet. However, it is great to have a Soccershop account in order to use it if you don’t have any store nearby.

Can I share my bets with others?

Yes, just beside your code is the location of the share button. You can either copy the link or use any of the available social media channels to share it with friends.

Can I change my bet once it is confirmed?

No, changing your bets is not possible after you have created them. However, if you still haven’t submitted your bets, you can generate a new code in no time.

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