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Sportingbet has an extensive sports portfolio. The vast number of options will enthral any sports enthusiast. Even though this is the most important part of any sportsbook, what also matters is the features that Sportingbet South Africa has available for its customers, like the two we will review today—Rebet and Edit my Bet.

These two features allow users to customize their bets even after they are placed. We’ve tested both of them and found that they come in handy on many occasions. But we will share more about that in the next few lines.


What is Sportingbet Edit My Bet Feature

Sportingbet Edit My Bet

Sportingbet Edit My Bet is a powerful tool that gives you advanced control over your bet. With just a few clicks, you can add selections or increase your stake while your slip is still in play. Here are the options that you can make use of:

  • Add Selection: If you think a selection is missing from your current slip or you just want to add an additional match, you can do that to any of your existing bets.
  • Swap Selection: When you are unsure of the outcome in any of your matches, you can swap them for a game with a better chance of success.
  • Remove Selection: If your team shows signs of fatigue and is reduced to 10 men, it is time to remove it, even if you don’t have a substitute in mind.
  • Increase Stake: Are you confident about your selections? You can add more money to your stake and increase the payout.

Edit Bet is available only on bets with Cash Out and unsettled selections. After your edit is saved and the request is confirmed, your previous selection will be cashed out, and a new bet will be placed simultaneously. Its default value will be equal to the cash-out worth, and you can increase it by adding more funds to your wallet.

How Can I Use Sportingbet Edit My Bet

You can access the “Edit my bet” option with a few clicks by following these steps:

Sportingbet Edit Bet Option Menu
  1. Log into your Sportingbet account;
  2. Visit the “My Bets” section in “My account” menu;
  3. Browse through all your active bets and select a bet slip you want to edit;
  4. Choose from the available edit features;
  5. Save your changes and wait for your edit request to be confirmed.

Once your choice is confirmed, your existing bet will be cashed out with the cash-out value shown and placed again immediately with all the reflected changes.

Edit My Bet Available Sports and Markets

Basically, Edit My Bet is a feature that is not limited to specific sports or markets. That said, you can still bet on your favourite teams or players without worrying if that option will be available later. You can even combine different sports on the same slip and still have full access to the edit features.

The only thing you need to know before using Sportingbet edit bet is that you must have an active cashout on that bet slip, or the feature won’t be available. If Cash-out is temporarily unavailable, you just have to wait a bit before you can make any changes.

What is Sportingbet ReBet

One of the worst feelings is to have an accumulator bet and one or a few legs to blow through early. While this is common, nobody said you have to accept the loss. If you choose to play with Sportingbet, this scenario is no longer a cause of concern for the players because of the Sportingbet ReBet option.

As the name suggests, you can use Rebet to remove any losing legs in your accumulator and place it again with the remaining active selections. And all of this – fully automatically.

Rebet Sportingbet is part of the Edit My Bet feature, which means that just like it, every change you make in your betslip will cause it to be cashed out. Rebet is not available for selections that do not support cash out.

How to Use Rebet on Sportingbet?

Rebetting your remaining selections is a seamless process which takes just a few short steps to complete:

Sportingbet Rebet
  1. Go to the “Settled bets” menu;
  2. Choose any remaining fixtures that are still in play;
  3. Click on the Sportingbet Edit My Bet option;
  4. Click on “Re add to betslip“;
  5. Add any of the active selections in the new slip;
  6. Confirm your choices.

After confirmation, your bet will appear with the latest available odds on your bet slip.

Sportingbet Mobile Rebet & Edit My Bet

Sportingbet Rebet and Edit My Bet are available and fully functional on any smartphone or tablet. You can choose between using the mobile version or downloading the Sportingbet mobile app. It is just a matter of preference what device you use.

Edit Bet Terms and Conditions

As usual, some Terms and Conditions apply for both these options. Most of them are common, so we will list only the crucial things you need to keep in mind.

  • When an Edit My Bet Request is made, it is subject to a Cash-out before the edited version is placed.
  • Confirming a request may take time. If prices change or a market is suspended, your bet request may be rejected.
  • Edit My Bet and Rebet Sportingbet may impact eligibility for promotions. Check your active offers’ T&Cs.
  • The availability of the options is not guaranteed. Certain limitations on sports or markets may apply.
  • Edit My Bet can be available only on pre-match events if Sportingbet does not support in-play for that game.

Benefits of Using Rebet Sportingbet

If you are still wondering if these two are worth trying or how they will benefit your play, we have some arguments we are sure will convince you.

Advanced control
With Edit My Bet, you have all the control you’ll ever need. If you are unsure of any event, just remove it. On the contrary, increase your stake if you are convinced of the outcome. Whatever happens, you don’t need to worry about your open bets – Sportingbet has your back.
Saves time
Especially when using Rebet, which requires just a few clicks and gets you back in the game in seconds.
Basically, both Sportingbet Rebet and Edit My Bet are available at any event with cash-out. This means the bookie has many options for using them.


What does Rebet means in Sportingbet?

Sportingbet Rebet is an exclusive option that allows you to resubmit your bets automatically if any of the legs are lost.

Can I use Rebet Sportingbet with bonus funds?

Using Rebet or Edit My Bet could impact bonus wagering, so you have to check the terms and conditions of any Sportingbet bonus you are interested in to see if any limitations apply.

When is Edit My Bet available?

Sportingbet edit my bet is available on a wide range of markets and sports. However, any event could have limitations, so double-check if you want to use it.

What can I edit on my bets?

Many editing options are available, including adding or removing selections, swapping one event with another, and even increasing your current stake.

How can I avoid rejection of my edit request?

You can get a rejection on your request if the cashout value or odds of any market changes. You can avoid that by enabling cash out value changes and selecting to ignore any odds changes.

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