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Are you feeling lucky? If yes, Supabets Lucky Numbers, christened Supanumbers, grants you access to over 50 lotteries from different countries to play. Here, your only task is to predict the numbers likely to appear on the final draw for a chance to win cash.

Read on as we take you through the basics of how to play Supabets Numbers, the betting options, and more!


Supanumbers Overview

Supabets Numbers Overview

Supabets lotto section is accessible by clicking the “Supanumbers” tab on the site’s main menu. This opens a neatly arranged dark-themed page/interface with a sub-menu with the following options: Lucky Numbers List, Multi Pick, and Results.

Just below the menu is a search tab that you can use to find a particular lottery quickly. Right next to the tab is a dropdown button for filtering the lotteries by time and country. The simplicity of the section and responsive controls add to a great experience when interacting with the site.

Superbets Lucky Numbers Draws

Africa, Russia, and the UK. Here, you will find several buttons which you can use to access the most popular lucky numbers. Besides, you will find the following selections:

  • Pick 1: Cash Pot Early Bird, Cash Pot Morning, Cashpot Midday, Cash Pot Drivetime
  • Pick 3: Texas Pick3, New York Pick3, and Florida Pick 3
  • Pick 4: New York Pick4, Texas Pick4, Illinois Pick 4, and California Pick 4
  • 5 Balls: Russia Gosloto 5/36, UK Health, Italy Genova Lotto, Italy Bari Lotto, and Illinois Lucky Midday.
  • 6 Balls: Supa 49, Russia Gosloto 6/45, Philippines 6/42, Irish Daily Afternoon, and Lithuania Jega
  • 7 Balls: Russia Gosloto 7/49, Barbados Midday, Barbados Afternoon, and Finland Lotto.

Each type of lotto dictates the total amount of picks you can make from a list of numbers. For instance, Pick 1 Supabets lotto allows you to make a single pick, whereas Pick Four accepts four picks from a list of numbers.

The simplicity and variety of options in Lucky Numbers are among the many driving factors as to why the online casino market volume is projected to hit $407.10 by the year 2028.

How to play Supanumbers?

Supabets Numbers - How to Play

Playing Supabets Lucky Numbers is plain sailing and should take less than five minutes to place your bets. Simply start by logging into your Supabets SA account and choosing a selection. After that, apply these quick steps:

  1. Pick the Supabets lotto you want
  2. Select the numbers you think will appear on the draw
  3. Hit the green “Add to slip” button to include your selections on the bet slip
  4. Stake some cash
  5. Click the “PLACE YOUR BETS” buttons to submit the bet

Supanumbers Betting Options & Features

When playing Supabets Lotto, you will encounter several betting options that vary depending on the draw. There is the classic option where you get to randomly pick the numbers you think will appear on the Supabets results page.

Some lotteries will also give you the option to bet on the first ball colour of the standard draw or the first bonus ball colour. You can pick Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, or Even Brown for this selection.

Other betting options include Odd/Even or first bonus Low/High. The betting options determine the odds and ultimately influence the Supabets Lotto payout. In addition to the Supanumbers betting options, expect the following Supanumbers features:

Multi Pick

Supabets Numbers Multi Pick

Supanumbers offers a multi-pick feature, which allows you to bet on several lotteries at once. Once you opt for the function, Supabets will provide you with a list of numbers. Your only job is to make your pick and add the digits on the lotteries you want by checking the box next to the draw.

After that, hit the “Add to slip” button for the operator to include the numbers in all your chosen lotteries, enter your stake, and submit the bet. This feature eases the process of betting on more than one lottery product.

Bonus Ball

A bonus ball is available for selection after making the standard pick. This ball contains a digit that will significantly influence the size of the prize money if the draw is correct. Therefore, the bonus ball feature can help you significantly increase your expected payout.

The maximum number of bonus balls depends on the draw, and so are the odds of the balls.

Superbets Lucky Numbers Bonus

The operator has yet to include an exclusive Lucky Numbers bonus. However, Supabets is popular for adding promotions to the existing offers to keep players excited and active. Therefore, keep checking the promotions page in case the operator adds the offer.

Also, remember to review the bonus terms to know whether you will need to meet a wagering requirement before initiating a Supabets lotto payout in your account.

Tips for Playing Supanumbers

Supabets Lucky Numbers is a game of chance! But then, there are strategies that you can apply to increase your winning probability and streamline your gaming experience. These tips include:

Play frequently drawn numbers

Check the Supabets results yesterday and the day before and confirm numbers that are drawn more often. You can also review a load of data for previous supabets results to help you make an accurate pick. The probability of such numbers being repeated in the near future is usually high, making them ideal selections.

Bet on more numbers

Sometimes, betting on multiple numbers per draw is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning. All you need to do is purchase several tickets and make as many selections as possible.

Finally, try your favorite numbers

Everyone has their favorite numbers, which always pop up in their mind whenever digits are involved. Try those numerals, as you may end up being one of the few players to make a selection that will appear in the final draw. This tip is applicable for Pick 1, 2, and 3 lottos.

You can also use it for 5-ball, 6-ball, and even 7-ball Supabets lotto.

Supabets Results

Supabets Results For Lotto

Get the Supabets lotto results for today and yesterday’s draws on the results page. Supabets results is a section with information about the previous draws. In case you don’t find the Supabets results you are looking for, use the search button to narrow down to particular draws.

You can also use the Supabets results page to find some of the most frequently drawn numbers. This makes it an essential section of Supanumbers.



How do I check my Supabets results?

You can check your lottery results by loading the Supanumbers section and hitting the “Results” button. You will find the control right next to the Multi Pick button.

Where can I find the Supabets lunchtime results for today?

You can find Supabets lunchtime results for today on the Supabets results page. Choose the lotto whose results you wish to check and narrow it down to the lunchtime draw. The same is applicable for Supabets teatime results.

Are Supabets classic lotto 3-ball results available?

Yes, Supabets classic lotto 3-ball results are available for users. Scrolling down the Supabets results page, you will find draws labeled 3-ball.

What is the Supabets numbers payouts?

Supabets numbers payouts vary depending on the lotto and betting option. This is because each selection or betting option has distinct odds influencing the payouts.

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