Supabets Voucher: How To Top Up Your Account

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If you have been thinking about using a Supabets voucher to get the fire started with your betting account, you’ll need to know what options are available to you. After checking out the payment methods at Supabets, we found around 5 different voucher options that you could use, all of which are reliable. Let’s get into how you can purchase these vouchers and how to load them onto your Supabets betting account.


How to make a voucher deposit at Supabets?

Supabets Voucher Deposit

To use a Supabets deposit voucher on the site is no trouble at all. From buying the voucher to making the actual deposit at Supabets shouldn’t take you long, and before you know it, you’ll have cash to bet with. Here is how to get cash into your account using a voucher.

  1. Purchase one of the vouchers from your local shops. If you were lucky enough to get a Supabets free voucher, then you can skip this step.
  2. Top up the voucher with cash.
  3. Head to Supabets and login to your account.
  4. Make your way to the deposit section and choose the voucher that you bought from the list of options under the vouchers tab.
  5. Enter the voucher details and the voucher pin that you’ll find on the card. It will either be a 12 or 16-digit code.
  6. Redeem the code, and your funds will instantly reflect in your Supabets account.

Make a Voucher Deposit at Supabets

What is a Supabets Voucher?

Supbets Vouchers

A Supabets voucher is a means by which you can top up your betting account. These vouchers can be purchased at your local stores and topped up with cash. You then use the Supabets voucher serial number in the deposit section of the site to load the voucher into your betting account. The process is quick and easy, as vouchers are readily available in person and online.


1Voucher Logo

A Supabets deposit voucher you can use is the ever-reliable 1Voucher. 1Voucher can be purchased at a number of stores, but they have a few partner stores in Pep, Shoprite, Checkers, and USave. 1Voucher also has a dedicated website where you can buy them. You can then top up the voucher with Visa or Mastercard. Once you have your voucher, simply enter the Supabets voucher code in the deposit section and complete your transaction.

OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher Logo

The OTT voucher Supabets option is probably one of the more popular options. OTT has become a household name here in Mzansi, especially for online betting activities. OTT vouchers can be purchased online through their official platform, or you can grab yourself a voucher in person at a multitude of different stores (Game, Makro, Pep, Shoprite, etc.) across the country.

When you have loaded your cash onto your OTT voucher, you can then redeem the code in the deposits section at Supabets where your funds are immediately credited to your account.

Supabets Voucher

Supabets Voucher Logo

Supabets have actually created a voucher of their own that you can purchase from the same retail stores that we have already mentioned. This gives you even more options to choose from on the voucher front. The voucher gets cash into your betting account instantly, so there is no waiting around for your funds to clear. From what we could tell, there is no minimum limit on the Supabets voucher. You’ll need to enter the voucher code like all the others when you make your deposit with this option.

Kazang Voucher

Kazang Logo

The minimum and maximum deposit amounts at Supabets for a Kazang voucher are not stated, but we can’t imagine that they would vary all that much from the other voucher options. They are equally accessible through local shops and through their online store where you can pick up a few vouchers as well.

Blu Voucher

Blu Voucher Logo

Much like the other voucher options, you can grab a Blu voucher at your local retail shops or even petrol stations. Unlike the other options, Blue vouchers use a 16 digit code, not a 12-digit code so keep this in mind when you enter the voucher details for your deposits at Supabets.

Alternative deposit options of Supabets

Now, if Supabets vouchers are not your thing, that is fine, too. There are a number of other deposit options on the site that our fellow sports betting fans in SA can use to top up their accounts.

You can make use of OZOW for an instant EFT, credit/debit cards from 4 different banks, or Peach Payments. Users can also use MTN Momo, PayU, SID Instant Deposit, and DPO Paygate. The minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals will vary from method to method, but the absolute maximum withdrawal is capped at R1 million on the site right now.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire TransferR10not stated1 - 3 business days
FNB eWallet LogoFNB eWalletR1R1,000,000up to 24 hours
Credit Cards LogoCredit CardsR1not statedInstant
Debit Cards LogoDebit CardsR1not statedInstant
PayU LogoPayUR20R1,000,000Instant
Blu Voucher LogoBlu VoucherR1not statedInstant
1VOUCHER Logo1VOUCHERR1not statedInstant
OTT Vouchers LogoOTT VouchersR1not statedInstant
Kazang LogoKazangR1not statedInstant
Ozow LogoOzowR1R1,000,000Instant
SID LogoSIDR20R1,000,000Instant
Absa Bank LogoAbsa BankR1R1,000,000up to 24 hours
Peach Payments LogoPeach PaymentsR20R1,000,000Instant


Overall, we were impressed with the number of vouchers on the site. The options we reviewed cover more than enough for users to choose from, so it’s unlikely that you won’t find one of these at your local shops or filling stations.

Not only are the options plentiful but the whole process we found to be simple as well. From purchasing a voucher to entering the code into the deposit section at Supabets, there really was nothing difficult about it. You should have no issues getting cash into your betting account using any of the vouchers available at Supabets.


Where to buy Supabets voucher?

You can buy Supabets vouchers from a number of different stores and filling stations in SA right now. From Game and Pep to Shoprite and more, there are plenty of places you can buy them. You can even purchase these vouchers online through their own platforms as well.

Which voucher to buy for Supabets?

This will be subjective. What we can say is that the voucher options at Supabets are reliable, so at the end of the day it won’t matter all that much which one you decide to go for. That said, we tested out the OTT voucher and found that it ran smoothly. If you can find a Supabets free voucher code, you should opt for that, although they are not easy to come by.

How do I recharge my Supabets voucher?

The Supabets voucher recharge option may not be available for all of the voucher options. That said, you can recharge your existing voucher with some of the options by heading to their platforms and loading more cash. That said, most of these sites will simply issue you a new voucher.

How to buy Supabets voucher online?

To buy Supabets voucher online, you can either head to the individual platforms of these sites, for example, OTT. From there, you can buy the vouchers straight through the platform. You may also have the option to buy these vouchers through your personal banking apps, depending on the bank you are with.

How to load Supabets voucher?

You need to head to the deposits section on the site, choose the voucher you have purchased, and then enter the Supabets voucher code you have. This code is usually about 12 to 16 digits long.

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