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Yesplay Login Account

YesPlay is a South African bookmaker established in 2002. They launched their online gaming services in 2013. Since then, it has been active in South Africa, offering an awesome sports betting experience.

This YesPlay login review will focus on all you need to know about the login process at the bookie. It will cover sign-in steps, common login problems, features, benefits, and bonuses you will likely earn here.

The YesPlay Account Sign-in Process

After the YesPlay registration process, you must sign into your online betting account to start playing. Follow the guide below to log in to your account. Hope you still remember your Yesplay login details entered on the registration form.

YesPlay login
  1. Open the official YesPlay login site.
  2. Select between Google, Apple, Facebook, and mobile sign-in methods.
  3. If you choose the phone number method, provide the mobile number.
  4. Next, key in your password
  5. Click ‘Enter‘ to access your Yesplay account.
  6. YesPlay Login Account


Although the above is the most common method, which takes just a few clicks, being one of the best SA bookmakers, Yesplay offers several other ways to sign up with. These include:

YesPlay Log-in Process Through Google
  1. To sign into your account with Google, follow the below steps.
  2. Click ‘Sign in‘ on the far-right corner of your screen.
  3. Secondly, select ‘Sign in with Google‘ from the list of options available.
  4. Afterwards, select your Google account, and you will be directed to your YesPlay account.
YesPlay Facebook account sign
  1. If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to register and sign in through the below steps.
  2. Click on sign-in on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Move on to select ‘Sign in with Facebook‘.
  4. Immediately, you will be requested to enter your FB account password if you are not logged in.
  5. After a few seconds of verification, you will access your account.
YesPlay Apple Account Sign-in Process
  1. Follow the below steps to log into YesPlay through your Apple account.
  2. Click the signup/sign in button on the right of your screen.
  3. Choose ‘Sign in with Apple
  4. Enter your mobile phone number or email address, followed by your password.
  5. You will be logged into the YesPlay account.

YesPlay App Login – Is the Experience Similar to a Desktop Site?

YesPlay login download apk

Simply yes! The process of doing YesPlay mobile login is similar to that of logging in via the desktop site. Let us compare the login steps in a table to see how similar the two are.

Sign in on the desktop
  • Load the official YesPlay website 
  • Locate the sign-in/sign-up button on the right corner
  • Next, select your preferred sign-in method
  • Enter your password or use a social account to log in
Sign in on the app
  • Launch your YesPlay app
  • Locate the sign-in/sign-up button on the right corner
  • Choose your preferred sign-in method 
  • Key in a password or use a social site to log in 

As seen above, the two processes are uniform. Thus, there are zero differences between the YesPlay mobile login processes and the desktop site.

Special Features and Benefits of the YesPlay Login Registered Players

When you log into your YesPlay account, you will enjoy several key features to make your stay at the bookie exciting.

Firstly, there is the account update feature. This feature lets you easily change details like passwords to ensure your account retains maximum security.

Secondly, you will enjoy setting betting limits. This helps you determine how much you need to gamble per time. Eventually, this helps in regulating your gambling habits and eventually prevents irresponsible gambling.

Lastly, you can view all your betting history, enabling you to know how well you are doing in your bets. This may allow you to discover what you need to do better in your gaming escapades.

Do I get any YesPlay Bonuses When I Sign In?

Sure, there are plenty of bonuses to help players from South Africa start betting and playing their favourite casino games. You will find the following offers for new and existing YesPlay punters if you visit the promotions sections.

  • 🎁 First deposit bonus
  • 🎁 Drops and wins slots promo
  • 🎁 Drops and wins live casino promo
  • 🎁 Cashback loyalty bonus for lucky numbers

There are many bonuses to get at the bookmaker. However, you must keep an eye on the promotions section to know what is available every time.

These promotions will be used in lucky numbers betting, live casino games, sports betting, and bet games.

YesPlay Sign-in Problems and Their Solutions

The YesPlay login process has some challenges. But, these are manageable as we have solutions to each of them. See the below list of these problems and the solutions you could use to log in successfully.

  • Wrong password – An invalid password error means you entered the wrong YesPlay password when logging in. This needs you to key in your correct password to proceed. If you forgot, you could reset it.
  • Account Suspended – If you violate YesPlay account terms, it will be suspended. If this happens, you will not be able to log in again. However, you could contact customer support to find out the reason for the account suspension. If possible, they will help lift the suspension.
  • One-time password not sent – To enhance your account security, you can enable the 2-factor authentication. Whenever you wish to do YesPlay login in, you will get a code on your mobile device. If this code does not come to your phone promptly, you can contact YesPlay support for assistance.
  • Maintenance of the YesPlay Website – The YesPlay website goes through regular maintenance to give you proper betting services. At such a time, you cannot access the betting site. The only option is waiting for the website to resume online.

Contacting the Yesplay Customer Support

Certainly, you will experience an issue or two when punting here. However, this should be fine with you, as you can contact YesPlay support. Below are the contact details.

SA phone contact:+27 21 200 5992
Live chat:Available on-site ✔️


Playing at YesPlay South Africa requires you to log into your account. But, the process is not complicated at all. In fact, there are different login options for you. If you do not want to use your phone number, you can make use of your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. Interestingly, you sign in through a single click on each of the above options.

With such a simple YesPlay bet login process, you are sure that your gaming experience will be awesome in the online bookmaker.

FAQ About the YesPlay Login Account Procedure

What is the process to log in to my YesPlay account?

The login YesPlay process is easy. Enter your phone number and the password. Alternatively, use your Facebook, Apple, or Google account.

Will I get any Yesplay bonus when I login?

Yes. You have the welcome bonus and other bonuses like the drops and wins bonus for a fun-filled gaming experience at YesPlay South Africa.

Is resetting my YesPlay bet login password easy?

Of course, it is easy. Click on the ‘Click here’ button next to the ‘Forgot password’ area of the YesPlay login section. Afterwards, you will be able to create a new password.

Is it possible to change my YesPlay email address?

Yes, you can change your email by contacting customer support, who will help you.

Is it possible to log into YesPlay using social media accounts?

Why not! You can use Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts.

What happens when I enter YesPlay bet login details wrongly several times?

If you do this, YesPlay could restrict your account, thinking someone else is trying to impersonate you. Therefore, try changing your password or contact support for help.

Is Yesplay Legit?

Yes. Yesplay is a solid betting site licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

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