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It is normal to place multi-bets and lose because one selection was settled as a loss. In such cases, you can take advantage of the Betway Money Back Boost. With this promotion, punters can claim up to 20X their wagers when one selection loses in their multi-bets. For example, with a €20 stake, you will be eligible for a Money Back Boost of up to €400.

What Happens When You Lose One Game on BetWay

There is great fun that comes with placing multi-bets, but a little tricky as one selection can fail the whole bet, leading to a loss despite correct predictions.

When playing at Betway, you don’t have to worry as you are sure of the money-back guarantee offer when one of the selections in an accumulator bet fails you.

How does the Money back boost work?

Betway money back boost

Essentially, the Betway Moneyback Boost is a promotion that gives you a chance to get back your stake when one selection in your accumulator bet fails you. The multi-bet promotion works as follows:

  1. If you make 6 to 10 selections with odds of at least 1.5, you will get 100% of your stake back.
  2. If you make 11 to 15 selections with odds of at least 1.3, you will get 200% of your stake back.
  3. If you make 16 to 20 selections with odds of at least 1.3, you will get 10X your stake back.
  4. If you make a multi-bet with more than 20 selections at odds of 1.3 or higher, you will qualify for a 20X money back boost.
Terms of the Promotion
  • 👉 Wagers made with free bets will not qualify for the offer.
  • 👉 You will only get the funds if only one selection loses in the multi-bet.
  • 👉 The funds will be added to your account within 24 hours of the last match being settled.
  • 👉 Bets that are cashed out will not qualify for the offer.

Get Your Boost

How to Refund Up To 20x Your Bet

Up to now, one thing is clear; If your accumulator has many selections, the money-back offer is stronger, and thus, you will get back a larger amount.

Therefore, if you include minimum selections in your accumulator, you will earn a little money back. To ensure you get a maximum money-back value set at 20x, you must place an accumulator bet with more than 21 selections.

Additionally, each of your multi-bet selections must have odds of at least 1.3. If one of the selections in the bet fails you, you will get a refund of 20x your original stake.

More Selections Equals Bigger Refunds

The money-back offer of BetWay checks your risk level. If you are the punter to place an accumulator bet with minimum selections, then the refund given by BetWay will be smaller.

If you are the kind who uses many selections in your accumulator, then it means you have shouldered a more significant risk, and if things don’t go well, you will get a bigger refund from BetWay.

To sum it up, the minimum selections (6) offer you a 100% refund, while the maximum selections (21) offer you a 20x refund.


What happens to a multi-bet when one game is lost?

When one game is lost, the multi-bet loses, and you do not get any payout for the correct selections.

What are the minimum odds for the Money Back Boost promotion?

Multi-bets with 6 to 10 selections must have odds of at least 1.5 per leg. Bets with more than 10 selections must have odds of at least 1.3 per leg.

How are things when you lose by one team on BetWay?

What happens when you lose one game on Betway is that you are given a refund depending on the number of selections in your bet.

What happens when a game is not resulted BetWay?

When one game is not resulted in BetWay, the whole accumulator bet becomes void unless the result is already known.

Do you get your stake back on BetWay?

Yes, you do get your stake back at Betway. But this is only when you fully qualify for the refund boost bonus and fully meet its requirements.

Does this bonus have rollover requirements?

No, this bonus is granted as cash.

How can I claim the Betway Money Back Boost?

The funds will be added to your account within 24 hours of the final match being settled. You don’t need to claim it as it is granted automatically to all qualifying punters.

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