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Aviator South Africa is likely so popular in the country right now because of its simplicity. It’s a quick bet and cash-out system where you have control of when you want to tap out before the plan potentially flies away. We know that all sounds a bit odd, but it will all be clearer when we show you how the game works shortly.

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Where to Play Aviator Game in South Africa?

Aviator has taken off (see what we did there?) here in SA with the bigger casino sites. There are a few quality platforms where you can sink your teeth into this exciting type of gambling in SA. Let’s check out how to play Aviator and where the best sites are for you to play.

Hollywoodbets Aviator

At Hollywoodbets, you can find the Aviator game option in the left-hand menu on the home screen. When you head to the page, you are greeted by all of the users who have just made a bet, while the total number of bets is on the left. Hollywoodbets have really smooth animations for the takeoff each round, with no glitches or lag issues.

Supabets Aviator

Supabets also offers an Aviator feature. It looks much the same as Hollywoodbets with the same smooth software behind the game helping to run without any issues. You’ll find your game experience to be equally as good at Supabets, that’s for sure.

Betway Aviator

Betway have got you covered with their Aviator betting game as well. They round out the top 3 sites that we have seen in SA right now that have the title as a gambling option. You will find the Aviator bet option at the top of the homepage amongst all of the gambling options that Betway provides.

Easybet Aviator

Get access to Easybet Aviator from the main menu of the website. With its high-end graphics, the game is a suitable option for every casino enthusiast who wants immediate results and attractive payouts. Plus, they’ve got your back with regular Aviator offers.

Play Aviator Demo Here

Playing the Aviator game with the best online casinos in SA is a lot easier than you think. This is largely down to how well these sites are set up and how easy the game itself is to follow.

How to Play Aviator

Aviator is a game that runs 24/7 with all of the sites that we have already mentioned. The rules of the game are simple.

A play starts to take off; as the plane rises, the multiplier increases. You place your bet before the plane begins to take off, once it does, it’s up to you to decide when you want to cashout as the multiplier rises. If you hold on for too long, the plane may fly away, at which point your bet is lost.

For example, if you bet R50, and the plane reaches a multiplier of 10x at which point you cashout, you will have won R500. However, if you held on too long and the plane flew away at 11x, your bet is lost.

There are a few features that you can use to help you with the game. For example, you don’t have to manually cashout. Instead, you can set an auto cashout limit, which will tap you out of each round at a set multiplier limit. You can use the same feature for auto betting each round as well.

Aviator Winning Tips for South African Players

It’s important to remember that Aviator is a game of chance. It’s all about when you decide to cash out in each round. While there may not be any inherent skill required to play the game, there are a few tips you can use to make sure you make the most of your bankroll.

👉 Play Aviator demo games first – A good way to get a feel for the game is to play an Aviator demo. Some sites here in SA will let you demo the game first before you start betting with real cash. Do this first to get a feel for the game.

👉 Make use of auto cashout – Every online casino in SA that has the title as an option for you to play will also be sure to have the auto cashout feature. You can manually cashout each round but you never know how precious that millisecond might be that you waste clicking the cash out button yourself. Save yourself the trouble by using the preset cashout option.

👉 Start small with your bets – It’s a good idea to start small with your bets. By doing so, you can slowly build up your bankroll while playing the game. Once you start getting some more cash into your account through smaller wins, you can then start ramping up your bets to be a bit bigger.

👉 Mix up your multipliers – Be sure to mix up the multiplier you use later down the line. If you only stick to a 1x or 2x multiplier every round, you may miss out on the ones that go a lot higher than that. It’s a good idea to eventually start to mix up your bets a little more.

👉 Set betting limits – If you are working on a tight budget, then make sure that you are never losing more money than you are willing to lose in the first place. If you exceed your budget, don’t go chasing your losses. This just leads to more losses most of the time.

Aviator Betting Game Bonuses

Both Supabets and Hollywood bets currently have Aviator specific bonuses that you can claim. Both platforms are randomly giving away free bet prizes to users that are currently in the live chat of the game over the weekend, i.e Saturday and Sunday.


How to win Aviator?

There is no set way to win Aviator. It’s all about getting lucky and cashing out at the right time.

How much can I win in Aviator game?

The multiplier can go as high as possible. The amount you can win is based on your initial bet times how high the multiplier got to before you cashed out.

Can I play Aviator free?

Yes, you can often play for free with an Aviator app or by signing up to the best online casino sites through your desktop browser.

Is Aviator Game provably fair?

Yes, all Aviator games on SA sites are provably fair-certified.

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