Login Problems in Online Betting

Login problems are quite common when SA punters try to get into their account to switch online casinos and sportsbooks. However, these problems are usually one quick fix away by simply resetting your password or your username. Let’s check out how you can overcome these ogin problems should you ever run into them.

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What the Common Bookmaker Login Problems

Login problems won’t be happening to you all the time but they do pop up every now and then. The best thing you can do going in is to know what these problems look like and how to fix them.

Lost Password

A lost password is one of the most common login issues players run into. If you do happen to forget your password, you’ll obviously be unable to access your account. Don’t panic; there are ways to get around this.

👉 Solution: First off, it’s a good idea to keep your password written down somewhere. It’s old school, but it works. Outside of that, every online casino here in SA has a password recovery system. When you get to the bookmaker login page, just select the “forgot password” option. From there, they will send you an email with which you can begin to reset your password.

Forgotten Username

Just like with your password, the forgotten username is just as common. Many players may forget that they add a 123 or a capital letter here or there to their usernames. And much like with forgetting your password, you will find an option to recover or reset your username during the betting site login process.

👉 Solution: It may vary, but it should read along the lines of “forgot username and password” or “reset username”. The casino will send you an email where you can follow steps to reset your username in a matter of minutes.

Wrong Phone Number

This is a little bit more of a unique issue. Chances are, you will only need to enter your phone number once during the sign up process, although some sites vary. If for whatever reason you have your password reset and you need it sent to your phone number, then this may be an issue.

👉 Solution: Luckily, most of these sites give you the option to have forgotten usernames or passwords sent to your email. Just change the option during the reset process to email and you should be good to go.

FICA Needed

You can always create an account with casino sites here in SA, but you won’t be able to bet unless you have FICA registered with your account. That means sending through a copy of your passport, standard ID or driver’s licence.

👉 Solution: The only way around a FICA-related issue with your account is by sending through copies of the documents we mentioned. If the sportsbook or casino is getting back to you, try contacting their customer support to see what the issue is.

Blocked Account

A blocked account could happen for a variety of reasons. You may have tried to claim a bonus with the same IP address after already having claimed it; you could be taking part in suspicious betting activity or anything in between. These are a little more tricky to get around as the sportsbook has now lost trust in you.

👉 Solution: If you think they have made a mistake then the only way to rectify the situation is by contacting their support team through a live chat feature or email.

Technical Issues

Technical issues could mean a number of things, and from what we can tell you from past e princess, it’s usually a problem on the side of the sportsbook or casino.

👉 Solution: However, if you are having technical issues with your login or if you are getting error codes while trying to access your account. You’ll need to reach out to the support teams on these sites again. Customer support really is the go to for most problems you have on these sites.


Can I Report a Betting Site if I’m Being Blocked?

You can report a betting site if you are having login problems or if you have been blocked. To be perfectly honest though, it likely won’t make much of a difference. These sites reserve the right to restrict access to any accounts so you would be fighting a losing battle unfortunately.

Can I Withdraw My Winnings if I’m Unable to Log into My Account?

No, you will need to be logged in to withdraw your winnings. Fear not though, most of the time getting back into your account is a very fixable problem.

Can I Bet Using My Google Account?

There are some sites that will let you create your account by simply signing in with your Google account but they are few and far between.

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