Hollywoodbets History

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Hollywoodbets History

Hollywoodbets is a betting site with a long track record of offering the best coverage and bonus rewards that are too hard to say no to! The sportsbook, which now commands a presence in much of Africa and parts of Europe, has managed to be the most sought-after gambling platform for South Africans even after over two decades of operation. The platform of Hollywoodbets offers sports betting, casino games, lucky numbers, and more! The online site is headquartered in Umhlanga, South Africa, with Suren Rampersadh as the CEO.

What’s the Hollywoodbets Story

Hollywoodbets history dates back to the 1980s when owner of Hollywoodbets Owen Heffer and his wife Lesley settled in Durban, SA from Zimbabwe. The Heffers may have come to South Africa with little to nothing, but Owen Heffer had a passion for horse racing that had him hand out tip sheets at races he attended.

This then gave birth to Winning Form, a company the business magnate started offering racecards for horse racing in South Africa.

Owen would gain steam from the success of Winning Form, and his entrepreneurial mind would come up with the idea to become a bookmaker. The budding businessman then partnered with Suren Rampersadh, a business partner, to open the first bookmaker shop along Argyle Road (in 1998). The first shop enjoyed such overwhelming success that the bookmaker had to expand its services to other parts of South Africa, Africa, and Europe.

To date, the casino has managed to grow its global presence while still staying true to its roots and keeping its headquarters in South Africa.

What are the Hollywoodbets Markets?

Hollywoodbets has entered many different markets with its rapid growth and player acceptance. With an ever-expanding audience incentivised by an ample supply of great Hollywoodbets bonus offers, the company has become one of the leading gambling brands in South Africa (with over 100 shops sprawled nationwide).

Being the worldwide brand it is, you can expect that Hollywoodbets has command of several markets globally. Hollywoodbets history is marked by first branching out with the establishment of its first offices in Mozambique. Since then, the company has expanded to set up offices in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Fun Facts about Hollywoodbets

Fun Fact 1: The Origin of the Name

The name Hollywoodbets is inspired by the Hollywood Park racecourse of Los Angeles. The racecourse was one of the favourites for Owen Heffer, who would always come out with a win, playing wagers on events held at the racecourse. Owen then thought it wise to name his gambling company after the racecourse. Hollywood Park has since closed down. The location currently houses a casino that replaced the racecourse in 2013.

Fun Fact 2: Hollywoodbets was launched on a hunch

As the story goes, Owen Heffer would come up with the idea to give horse racing fans tips that would eventually spark the idea to start a casino. Owen Heffer had a good feeling about his knack for horse racing picks and sought to start a wagering platform, which turned out to be pure genius.

Fun Fact 3: Hollywoodbets is one of the oldest wagering brands in South Africa

With over two decades of operation and having started with physical shops, Hollywoodbets history shows it to be the oldest sportsbook in South Africa. Having kept a South African Identity throughout its years of operation, the brand has become one of the highlights if we are talking South African wagering.

Fun Fact 4: Winning Form is still operational

Winning Form was the company that gave rise to Hollywoodbets and would print racecards for horse racing in South Africa. The company is still operational and still prints racecards for all horse races in South Africa.

Fun Fact 5: Hollywoodbets offers one the biggest jackpots in South Africa

Hollywoodbets’ Spina Zonke Jackpot is one of the biggest for South African players.

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