Betfred 49s South Africa Review, Odds & Ratings 2024

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Betfred 49s results

Betfred 49s is an exclusive lottery offered on Betfred and is not attached to any country. The draw is available two times a day, every day. In this read, we will share details on how to bet on Betfred 49s results and the Betfred 49s odds. We’ll also shed light on getting teatime and lunchtime results, as well as other lotteries you can play at the site. 

An Overview of Betfred 49s

The Betfred 49s is a daily lottery or a numbers betting game at Betway that takes place two times every day – one at lunchtime and another at teatime. In this lottery game, you get to choose between one and 5 numbers without a booster ball for the maximum payout.

If all the numbers chosen are drawn, you win. The lunchtime 49s lottery draw happens at exactly 12:49, while the evening or teatime draw takes place at 17:49. You are free to participate in either one or both draws. You can also choose to take part in a draw that is 4-weeks apart.

The lottery game is much more exciting as it is not linked to any country. This implies that anyone can participate in the draw either on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

How to bet on the Betfred 49s

Whether it is your first bet or consecutive bet on lotteries, wagering on Betfred 49s results is an easy process that should take you less than 5 minutes. Begin by logging into your Betfred account. After that, apply the following steps:

Betfred 49s lotto results
  1. Navigate to the lotto page and pick 49s results Betfred
  2. Select the numbers you wish to bet on
  3. Choose the Bet type from the drop-down menu, for instance, Lucky15 or Patent
  4. Add the bets to the bet slip
  5. Enter your stake and place the bet

After you submit your bet, wait for the next draw to determine whether you have won. Even though betting on lotteries such as the New York Lotto and Irish Lotto is a game of chance, you can apply some steps to increase your winning chances.

For instance, place multiple bets per draw. To ensure you don’t spend a lot of money in the process, you can make the bets as a group or syndicate. Also, avoid repeating numbers that appeared in the previous 49s results, Betfred. This is because their probability of showing in the next draw is minimal. 

Exploring the Betfred 49s Interface

The betting site has an incredible Betfred results 49s page. When you launch the section, expect a unique blue-themed interface with a white background. The top section of the page contains a countdown for the next draw in days, hours, and minutes.

On the top left corner, the page has toggles that you can use to view the results and info, whereas the remaining section of the page comprises details regarding Betfred Lotto results 49s. With such a simple layout and responsive controls, it is absolute that the Betfred Results 49s page is convenient and accommodating to new customers and seasoned players alike.  

Understanding the Betfred 49s results

Before you proceed to participate in the lottery, you should understand Betfred results. For starters, Betfred results are determined by random draws from a group of numbers labelled 1 to 49. Every draw is not only random but also independent of each other.

To view the results, hit the results button on the top right corner of the Betfred results 49s page and filter the information by date. Here, we have details regarding each Betfred 49s results. 

Latest 49’s Results

You can catch all the latest Betfred 49s results on the UK 49s official lottery website. All results on both platforms are posted within 15 minutes of each draw.  

Lunchtime Results

Betfred lunchtime draw takes place every day at 12:49. You can view 49 Betfred results immediately after the draw takes place.

Teatime Results

The Betfred Teatime draws, also referred to as the evening draw, take place a couple of hours after the lunchtime draw (17:49). Immediately after the draw happens, the operator updates the results on the Betfred 49s results page. Some of the recent Teatime results available on the page include:

Betfred 49s lotto odds explained

The 49s lotto offers the best odds, especially if compared to other lotteries. Here, you are served with 49 balls, from which you need to choose six numbers per draw. This is without including the bonus ball, also called the booster ball. Remember, the 49s fixed odds vary across bookmakers, and the following are odds for winning at Betfred Lotto:

Betfred 49s results today

You can catch the Betfred 49s latest results draw in the comfort of your account. The process is easy whether you are logged into your profile or not. Simply keep time and click the watch results option immediately after it pops up.

A screen will open where you can watch the draw in real-time. Note that this is applicable to Betfred 49s lunchtime results or the teatime draw. In case you miss the draw, you can easily follow up on the Betfred 49s today’s results page. After all, the bookie updates the section once the draw is complete. 

Promotions and bonuses for Betfred 49s

Betfred is a generous betting site with multiple promotions that you can claim and use to play different lucky numbers games such as Betfred 49s. Unfortunately, there are no regular bonuses or free bets for Betfred 49s, but this may be temporary. So, keep checking the bonus page in case the bookie adds special offers to claim.  

Similar lottery games available at Betfred

Besides Betfred 49s there are several other lotto betting opportunities to explore at the bookie. Similar lottery games available at the site include Daily Million, German, Greek, French, and New York lottos. You can also bet on the following Betfred lotto options: 

Irish Lotto

Betfred offers Irish Lotto, one of the most famous lotteries in South Africa. The Irish Lotto comprise 47 balls, from which you need to pick 6 or 7 balls. You can participate in the draw twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

There is also a different version called Betfred Lotto – Irish, 49’s with 49 balls instead of 47. You can catch Irish Lottery results 49s Betfred on the main website live or by viewing the results page if you miss the live draw. Note that Irish Lottery results 49s Betfred results today are updated once the draw is complete. 

Spanish Lotto

The Spanish Lotto is a lottery you can play at Betfred with 49 balls, just like Betfred 49s. Betfred Spanish Lotto takes place thrice a day, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, and bets must be placed by 19:30. The draw, on the other hand, takes place at 20:30 on the same days. You can watch the Spanish Lotto draw live on Betfred.

Moreover, you can follow up on the outcome by checking the results page. The section has all Spanish lotto results, including the draws that happened in September 2023. 

Nifty Fifty

nifty fifty results betfred today

Launched on May 20th 2020, Nifty Fifty is a special lottery game that you can only play at Betfred. The lotto game’s draw happens five times a day at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm UK time, with the exception of Christmas Day. For this gambling commission regulated lottery game, you have 50 balls to pick from. You can choose to select a 6-ball or 7-ball draw with the inclusion of the bonus ball. 


Betfred 49s is one of the most played lottery games at the site that requires you to make 5 selections from a group of balls numbered 1 to 49. The lucky numbers game offers the best odds with a single selection having odds values of 6/1, but only if there are no bonus balls in between.

Betfred 49s lottery takes place twice a day at lunchtime and teatime at 12:49 and 17:49, respectively. You are free to watch the draw live on your Betfred account or view the results later on the Betfred 49s results page. In the section, you will find all previous results, which you can filter by date. To play the game and stand a chance to win up to £160,000 for 6-ball and £50,000 for 7-ball, all you need is to bet as little as £0.05. 

Frequently asked questions about Betfred 49s

What are the 49’s Results?

Betfred 49’s results are the numbers displayed during the Betfred 49s lottery draw. Every day, Betfred offers two sets of results, one for lunchtime and another for teatime. You can watch the draw live or check the outcome on the Betfred 49 results page. 

Are the 49’s Results Live?

Yes, Betfred offers 49’s results live. All you need to do is check Betfred 49’s page, where you will find the days, hours, and minutes for the next draw. Once the time reaches, you can tune in and watch the results for free. 

How many balls do I have to bet on the Betfred 49s?

For Betfred 49s, you can make 6-ball draws or 7-ball draws, which is inclusive of the bonus ball. If your selections match the draw results, you win. Note that you receive a payout when even a single number matches the ball. In this case, you will earn £6 for a 6-ball and £5 for a 5-ball draw. 

What is the minimum bet I can make?

The minimum bet you can make when playing the Betfred 49s lottery game is £0.05. However, the standard bet most players make is £1.00. Note that the higher the wager, the better the prizes. 

How does the draw work?

Betfred 49s draw is a lottery game where you make 5 selections from a group of balls labelled 1 to 49. You have the choice to participate in the 6-ball or 7-ball draws. If your selections match the numbers during the draw, you win. Betfred 49s lotto takes place twice a day, during lunchtime, which is at 12:49 and in the evening or during teatime, which is at 17:49. 

Do All Bookmakers Have the Same Results?

Yes, all bookmakers have similar results. The Betfred 49s lunchtime lotto results will be the same across all sportsbooks offering the lucky numbers game. The same applies to the UK 49s lottery.

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