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Betfred Spanish Lottery

Betfred Spanish Lotto is a special lottery that you can bet on every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday by 19:30. The event is run by the official lottery draws of Spain called the Official Loterias. Unlike the ordinary Lotto, Betfred does not offer lottery tickets but rather the odds for the official results.  

In this guide, we will take you through the process of betting on Betfred Spanish lottery results and discuss some of the popular numbers you should watch out for. So make sure you read this piece in its entirety before betting on the Spanish lottery results. 

How to Bet on the Spanish Lotto at Betfred – Step-by-Step Guide

Betting on the Betfred Spanish Lotto is an easy process that should take less than 5 minutes. Just make sure you have an account loaded with cash. After that, proceed with the following simple steps:

Spanish Lottery Betfred Draw
  1. Click the ‘Lucky Numbers’ tab
  2. Search for Spanish Lotto
  3. Select the draw
  4. Pick up to 5 numbers from the options labelled 1 to 49
  5. Choose the bet type
  6. Enter your stake
  7. Submit your selections

Play Betfred Lotto

Immediately you complete the steps above; you will be entered to the next draw. Note that there is also the lucky dip option. Here, instead of manually choosing the numbers, the system will make the selection for you, so all you will have to do is stake. You are also free to place multiple or system bets. This will, however, define the stake you make. 

Betfred Spanish Lotto Explained

Betfred Spanish Lottery Bets

The Betfred Spanish Lotto is a special draw that is overseen by the Official Loterias. This lottery entails betting on 5 numbers, which you are required to pick from a collection of 1 to 49 options. During the draw, if your selections match the random numbers chosen, you win.

Make sure you remember the date and number of each draw, as you will need them to check the results. At Betfred, you also have a chance to pick the 7-draw ball, which comprises a bonus ball. Note that the Betfred Spanish Lotto draw takes place at 20:30. You need to make sure you place the bet by 19:30. 

Popular Numbers

Similar to any form of gambling, there are strategies you can use when betting on the Spanish lottery to increase your winning chances. One of the strategies is paying attention to popular numbers.

In this case, all you need to do is find out which numbers often have a higher probability of being drawn. For example, 28 and 1 are some of the most popular single numbers, while 1 and 27 are the most popular double numbers.  

It is also advisable to pick random numbers that are not based on your birthday. Besides, avoid picking numbers that appeared in the previous lottery draws. These ideas may slightly tilt the odds in your favour. This is advisable whether you are betting on the Christmas draw or el Gordo, which are some of the most famous Spanish Lotto. 

What Bet Types Offer Betfred Spanish Lotto

When betting on Spanish Lotto, you will encounter several bet types. At Betfred, one of the best bookmakers for playing Spanish Lotto, you have the choice of placing single bets where you choose one selection ✓. You can also bet on double ✓, which represents two selections or a treble ✓ if you want to back one bet with three selections.  

Moreover, you have the choice to make a Yankee bet. Here, you are required to choose 4 numbers of 11 bets. The bet should contain one fourfold, 4 trebles, and 6 doubles. Finally, you can consider the lucky 15, where you bet on 4 singles, a fourfold, 4 trebles, and 6 doubles. 

How to View the Latest Spanish Lotto Winning Numbers at Betfred

Betfred Spanish Lottery Results

After the draw, you can easily check the winning numbers and the latest Spanish lottery results Betfred.

  1. To do so, log into Betfred and click the lotto option.
  2. After that, select the Spanish lottery and click the graph symbol on the top right corner.
  3. This way you can view the winning numbers and the latest Spanish lotto results Betfred.

  4. Note that you can filter results depending on the date for easy accessibility. 

Spanish Lottery Options Available at Betfred

Betfred betting site does not just offer a single Spanish Lottery option. When placing a bet, you will be presented with several options, including BonoLoto, El Gordo, and La Primitiva. Each option comes with distinct rules that you must adhere to when placing bets. Besides, the options offer betting on different prizes. Review the details of each option before settling on one. 

Payouts And Odds

Betfred is one of the betting sites that offer the best odds for the official Spanish lottery. The odds you get depend on the correct number selected and the draw, as shown in the table:

For numbers 1 to 49, if you pick three matching numbers, you get a return of £701 for just a £1 bet. You can easily check the Betfred 49s results and see if your bet was successful.

Betfred Spanish Lotto T&C’s

Betfred Spanish Lottery Bets

The Spanish Lotto comes with terms and conditions that you must note when playing. For instance, every player must place their bet by 19:30, as the draw takes place at 20:30 every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Moreover, Betfred makes it clear that the maximum daily payout for a Spanish lotto to an individual or group is £150,000. 

The odds are subject to fluctuation, too. Besides, you have to receive a bet confirmation for your lotto numbers to be considered valid. Confirmation must happen before the first ball is drawn, or else the bet will be considered null and invalid. 

If you don’t specify the draw or date, the bet will be settled in the next draw. Then, if the draw does not take place for various reasons, the bet will stand for the next available draw. Finally, while making your deposits, make sure you confirm where payment restrictions apply to avoid running into issues. 

Can I play the Spanish Lottery on Betfred’s mobile app?

Yes! You can play the Spanish lottery on Betfred’s mobile app. The bookmaker has a dedicated Android application that offers betting opportunities for the Spanish Lotto. All you need to do is decide the draw and the bet type you wish to bet on. Some of the Spanish lotto options accessible on your mobile phone include La Primitiva and El Gordo. 

Betfred Spanish Lottery: Conclusion

Spanish Lotto at Betfred offers South Africans the opportunity to match numbers for a chance to win significant prizes that are non-taxable. So you don’t have to worry about tax refunds. By choosing the Betfred Spanish lottery, you get to enjoy multiple bet types, amazing odds, and daily payouts of up to £150,000.

The Betfred Spanish lottery also comes with different options, including La Primitiva and El Gordo, so be certain you will not feel limited. Finally, the betting process is easy, and you may be offered a promo to use on your first bet. 


How can I check Spanish Lottery results online?

You can check the Lotto results online by checking the Spanish Lotto official page. You can also log into Betfred, choose Spanish Lotto, hit the results button, and select the draw whose results you want to view. 

What are the odds of winning the Betfred Spanish Lottery?

The odds of winning the Spanish Lottery at Betfred vary depending on the number of selections and the draw. It starts with 6/1 for a 6-ball draw win to 150000/1. On the other hand, the odds for a 7-ball draw win range from 5/1 to 50000/1. 

Can I play the Spanish Lottery on Betfred from South Africa?

Yes, you can play the Spanish lottery on Betfred from South Africa. Simply navigate to the lottery page, which is under lucky numbers and pick Spanish Lotto. 

How often are the Spanish Lottery results updated on Betfred?

The Spanish lottery results at Betfred are updated as soon as the draw is complete. You don’t have to fly all the way to Spain to play the Spanish lottery, regardless of the draw you wish to participate in. 

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