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nifty fifty results betfred today

Nifty Fifty is a special lucky numbers lottery-style game that you can bet exclusively on Betfred. The game, which is played five times a day except on Christmas, gives you a chance to win up to £5,000,000 and additional prizes daily. Here, we will discuss how to bet on Nifty Fifty results Betfred today and key Nifty Fifty rules that you should observe. Read on! 

What is the Betfred Nifty Fifty Lottery?

Launched in May 2020, Nifty Fifty is a special 50-ball lottery-style game that you can solely play at Betfred. The game gives you 50 balls numbered 1 to 50 to choose from for a chance to win millions in prize money. In this lottery game, you have 6-ball and 7-ball draws.

For the 6-ball draw, only 6 balls are drawn, so it does not have a bonus. On the other hand, in the 7-ball draw, a total number of 6 balls and one bonus ball are drawn.  

For both options, you have a chance to bet on a single number being drawn up to 6 numbers. When searching for the Betfred Nifty Fifty results today, you will notice that winners are announced shortly after the draw is made. Also, unlike most lotteries, you will earn a consolation prize of £10,000 for matching any 5 of the 6 numbers that will be drawn in the 6-ball draw. 

How to Bet on Betfred Nifty Fifty Lottery Online

You can easily and effectively bet on Nifty Fifty Lottery with a few steps. First, log into your account and continue as follows:

nifty fifty results betfred today
  1. Navigate to the Nifty Fifty lottery page
  2. Choose your draw whether 6-ball or 7-ball
  3. Select your bet type and lottery numbers
  4. Enter the stake for the chosen bet type
  5. Submit your bet and wait for the draw

Betfred Nifty Fifty

When choosing the bet type you prefer, you can click the ‘More Bets‘ button for a wider range of options. 

Betfred Nifty Fifty Rules and Odds

Nifty Fifty comes with rather simple rules, just like other lotteries such as the Irish lotto. Your main task is to pick the desired draw, which will determine whether or not you will add a bonus ball after selecting 6 balls. If you check the Nifty Fifty lucky number game under the lotto page, you will learn that the odds vary depending on the number of selections and the type of draw, as outlined in the table below:

Numbers Selected6-Ball Draw Win7-Ball Draw Win

How Does Betfred Nifty Fifty Work?

Nifty Fifty, as the name suggests, is a Betfred lottery that provides you with 50 numbers to pick from. You need to make 6 selections out of the numbers labelled 1 to 50. After you make your selections, pay for your ticket.

Betfred will charge you 5p per line; however, the most common line is £1. The amount you win will increase exponentially depending on every matching selection.  

During the draw, random numbers will be selected. If there are matching numbers, you win some prize money. You can only get the maximum amount of £5,000,000 if you match all 6 numbers correctly. 

Draw Times and Schedule

Betfred’s Nifty Fifty lottery takes place 5 times a day unless otherwise. You can thus bet on one, two , or even three nifty fifty draws any day from Monday to Sunday. However, the time for the lottery games varies. Expect a Nifty Fifty lottery draw at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm UK time. This does not apply on Christmas day.

Where to Find Today’s Betfred Nifty Fifty Lotto Results

Betfred nifty fifty results

You can find Nifty Fifty results today Betfred at the brand’s main website or on the Betfred lotto app. To view the previous and current Nifty Fifty results, log into your site and click Lotteries. After that, select Nifty Fifty lottery, and once the page is available, click the results option situated on the top right corner of the page with a graph symbol. 

You can then proceed to filter the results based on the day. Remember, Betfred Nifty Fifty results are published immediately after the draw happens. You can also visit a Betfred shop if you wish to view the results offline.  

Tips and Strategies for Playing the Nifty Fifty Lottery

Like other lottery games, the Betfred Nifty lottery is a game of chance. However, there are steps you can implement to increase your winning chances. For instance, search for the best odds.

The higher the odds values, the better the payout, even if a single number matches the Betfred Nifty Fifty draw. Also, consider placing combo bets. This is where you make different bets that can be joined to one to increase your winning chances. 

You can also consider buying more tickets. This can be quite expensive, so you may consider exploring the syndicate option, where you make the purchase with a group of people or a company. To avoid spending more money, look out for free bets on the Betfred bonus page. Betfred, like other betting sites, tends to include such promotions. But remember, the free bet amount can vary from time to time. 

Betfred Nifty Fifty Payouts & Winnings

Nifty Fifty is one of the lottery games with amazing payouts and winnings. How much you earn is dependent on the number of selections that match those of the draw and the type of bet you chose, for example, 6-draw or 7-draw. So far, the payouts are as shown in the table:

Numbers Matched6 Ball Draw Pays7 Ball Draw Pays

The prizes are based on £1 bets on all 6 numbers of the 6-ball draw, whether permutations or single lines. If the bet is placed under the tile option, an additional £10,000 will be paid for matching any 5 to 6 numbers in the 6-ball draw. For Fred’s 5 million, you will get 5 million for matching 6 numbers in the 6-ball draw for a maximum stake of £1. You will also receive a consolation prize of £10k for matching 5 out of 6 selections from a £1 bet. Therefore, you will have two winning chances from one bet. 

Benefits of Playing Betfred Nifty Fifty Lottery

You get to enjoy a myriad of benefits for playing the Nifty Fifty lottery. For instance, just like whenever you play other lucky number titles, Nifty Fifty offers entertainment value.

The lottery also comes with massive potential rewards on real money bets or free bets credited. The rewards can go up to £5,000,000 or £10k for matching 5 out of 6 numbers in the case of Fred’s 5 million option. All these benefits make the lottery game worth playing at Betfred. 

Nifty Fifty Results and Draw

The lottery game offers 5 draws every day except for Christmas Day. These draws take place at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. The results, on the other hand, are posted immediately after the draw happens. You can, hence, view the latest Nifty Fifty results for current and previous draws at the site. This is the case for all options, for instance, 6-ball and 7-ball. 

Where to Watch Betfred’s Nifty Fifty Live Draw

You can watch the live draw of the Nifty Fifty lottery at Betfred. The bookie offers an option for players to stream the results at the comfort of their Betfred accounts. All you need to do is go to Betfred’s Nifty Fifty page and click the watch live button. Note that there is a time provided stating when you can start watching Betfred Nifty Fifty live draw. 

Other Betfred Lotteries

While Nifty Fifty is an entertaining lucky numbers game to play at Betfred, it is not the only available lottery. The bookmaker also offers 49’s lotto, which happens twice a day at 12:49 and 17:49. The lottery has 6-draw and 7-draw options and allows you a maximum payout of £1,000,000 in a day

You can also play Irish Lotto, whose draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm. Players can place bets up to 15 minutes before the draw. The Irish lotto allows a maximum payout of £1,000,000 per customer per day. 

Another beneficial fact is that you can check both the Spanish Lottery Results and the Betfred 49s results on the same page which saves time.


Nifty Fifty is a unique lottery exclusive at Betfred that offers you a chance to win up to £5,000,000 with a consolation prize of £10k added to your winnings if you match 5 out of 6 selections. The lottery is easy to play, whether on the Betfred lotto app or the desktop version. Besides, it allows minimum bets of 5p and gives you the opportunity to choose between 6-ball and 7-ball. 

Draws happen five times a day at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm (UK time), and results are available immediately after the draw is made. You are free to watch the Betfred Nifty Fifty lottery draw from your account, making it one of the best lotteries at Betfred. 


How often is the Betfred Nifty Fifty lottery drawn?

Betfred Nifty Fifty lottery is drawn five times a day at the following UK times 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. 

How does the Betfred Nifty Fifty Lottery work?

Betfred Nifty Fifty is a lucky numbers game that presents you with 50 balls labelled 1 to 50. To play, you need to make 6 selections of the ball and hope they match that of the draw. If you opt for the 7-ball option, however, you get to choose 6 balls with one bonus ball. The lottery pays depending on the number of matching balls, with the maximum payout being £5,000,000 if you match all 6 balls. 

Can I play Nifty Fifty lottery in South Africa?

Yes, you can play Nifty Fifty lotto in South Africa. Betfred South Africa has a lotto section/lucky numbers page where you can access the Nifty Fifty lotto game and other lotteries even from the Betfred mobile app.

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