Who is behind EfirBet.com in Kenya?

The site was launch in November 2015, and its primary purpose is to assist you – people looking for the right bookmakers’ websites. The more significant part of the website contains updated information about leading online bookmakers operating on the territory of Bulgaria. The main priorities of Efirbet are the unbiased reviews, where all sites rated according to the bonuses they offer, their betting opportunities and customer support. We have analysed the advantages and disadvantages of each bookmaker in a way that we hope you will get a detailed picture, which will help you choose your betting site.

A few words about the people who help me

The idea of the site is not unique and my team helped me with its realisation. Thanks to their enthusiasm and willingness to share their knowledge, I have created Efirbet, borrowing some ideas from leading online brands. First and foremost, I should thank the people in my team! Without them, this website would not be what it is today. I believe that Efirbet will become people’s go-to site, which will help all players and fans of online betting. I took this challenge upon myself because I believe I possess the essential knowledge and I also have a secret weapon – my RESOURCEFULNESS!

I want to express my gratitude to all freelancers who have contributed to the entire website’s content. They are trulyprofessional copywriters who know their way with wordsand can use them to trigger an emotional response in our readers. I appreciate the time they have spent researching, editing and writing our reviews. Also, I have to mention that I added some improvements to the site thanks to Ivan, a.k.a. The Master, our programmer!

While some are good at web programming and SEO (I guess I’mreferring to some of my colleagues here…), others are good at design. Graphic design is everyone’s forte so I turned to several companies, whose services helped me create the overall layout of the site, including some of the badges and the reviews icons. Kudos to them! I find the end product unique and impressive!

There is always a vacant position in our team of professionals waiting to be filled by the right person. This might be you! If you are ambitious and follow football championships and matches closely, then you are the person we are looking for to write our predictions. If you are interested, you can contact us via the email provided at the bottom of this page.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

How to contact me

The easiest and most convenient way to contact me is through the social media profiles connected to Efirbet. They are:

You can send your questions to this email: support@efirbet.com. I’ll be glad to review your queries, suggestions and feedback so that together we can create a better and more useful website!

For those of you who prefer the most natural way, you can send your questions directly through the contact form.

Thank you for your time!
~ Atanas